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“So you can fly.”
— Kageyama to Tsukishima.

TsukiKage is the slash ship between Tobio Kageyama and Kei Tsukishima from the Haikyu!! fandom.


Tobio Kageyama is a first-year setter on Karasuno's volleyball team and Kei Tsukishima is a first-year middle blocker on Karasuno's volleyball team. Kageyama and Tsukishima initially get along horribly and are always arguing whenever they interact. Tsukishima seems to like provoking and teasing Kageyama and calls him by his nickname 'King of the Court' although he shortens it to 'King', which Kageyama hates. However as time progresses, even though they argue and provoke, they seem to start communicating more and don't have many problems when it comes to playing together. Together, they often block and are the best blockers on the team, confirmed by coach Ukai and Kageyama even manages to get Tsukishima to do his best to hit his high spikes, while normally Tsukishima is passive when it comes to going out of his way to do something. They also acknowledge each other's skills, even though they don't usually verbalize it.

Season 1

Kageyama grabbing Tsukishima by the collar

The 2 first meet when Kageyama and Hinata are practicing outside and Tsukishima and Yamaguchi come across them. Kageyama asks if they're the first years joining the team and notes that Tsukishima's got height and asks how tall he is, Yamaguchi answers for him. Tsukishima asks if he's Kageyama from Kitagawa First and why he's at Karasuno as an elite player. After Tsukishima says he can go easy on them if they want to, Kageyama replies that it doesn't matter because he'll win anyway. Tsukishima laughs and says that he's definitely the King. Kageyama gets angry and tells him not to call him that, which Tsukishima says that the rumor is really true that Kageyama loses it when he's called King of the Court. Tsukishima taunts him by asking if something's wrong with it since it's cool and that he thinks it suits him perfectly. Kageyama is shaking in anger and Hinata notes that he should stay out of it. Kageyama asks what the hell Tsukishima wants from him. Tsukishima says that he watched the finals from junior high and that he can't believe his teammates tolerated Kageyama's egocentric setting and that he couldn't, although what happened seems to be because his teammates couldn't either anymore. Kageyama gets angry at this and grabs Tsukishima by the collar and glares at him and Tsukishima smirks back at him. Kageyama lets go and Hinata is confused why he's holding back on Tsukishima and thinks he should go off like he normally does and to talk back to him. Kageyama grabs his back and goes to leave, Tsukishima further taunts him by asking if he's running away and saying that the King isn't all cracked up as he used to be but Kageyama continues walking. Tsukishima says he might win from Kageyama and then Hinata interjects. When Tsukishima leaves he says he's looking forward to seeing the King's set and when him and Yamaguchi are alone he says that people that get worked up like the King (Kageyama) and the shrimp (Hinata) piss him off. Later when practicing with Hinata, Kageyama remembers Tsukishima calling him 'King' and gets pissed off and hits the ball harder. Hinata tells him not to hit too hard since it's dark and Kageyama apologizes but glares. Hinata freaks out at his glare and notes that Kageyama's nerves have been on edge since meeting Tsukishima.

Tsukishima being surprised by Kageyama's skill

At the morning of their match, Tsukishima says good morning to Kageyama using his nickname of 'King', ignoring Hinata. In the preview for episode 4, Yamaguchi and Tsukishima talk. Yamaguchi says that Kageyama isn't all he's been cracked up to be and couldn't even talk back to Tsukishima. Tsukishima tells him to shut up and after Yamaguchi apologizes he says to see what the King is made of. When Tsukishima decides to provoke Hinata and Tanaka before their match, he follows up with: "Oh, how could I forget? We'd like to see the King on his knees in defeat too, right?" and later adds: "The lonesome king who lost all of his lackeys, in particular, is a sight for sore eyes." The last part does seem to bother Kageyama somewhat. After Hinata gets blocked multiple times, Kageyama thinks that Tsukishima is a lot better than he expected. Tsukishima provokes Kageyama again by saying that his team is getting blocked continuously and asks where the King's sets are, the one that neither his opponents and teammates can't keep up with, Kageyama tells him to shut up. When Kageyama's serve is received by Daichi, Tsukishima calls Kageyama King again and asks if it isn't time to pull out all the stops. Hinata asks what Tsukishima's problem is since he keeps picking a fight with Kageyama and asks what the King's set is. Tsukishima asks if Hinata knows why Kageyama is called the King. Hinata says that it's because Kageyama is really good and the guys from the other schools must've been freaked out and called him that. Tsukishima laughs and says that lots of people probably think that way but that rumor has it that his teammates were the one who gave him the nickname. He smirks at Kageyama and says it means 'Egocentric King' and 'Oppressive Despot'. He further explains that he'd only heard rumors but was convinced after seeing the finals because Kageyama was so oppressive that he had to sit on the bench at the finals. Tsukishima asks if he's chickening out because of what happened that day and starts another taunt but is interrupted by Kageyama who admits that he's absolutely terrified of tossing just to find out there's no one there. Later when Kageyama says running a quick play is impossible since they hadn't practiced it ever, Tsukishima taunts Kageyama again and does it another time when Kageyama does his so called 'King's toss'. When seeing Kageyama and Hinata new plan for a quick set, Tsukishima says he hopes they would just hurry up and figure out no one can hit the King's egocentric tosses. After Hinata and Kageyama successfully match up and score a point, Tsukishima is surprised at first and then comments how melodramatic Hinata is about the ball hitting his hand. But when Daichi informs the team about Hinata having his eyes closed, Tsukishima is one of the people who is the most surprised and asks what Daichi means by that. After Daichi explains Tsukishima is completely flabbergasted, although after Hinata and Kageyama fail to do it again he says it was just dumb luck but they keep trying it. When Tsukishima says that Kageyama will just mess up the set for Hinata again and just need to mark Tanaka, Hinata runs up and Tsukishima quickly tells Yamaguchi to get to the net. After the match, when asked by Daichi how he liked the practice match, Tsukishima says: "We were up against a king from an elite school. It's no surprise that we plebeians couldn't defeat him." When talking about the starting line up of the practice match, Kageyama asks while smiling if it wouldn't feel good if a bunch of tall guys would stupidly fall for Hinata's tricks. Tsukishima tells Yamaguchi to shut up after he gets angry at Kageyama.

