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Triko is the femslash ship between Iko and Tress from The Lunar Chronicles fandom.


Iko and Tressa met through Liam Kinney, who Iko was forced to work with. The two bonded over their love of fashion and other feminine items, and often spent time together. When they were reunited after a long time, Tressa rushed to Iko to hug her.

Tressa consistently defended Iko's humanity to her brother. She argued that Iko had just as much feelings as anyone else. She was consistently loyal to Iko and hung out with her at any opportunity.

Iko often speaks praisingly of her, even stating that she "has the best fashion sense on Luna...only to me." They have long, excitable conversations together, and in one panel are shown clasping hands. They are overjoyed when reunited and spend large amounts of their time whenever possible with each other.


The two were shipped after the graphic novel series WIRES AND NERVES was released. While Kiko is the canon ship, Triko is often preferred. The two spend far more time together and are affectionate and caring toward each other. While Iko is shown to be consistently attracted to men in the series, fan works often portray her as bisexual.



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