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Tragshur is the slash ship between Miles Upshur and Richard Trager from the Outlast fandom.



Chapter 4: MALE WARD

Trager straps Miles into a wheelchair.

After Miles hears a voice say to him, “Who’s down there? You’re not one of them are you? Quick! Get in the dumbwaiter if you want to live!” Miles climbs into the dumbwaiter to escape the pursuing variants, patients of the Mount Massive Asylum for the Criminally Insane, where he meets Richard Trager, a former Murkoff executive turned “surgeon”. Despite initially sounding like an ally, once the dumbwaiter make it to its stop, Trager beats Miles, picks him up, and then straps him into a wheelchair.

After rolling Miles down a hallway, Trager taunts Miles by offering him a chance to escape the asylum by walking out the exit door. Miles is unable to do so due to the wheelchair restraints, so Trager pretends that Miles wants to stay, taking him up an elevator and down a few more hallways. They finally arrive at a makeshift operating room; a bathroom covered in gore with a table that has various sharp tools on it. Trager takes Miles’ camcorder and sets it down on the sink before washing his hands. He then has a short talk with Miles about Father Martin and his religious viewpoints before taking a large pair of bone shears and cutting off two of Miles’ fingers. Trager leaves the room for a short while, giving Miles the chance to escape. Miles breaks out of the wheelchair restraints and navigates through the other “operating rooms”. Other “patients” of Trager begin yelling his name, this getting Trager’s attention from some place else, where he soon discovers Miles is gone. Enraged, Trager scours the place to find Miles.

Miles’ note once recording Trager's corpse.

After Miles retrieves the key and uses it to start the manually-operated elevator, Trager breaks into it from the floor below in an attempt to get to Miles, but Miles struggles and shoves him out. Trager’s upper torso is still inside the elevator as it begins to move, and he is crushed to death in the process. Upon recording Trager’s corpse, Miles’ can write the note:

“How To Make Trager Juice
Step 1: squeeze.”

Miles then escapes through a hatch in the elevator ceiling.


Tragshur is the eighth most written ship within the Outlast (Video Games) fandom tag; Miles’ fourth written and Trager’s most written.



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  • The note “Death of Trager” can be acquired by filming Trager’s corpse inside the elevator.
  • The note “Dr. Rick Trager” can be acquired by filming Trager killing one of his “patients.”
    • It’s in this note, Miles will make it known that he wants to see Trager die.


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