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Tomarry is the slash ship between Tom Riddle and Harry Potter from the Harry Potter fandom.


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Ever since the day Voldemort try to kill Harry Potter whilst he was a baby, but failed, the two have been mortal enemies. Voldemort tried to kill Harry again on multiple occasions throughout Harry's Hogwarts education. Ultimately, Harry defeated Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts in his seventh year.

Harry came across Voldemort quite a lot, but in his second year at Hogwarts, he interacted with what was at least a memory of the younger Voldemort, who is most commonly referred to as Tom Riddle instead of Voldemort, despite being the same person. Harry wrote to Tom briefly in his diary, and then later saw him in the Chamber of Secrets. After Harry's encounter with Tom, however, he destroyed the diary horcrux that the memory of Tom was kept in.

Harry had a piece of Voldemort's soul inside of him for about sixteen years, after Voldemort failed to kill Harry. This was removed after Harry died, although he then came back to life. No longer a horcrux of Voldemort, Harry was able to kill him. This soul piece allowed Harry to speak parseltongue, and created a telepathic link between him and Voldemort. They were also connected in other ways, such as with their wands, which both have a core from the same phoenix.


While Tomarry isn't that well known of a ship compared to others, such as canon ships, it is still one of the most popular of the small ships, and there is a lot of content for it. However, the ship also gets a lot of hate in the fandom, mostly because of the two characters being archenemies. Either that, or it’s just seen as a crack ship, despite the amount of people who take it seriously.

People usually ship them because of the similarities the two share. There are also lots of tropes where Tom hasn’t yet become Voldemort, or they met each other in a previous era or in another universe, when Tom hasn’t become Voldemort yet, so they are able to truly understand each other and become (at least) very good friends. Tom is also generally depicted as very possessive of Harry, whether they be friends or partners.

The pairing is generally referred to by different names depending on what age Tom is. The name Tomarry typically refers to the pairing involving teenage Tom Riddle, and Harrymort is used to refer to the pairing involving Lord Voldemort during the events of the series. The name Tomarrymort is also used as a combination of the two ship names, although this term is less common than either of the other two, but still fairly common.



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