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Tristina is the femslash between Tris and Christina from the Divergent fandom



Christina and Tris both transferred to Dauntless from different factions in the same year. Tris was from Abnegation while Christina was from Candor. The two met on the train to Dauntless and jumped off the train together.

During their first dinner in Dauntless, the two sat with Four. The two befriended Will and Al during their initiation process. During a game of capture the flag, Christina and Tris were both chosen by Four as members of his team. Tris came up with a plan to get the flag, but Christina took it. She later apologized to Tris.


Tris and Christina met again in Dauntless. Tris initially lied about Will's death, claiming she saw it on a video. When Tris was given the truth serum, she willingly revealed the truth that she had killed Will while he was under a simulation that made him and other Dauntless members attack Abnegation. Christina couldn't forgive Tris at first, and although Will's sister, Cara, gave an explanation on why it was justified, Christina still kept her distance from Tris.

When they were back at the Dauntless headquarters, Christina woke up Tris as Marlene, Hector and Kee were walking around in a simulation that controlled the three. The three were about to jump off a roof and Christina and Tris ran after them. Christina managed to save Kee and Tris saved Hector, but they were unable to save Marlene. By then, Christina had already forgiven Tris, which surprised her, as Tris had never forgiven herself.

Tris and Christina later teamed up with Marcus Eaton, Four's father, to get information from the Erudite headquarters.


Tris and Christina were among the ones who escaped Chicago and went to see what was beyond the fence.


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It is not a very common ship, but has some support. On AO3, it is Christina's second most written ship and the fifth most written for Tris.



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