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Torcher is the het ship between Torch and Bowser from the Skylanders fandom.


Bowser and Torch are both Skylanders of the Fire element. They are both playable in the Nintendo versions of Skylanders: SuperChargers and Skylanders: Imaginators, although no special interactions between the two are shown.

Torch is a Skylander who attacks enemies with a fire thrower and flaming horseshoes. The latter is a token she keeps with her in hopes of one day finding her grandfather, who went missing when a Snow Dragon attacked her village and she saved it. Bowser is a normally antagonist Koopa King from the Mushroom Kingdom, who has ended up in Skylands due to a rift caused by Kaos. In Skylands, he joins forces with the heroic Skylanders for reasons known only to Bowser himself. As a Skylander, he is known as Hammer Slam Bowser, and is a member of the vehicle-driving SuperChargers.


  • Both are Skylanders of the Fire element, and have at least some fire-based attacks. (Although most of Bowser's fire-based attacks are only shown outside of Skylanders.)
  • Both are described as hotheaded, which is a common trait among Fire Skylanders.
  • Both have a partially metallic weapon.


The pairing originated from the 2015 Skylanders game idea Skylanders: Families, where it was suggested by user Chompy-King. Recent additions have been made to Bowser and Torch's story in 2018. The pairing is extremely uncommon, only seen in this fanmade game idea and a fanart image on DeviantArt. However, ships involving Torch are rare in general. It can be considered a crossover ship due to Bowser's more prominent role in the Mario franchise.

In the fanmade story of Skylanders: Families, Bowser has visited Skylands countless times since becoming a Skylander, and has even fallen in love with one, Torch. Unlike other couples in this game, Torch and Bowser have no children of their own, and Torch is only the step-mother of Bowser Jr. and the adoptive step-mother of the Koopalings. They are also the only family in the the game to have Skylander/amiibo hybrids

Fanart of this pairing was made by DeviantArt by user CountryballFan. This is also where the ship name Torcher has been used for the first time. It was also the only use of the torchxbowser and bowserxtorch tags. As of August 31, 2019, the image has 5 favorites, although none of the 5 favorites are known to be otherwise involved with the ship in any way.



bowserxtorch tag on DeviantArt
torchxbowser tag on DeviantArt


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