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Toya Todoroki, first introduced by his villain alias Dabi, is a character from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Toya is a member of the League of Villains and a part of the Todoroki family, even though he does not live with them. His quirk is cremation, which consists of blue flames like those of the Todorokis’. At first, he was the first one on being born in the family, and soon Enji started on training him so Toya could be the perfect creation he wanted. His hair was crimson, but with his father's training with time it became white with red. It is revealed that Toya trained hard for surpassing All Might, to the point that he always came back with injuries and burn marks with the training that Toya did even without his father. When Shoto was born, he felt a bit away from his father while trying to say to look at him, because he did an improvement to his flames making them more powerful. He could not stop, as he said that every kid from his school wanted to be a hero too and that he was Endeavor’s son, after that he started on showing his power by attempting on attacking Shoto, who was on Rei’s arms.

As soon he disappeared and was implied to be dead by the family itself, he joined the LOV and dyed his hair black. Soon, in the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Toga notices that Dabi had some paint remover with him, she then asks him the reason of that. Toya only told her that it was going to be a surprise, leaving her with doubt. Meanwhile in the war, Shoto and Enji were doing their rescue missions and as soon they finished, Toya appeared before them so he can finally reveal his true identity as Toya Todoroki by applying hair remover on his dyed hair.



BlueBunny — the ship between Toya and Rumi Usagiyama
DabiJirou — the ship between Toya and Kyouka Jirou
Dabilissa — the ship between Toya and Melissa Shield
DabiMei — the ship between Toya and Mei Hatsume
DabiMina — the ship between Toya and Mina Ashido
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DabiNight — the ship between Toya and Nemuri Kayama
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DabiTsuyu — the ship between Toya and Tsuyu Asui
TogaDabi — the ship between Toya and Himiko Toga


BakuDabi — the ship between Toya and Katsuki Bakugou
DabiMiri — the ship between Toya and Mirio Togata
DabiTama — the ship between Toya and Tamaki Amajiki
DabiTen — the ship between Toya and Geten
DabiTwice — the ship between Toya and Jin Bubaigawara
Dadpress — the ship between Toya and Atsuhiro Sako
Hot Wings — the ship between Toya and Keigo Takami
IzuDabi — the ship between Toya and Izuku Midoriya
ShigaDabi — the ship between Toya and Tomura Shigaraki
SogaDabi — the ship between Toya and Soga Kugizaki
SpinDabi — the ship between Toya and Shuichi Iguchi


DabiTwiceHawks — the ship between Toya, Jin, and Keigo
EndDabiHawks — the ship between Toya, Enji and Keigo
MiruDabiHawks — the ship between Toya, Rumi and Keigo
ShigaDabiDeku — the ship between Toya, Tomura, and Izuku
ShigaDabiHawks — the ship between Toya, Tomura, and Keigo
ShigaHimiDabi — the ship between Toya, Tomura, and Himiko
TogaDabiTwice — the ship between Toya, Himiko, and Jin


DabiTodo — the ship between Toya and Shoto Todoroki
Failed Creations — the ship between Toya, Natsuo Todoroki and Fuyumi Todoroki
EndDabi — the ship between Toya and Enji Todoroki
Todoroki Family — the ship between Toya, Enji, Rei, Shoto, Fuyumi, and Natsuo
Todoroki Siblings — the ship between Toya, Shoto, Fuyumi, and Natsuo
Toyatsuo — the ship between Toya and Natsuo


Shoto Todoroki

Main article: DabiTodo

Toya's youngest brother of the family. He has some sort of jealousy because of Shoto being Enji's "perfect creation" for the family. Shoto didn't recognize him at first in the Forest Training Camp Arc, but Toya did show signs on recognizing him at first sight with the following phrase: "That's sad... Shoto... Todoroki". Both finally made to reunite in the Paranormal Liberation Arc War, with Toya applying paint remover on his hair and telling him that all the time he was Toya, his supposed dead brother. Then, Toya attempts on killing Shoto by "hugging" him, but then gets interrupted by other heroes. After that, LoV retired from the place leaving Shoto and the others gravely injured.

Natsuo Todoroki

Main article: Toyatsuo

As seen from the family's past, Touya didn't initially have a good impression of his younger brother upon his birth, due to him having realized what their father was trying to do by having more children. Touya would also tell Natsuo everything about his inner thoughts and turmoil and lean on him for emotional comfort. It's implied that he felt a sense of camaraderie with Natsuo as he considered that they were both their father's "failed creations".

Enji Todoroki

Main article: EndDabi

Since Toya was born, Enji trained him so he could be the perfect creation. But then Toya disappeared for then reappearing again in the Paranormal Liberation War arc in which Toya, after revealing his identity, told Enji on how much he despised him and so he would like to see him dancing in the hell's flames.

Fuyumi Todoroki & Natsuo Todoroki

Main article: Failed Creations


Keigo Takami/Hawks

Main article: Hot Wings

Former allies, and Dabi's possible worst enemy. After Hawks killed Twice, Dabi felt a strong desire to kill Hawks.



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  • Toya/Dabi's other known villain title is “Blue Flame”.
  • Before Dabi was finally revealed to be Toya, fans have expected this for a long time. This is due to the turquoise color of his eyes, him knowing the full names of both Shoto and his father, him being a fire quirk user, and his hairstyle being a little similar to young Enji’s.


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2233 ShigaDabi Tomura Shigaraki slash
1022 DabiTodo Shoto Todoroki family
535 Deku & Dabi Izuku Midoriya gen
426 IzuDabi Izuku Midoriya slash
357 Dabi & Keigo Keigo Takami gen


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