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Toxic Petals is the het ship between Tyrian Callows and Ruby Rose from the RWBY fandom.


In volume 4, when we are first introduced to Tyrian, Salem tells him to hunt Ruby down. This greatly excites Tyrian as he becomes almost giddy and gleeful at the thought. He then tells Cinder that he plans to take one of her eyes in retaliation for Ruby taking one of Cinder's. He then seems dissapointed when Salem tells him to bring Ruby to her alive. He then is later seen tracking Ruby's group to Oniyuri.

When Tyrian finally meets Team RNJR, he introduces himself and declares his purpose to whisk her away with him, calling her his little flower. He then tells her he'll take her by force if need be. He then begins to fight Ruby and the rest of team rnjr. Once he depletes her Aura, he attempts to incapacitate her with his tail before Qrow shows up at the last second and saves her. The two begin to fight around the deserted town with Tyrian taunting Qrow.

During the fight, Qrow tries to keep Ruby out of it, but Ruby manages to help him in the fight near the end. The battle then concludes when Ruby manages to cut off Tyrian's stinger after Qrow is struck with it. This causes Tyrian to scream out in pain and call her a bitch. He then retreats back to Salem, angry at himself for failing to capture Ruby. The next time the two see each other is in volume 7, briefly when he sabotages robyn's party and kills a bunch of innocent civilians.


Toxic Petals is a rarepair in the rwby fandom, this is mainly because of the age gap between the two. It could also be because of the fact that they're enemies and the fact that tyrian might be in love with Salem. Some fans have compared Tyrian to the yandere trope for tyrian wanting to kill ruby. Some others have even theorized thay he could also be the crazy stalker ex boyfriend trope. Fans are hoping fo a rematch between the two eventually. Toxic Petals has a small fanbase on tumblr.



Toxic Petals tag on Tumblr


  • Their ship names comes from tyrian having a poisonous stinger tail and ruby's surname being rose, hence the petals.


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