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ToneHina is the het ship between Toneri Ōtsutsuki and Hinata Hyūga from the Naruto fandom.


Toneri first encounters Hinata crying alone in a park and asks why she is crying before attempting to kidnap her. However, Naruto intervenes so he promises that he will come back for her. Toneri eventually succeeds in kidnapping her younger sister Hanabi so Hinata leaves on a group mission to rescue her. Later, he approaches Hinata in a cave and states his desire for them to be married. She eventually agrees in hopes of saving her sister and leaves with him.

When the two arrive at the castle, Toneri begins to notice how beautiful Hinata is. However, he is able to view her memory and is upset that she is only thinking about Naruto. Toneri later tells Hinata about himself and asks her to knit him a scarf. However, he later realizes that she had actually been knitting the scarf for Naruto and rips in apart due to his jealousy and places her under his control.

Sometime later, as the wedding is taking place, Toneri is about to kiss Hinata and seal their marriage. Naruto eventually arrives to disrupt the wedding and after taking her to a different part of the castle, Toneri has a brainwashed Hinata attack him. However, Naruto is eventually able to free her. Toneri then kidnaps Hinata and throws her in a cage. Naruto eventually defeats him and she is freed from the cage. However, Toneri refuses to admit defeat and absorbs Naruto's Chakra. After Toneri is knocked into space and almost explodes, Naruto saves him and Hinata invites him to join them on Earth. However, Toneri decides that he must stay on the moon and atone for his sins.


ToneHina has a decent amount of popularity among the fans of Naruto. It is smaller due to the fact that Toneri was not introduced until a movie that came out after the main series ended. However, it still has its fans due to the fact that Toneri genuinely fell for Hinata, the fact that Toneri and Hinata are technically married and the fact that Hinata tried to get him to live on Earth in the end. ToneHina is a rival pairing to NaruHina which became canon in the same movie.



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  • Toneri refers to Hinata as the "Byakugan Princess".

    Hinata and Toneri

  • Hinata unofficially has two husbands. Despite being married to Naruto, Hinata is technically married to Toneri due to their marriage ceremony and the fact that Toneri considers Hinata his wife.


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