TruPan is the het ship between Pan and Trunks in the Dragon Ball fandom.


When Goku and Trunks are about to leave in a space-ship to search for the Black Star Dragonballs Pan speaks on board and accompanies them for the entire journey. Pan would enjoy teasing Trunks like when he dressed up like a girl to fool one of their enemies. Trunks has to keep Pan from getting carried away.

They travel through several planets gathering the Black Star Dragonballs to prevent the Earth's destruction. After several adventures they come into conflict with Dr. Myuu and his subordinate General Rilldo. Trunks come out with a plan with a robot they had met named Giro to defeat Dr. Myuu.

Pan is shocked when it Trunks is turned to metal by Rilldo and again later when it looks like he is killed. She starts crying over it until he reveals that he is still alive. He had already been turned back to normal and had a metal duplicate put in his place. She is joyful to see he is okay but upset over not being told of the plan.


It is one of the more popular ships of Dragon Ball, due to their time spent together in Dragon Ball GT. Some fans felt that they could have formed feelings for each-other during their adventures in space. With the release of Dragon Ball Super it now rivals TruMai.



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