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Trilya is the non-binary ship between Alya Césaire and Trixx from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Not much is known about Alya and Trixx's relationship, as their moments together are very brief and has temporally on and off ownership of the Fox Miraculous. Trixx is impressed by Alya's observational skills and heroic qualities. While their first meeting has the Fox Kwami being very found of Alya, he encourages her to keep her promise of returning the Fox Miraculous. Alya didn't want to say goodbye to Trixx, but in the end she takes his advice.

Whenever Alya is entrusted with the Fox Miraculous, she is always happy to see Trixx again. She has taken his advice to heart as after each time she returns the Miraculous when she's done. All while looking forward to their next encounter.


Whenever fans ship Alya with Trixx together romantically, some have the Kwami as a human or a human-fox hybrid version of himself beside her. While their times together are very short some fans like to imagine Trixx being Alya's fulltime Kwami. Some see them having the similar kind of relationship that Marinette has with Tikki. Some even have Alya discussing her Ladybug theories with Trixx and what she should post on the Ladyblog. There have even been fans to prefer to have Trilya as a friendship ship.

A few fan work has Alya protecting Trixx from Lila whenever she tries to take the Fox Miraculous for herself and Alya having trouble keeping her little fox friend a secret from her sisters. While Alya and Trixx's bond has inspired fans place the two in a Pokémon AU, where a fox Pokémon version of Trixx is placed as Alya's Pokémon partner and friend, for fun.

On AO3, they have 21 fanfics, while has only 3 in its Miraculous Ladybug category.



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