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TokoBaku is the slash ship between Fumikage Tokoyami and Katsuki Bakugou from the My Hero Academia fandom.


During Katsuki’s (and Tenya’s) Battle Trial against Izuku and Ochako, Fumikage makes the comment that Katsuki was “certainly acting like a villain” in his fight. At the end of the fight, when Katsuki’s team loses, Fumikage makes another comment, saying that “they may have lost the battle, but they won the war”. He bows his head darkly as he says this.

After the announcement of the upcoming Sports Festival, a crowd of students (in classes below 1-A) gathered outside of the 1-A classroom to “scout out the competition”, as Katsuki put it. Katsuki angers the crowd by flexing his undoubted confidence in his future win, and attempts to leave. However, before he can, Eijiro stops him, and asks why he felt it was a good idea to say what he did. He answers simply, “It doesn’t matter as long as you rise to the top.” As he leaves, Eijiro is brought to tears by the sheer “manliness” of that statement, and Denki tells him not to let Katsuki play him, However, in defense of Katsuki, Fumikage states, “We have to thank him, he wasn’t wrong..”

During the Cavalry Battle of the Sports Festival, Fumikage takes advantage of Dark Shadow to push enemies away. However, it seems that Katsuki picked up on its weakness to light, and delivers a bright explosion directly to it to lessen its power. Fumikage later reveals that he, in turn, picked up something about Katsuki, although not about his quirk, instead that he’d noticed that he really seemed to have it out for Izuku. Later, Fumikage and Katsuki are pit against each other in one of the final matches of the Festival. The fight starts with Fumikage sending Dark Shadow Katsuki’s way, but it is quickly fended off by an explosion and a scream of “DIE, LOSER!!” Fumikage winces at this and thinks, “Such brutality..” Their fight continues in a similar way to this until Fumikage realizes that he underestimated Katsuki’s true strength. Before Katsuki delivers the final blow of the battle, after having pinned (and nearly sat on) Fumikage, Fumikage groans, “Tell me, Bakugou.. did you know of my weakness before?”. The answer he receives is simply, “It was a pretty bad matchup for you, I almost feel bad! But you’re done.”

After winning the Festival, Katsuki ends up literally chained to the podium so he can be given a medal he doesn’t find fair. Fumikage watches as he struggles against it, and seems to be upset by the display rather than humored like the majority. He states that Katsuki was “acting like a feral animal”.

Katsuki storms out of the classroom, angry after a question of his strength. After Eijiro comments that he hadn’t seen Katsuki so worked up for a while, Fumikage adds that he has a “vacance of patience”. Several days later, Katsuki and Fumikage are sat next to each other on the bus ride to the Training Camp. It is notable that Katsuki didn’t lash out during this arrangement.


Many fans of Katsuki and his ships are fond of him having a partner who can take his (literally) ‘explosive’ tendencies, and chill him out, in a way without ridiculing him. Fumikage’s calm, brooding nature gives a contrast to Katsuki’s fiery spirit, and provides said ‘chill’ counterpart for Katsuki. The ship gained its fastest growing popularity during and after the concert arc of season four after the two played in the band together.

TokoBaku is largely popular within fans of BakuJirou as well, who appreciate the more “emo/gothic” style and side of Katsuki that either Fumikage or Kyouka seem to draw out of him.



Fumikage/Katsuki tag on AO3


  • Both Fumikage and Katsuki seem to have a tendency to “disrespect furniture”, such as desks by sitting on them, or lifting their feet atop them.


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