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Troyson is the slash ship between Benson and Troy from the Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts fandom.


Season 1

Beyond the Valley of the Dogs

Troy and Benson's first meet.

Benson is startled and trips back, his cassette player falls and starts playing. Troy picks it up and Benson is struck with a new crush as they immediately connect over the music. They have a short conversation about the song that plays, and bond for a bit.

Season 2

Paw of the Jaguar

Troy says, "It's a date." and kisses Benson's cheek.

Benson and Wolf help Troy, while Dahlia and Asher train for the timber cats. During training, Benson falls on top of Troy and they share a cute moment before getting up. On their way to the Timbercats, Troy and Benson bond over their mutual love of flapjacks and their taste of music. Before parting ways, Troy gives Benson a kiss on the cheek and calls it a date.

Heroes on Fire

Troy saves Benson from falling and they share a moment.

Season 3

Everything Is Crabs

Benson confirms he and Troy are dating.

Hidden Treasures

Benson's Prahm-posal.

Benson plans on asking Troy out to Prahm, but is worried about having a perfect "Prahm-posal". Eventually he builds up enough courage to Prahm-pose to Troy. Troy says he was planning to ask him as well and Benson ends up accepting also. They share a sweet kiss.


Benson and Dave challenge Troy and Jamack to help the most people and mutes become friends. After that Benson and Troy dance together for the night.

Age of Wonderbeasts

As Emelia turns herself into a Mega Mute, Troy insists to bring everyone to their old bunker for safety. Before he leaves, Benson kisses his cheek and helps lead everyone to follow Troy.

Cut to five years from there, Benson and Troy have grown together and opened their own restaurant. Before Benson goes to meet up with Wolf, Dave and Kipo, he kisses Troy and leaves with a basket of food Troy packed for them.


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Troyson is the most popular ship of the fandom, seeing as though it is the only canon ship as of right now besides Song Oak x Lio Oak. Therefore, there isn't a rival ship. It is also quite rare to see LGBTQ+ representation in kids shows (Though it's been gradually happening more recently) so a lot of fans were excited for the representation.



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  • They both like Oz the Originator.
  • They both cook flapjacks the same way.