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Soldier: 76“You need to slow down; think about your actions.”
Tracer“Okay, Dad!”
— Dad76

Tracer76 is the friendship ship between Tracer and Soldier: 76 from the Overwatch fandom.



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Jack goes to the Training Facility to witness Tracer and Genji practicing their combat skills. Mercy and Winston give Jack an update on Tracer's condition, saying that she's mostly stable. Jack requests to see Tracer in his office. Jack begins to discuss Tracer's request to be promoted to active duty. Tracer notices the news bulletin on Jack's wall and asks why Overwatch hasn't gotten involved in King's Row. After a long conversation, Tracer leaves and Jack eventually decides to send in a team despite England's orders.


The tutorial for Overwatch features the two. Soldier: 76 is the hero that the character plays, while Tracer is in the first third of the tutorial. She is used to help the player learn the basic movement and perspective controls.

Tacer and Soldier 76, have a similar kit, so in competitive and pro games, they aren't used together very often. Both have the ability to speed up, that has little to now cool down time. They have standard guns, and the ability to self heal, although 76 can also heal other teammates.


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For the first couple of years, the ship was a rare one in Overwatch fandom. The most people would do would joke about 76 being the dad of Overwatch, which Tracer was a part of.

With the release of Bastet, there was resurgence in exploring their relationship. The comic revealed that Soldier: 76 was gay, and Tracer had revealed to be a lesbian three years prior. Fans started to depict the two as friends, creating art of the two in pride outfits, and instantly having a connection due to their shared queer status. There were also art and memes depicting the two as a "Gay Dad and his Lesbian Daughter.



Lena&Jack tag on AO3


fucking superb you funky little gays
gay n lesbian solidarity


  • Jack and Lena were the first two heroes to be revealed as members of the LGBTQIA+ community in Overwatch



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