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TowaBlack is the het ship between Goku Black and Towa from the Dragon Ball fandom.


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Never met in the series, as Towa is a video game character.


In Xenoverse 2, during the Warrior of Hope Saga when Goku Black was being possessed by Dark Magic it should be noted that Even though Dark Magic cannot possess gods, this was no problem with Black in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. However, it is possible that Goku Black and Future Zamasu willingly let Towa's Supervillain spell affect them to gain more power (similar to how Vegeta allowed Babidi to turn him into Majin Vegeta). This is supported by Goku (who has the power of Super Saiyan Blue) allowing Towa to control him and force him to perform EX-Fusion with Broly in Dragon Ball Fusions, further suggest that gods can allow themselves to be controlled if it suits them.

  • In Parallel Quest 110, Trouble from the Demon Real has come knocking again! Goku Black decides to give them a taste of divine punishment for defying him a god! Goku Black and Towa are found face to face with each other Towa is surprised at Goku Blacks immense power and compliments him on it.
Towa“Oh, you have some nice energy. I think I'll take it for myself”
Goku“You came from the Demon Realm? Well then you can return from whence you came. Just when this beautiful land... and it's future are about to be freed from this plague called humanity. That beautiful utopia has no place for abominations like you”
— Goku obviously referring to The Demons of the demon realm which is Towa's Native Race


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Some fans ship the two villains since they have similar superiority complexes. In some fan works they team up to take on the heroes. It doesn't rival any other shippings. There are few YouTube fans who are aware of the ship and decided to make videos about it, such as DevilArtemis



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