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Trouble Twins is the family ship between Qrow Branwen and Raven Branwen from the RWBY fandom.


Qrow and Raven are twin siblings and used to be teammates in team STRQ. In volume 3, she is briefly seen watching Qrow in bird form when he is about to fight Winter. Later on, Qrow tells Yang that the only time now he sees his estranged sister is when she has information or a message to relay to him. He then tells her that he thinks his sister is dangerous and she has a worldview that he doesn't agree with.

In Volume 4, the two meet up at a tavern and when they start talking, their conversation goes south pretty quickly. Raven accuses him of being a traitor for abandoning their "family", whereas Qrow sees her as a hypocrite for talking about family while abandoning her own daughter in Patch. He then tells Raven that their "family" were killers and thieves, while Raven criticizes Qrow for believing in Ozpin, whom she then calls a fool. Qrow then "compliments" Raven and her tribe for decimating a village, which Raven responds "The weak die, the strong live". Qrow then asks her if she has any information about the spring maiden, to which she gives a vague response. Raven then tells Qrow they have nothing more to talk about and leaves the tavern using her semblance.

Raven later asks Cinder she'll join Cinder's side if she kills Qrow for her. In "The More the Merrier", Qrow makes one last attempt to convince Raven to hand over the Spring Maiden and work together, but she refuses. After finding out that she joined forces with Cinder, an enraged Qrow charges at Raven and disowns her as his family while fighting her. Raven then retorts that she never really saw Qrow as her family to begin with. In "Haven's Fate", When Qrow asks Yang about Raven's fate, he receives a vague reply that she was gone.


While Qrow and Raven are siblings, there have been fans who treat Trouble twins as a het ship. Some fans are hopeful the two will see each other in the future volumes of RWBY and maybe even fight side by side. There are other fans who think the two have a similar relationship to Zuko and Azula from the Avatar series. Fans are also hoping to see an onscreen rematch between the two.



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  • "Trouble Twins" comes from the fact that the both of them are twins and they are both troublemakers.


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