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This article is about the RWBY poly ship between Jaune, Ruby and Oscar. You may be looking for the Danganronpa poly ship between Angie Yonaga, Himiko Yumeno and Tenko Chabashira.

Traffik Lights is the polyship between Ruby Rose, Jaune Arc and Oscar Pine from the RWBY fandom.


Ruby and Jaune have been best friends since they first met at Beacon in volume 1. The two then first met Oscar in volume 5 of rwby. At first Jaune was skeptical of Oscar when he first met him but then when it was revealed he was with Qrow he relaxed a little. They then both marvel over Oscar when it was revealed that he was merged with Ozpin. Later in the volume Ruby brings Oscar over to Jaune and reveals to him that Jaune doesn't have his semblance yet either.

She then exclaims that Jaune is just like him. Ruby continues to encourage the both of them in volume 6. Their relationship was tested in chapter 8 when Jaune accused Oscar of secretly being in league with Ozpin and shoving him up against a wall. Ruby then rightfully snapped him out of his anger and he calmed down letting go of Oscar. He then later apologized to him. Near the end of volume 6 both Jaune and Oscar worry about Ruby a great deal.

In volume 7 Ruby entrusts the relic of knowledge to Oscar, showing she trusts him alot. Her and Jaune continue to geek out over the aceops and act as the responsible leader figures to their respective teams. Oscar is then shown training with Jaune and his team against team fnki. Later the two agree to go to the movies together. They then go up to Ruby and the rest of her team and ask if any of them want to go with them.


Traffik lights is a rarepair poly ship within the RWBY fandom. Some people ship the three because of how close all three of them seem to be with each other especially after the events of volume 8. Some people like this poly ship because they think that both Oscar and Jaune have crushes on Ruby. So to avoid a shipping war some people like to ship the three together.



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  • "Traffik Lights" comes from the colors on traffic lights, since red, green and yellow are the main theme colors of Ruby, Jaune and Oscar.



Lancaster refers to the ship between Jaune Arc and Ruby Rose
Rose Garden refers to the ship between Ruby Rose and Oscar Pine
Ruby's Harem — the ship between Ruby Rose, Jaune Arc, Oscar Pine, Penny Polendina and Weiss Schnee
Shovel Knight refers to the ship between Oscar Pine and Jaune Arc


  • "Traffik Lights" comes from the colors on traffic lights, since red, green and yellow are the main theme colors of Ruby, Jaune and Oscar.


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