Tsukishima and Kageyama competing

After Hinata serves the ball at Kageyama's head, Tsukishima and Tanaka laugh at him. When Tsukishima hits Kageyama's set, Tsukishima looks confused and stares at his palm, he says that Kageyama's tosses are too accurate and gives him the creeps. This annoys Kageyama and he says that he should aim for Tsukishima's glasses next time. Tsukishima replies that he should go ahead and do it because he'll be kicked out of the gym again. Kageyama says he'll do it on the sly and Tsukishima says that he can't asks if he's stupid. Before any further arguments they get stopped by Daichi. However during the rest of the game they compete and argue with each other. When Kageyama and Tsukishima are both up front, they argue again. Tsukishima says that he heard Kageyama is good at blocking as well but that he should know his place. Kageyama replies that Tsukishima should look out that he's not blown away because he's as thin as a twig. They push each other with their arms, although stop when being told that their opponents are coming. When jumping for the block, they press against each other and glare at each other, not even looking at their opponent. After successfully blocking Iwaizumi, Kageyama says: "Yes!" Tsukishima says that he's the one that blocking it, Kageyama yells at him and says it hit his hand too. They get told off by Daichi. When Oikawa arrives and Kageyama explains his skills, he also says that Oikawa is a total jerk and maybe even worse than Tsukishima.

After hearing that Kageyama didn't get into Shiratorizawa the normal way, Tsukishima teases him by saying that the King isn't good at studies then, annoying Kageyama.

When playing against the neighborhood association team and Asahi is about to spike, Kageyama, Tsukishima and Kageyama are in position to block him. Kageyama says that they are stopping him, Tsukishima asks him to not order him around. After Kageyama yells at Sugawara to give Asahi the ball until he scores, Tsukishima says that Kageyama is such a sadist, which makes Kageyama angry. When Asahi is going to spike, Tsukishima asks if Kageyama's backing the other team and that they're going to have to stop Asahi. Kageyama says that's obvious and there's no point in cutting corners. The ball ends up going through Kageyama and Tsukishima's hands. When Kageyama and Hinata are called deviants by Ukai, Tsukishima laughs and Kageyama yells at him to wipe that smirk of his face.

After Tsukishima comes on court during their match against Date Tech, Tsukishima says that he would like to have his toss away from the net so he doesn't get caught up by blockers. Kageyama grumbles an agreement and Tsukishima asks annoyed: "What was that?" Kageyama angrily says that he said fine, Tsukishima says that he obviously doesn't and that he doesn't want to be ordered around by plebeians. This annoys Kageyama further but they're interrupted by Tanaka before the argument can go further.

Kageyama and Tsukishima looking at each other when Tsukishima gets on court

When Kageyama gets back into the match with Aoba Jousei, Sugawara says that Kageyama has more experience then Kageyama. Tsukishima says that for all his experience he did really lose his cool back then. He also comments on how he's up to serve immediately and asks if they think he'll be alright. After Tsukishima gets back into court Tsukishima and Kageyama look/glare at each other and Tanaka asks why this is turning into Tsukishima vs Kageyama. When Aoba Jousei calls for a time out, one of the players comments on the fact that when Tsukishima gets in front, they do less center attacks. Oikawa says that could simply be because Kageyama doesn't like Tsukishima and that just like yesterday, the 2 don't directly communicate. Oikawa thinks that Kageyama probably finds Tsukishima the hardest to work with out of the spikers.

During the time out Kageyama looks at Tsukishima and Sugawara talking and thinks about what Ennoshita said about Sugawara reading the spikers' faces to see their emotional states. Tsukishima turns around and sees Kageyama staring at him with a constipated look. Kageyama thinks about how he doesn't know how to read Tsukishima's face since all he knows is that his face pisses him off. Sugawara says that with a guy like Tsukishima, he needs direct communication. When spiking Kageyama's toss, Tsukishima seemed to have a troubled face. Ukai comments about how Tsukishima seems to have trouble hitting the toss. After Karasuno takes a timeout, Kageyama asks Tsukishima how the set was for him. This greatly surprises Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Hinata and Tsukishima asks why Kageyama is talking like Tanaka. Tsukishima then says that the toss pisses him off because it's like being told: "Shut up and hit it, you pleb." This angers Kageyama and Sugawara, who goes to step in, however Kageyama calmly asks what Tsukishima means by that. Tsukishima explains that he has his own way of doing things and wants his tosses to be consistent. He further explains by saying that he's not the only one thinking and that everyone's constantly thinking about the match, even Hinata sometimes. Kageyama says he got it and Tsukishima says Kageyama is being awfully compliant today and if he's feeling okay. Kageyama says that you never know what works until you try it and moves back on court, with a dumbfounded Tsukishima following. Sugawara thinks to himself that Tsukishima isn't used to such a head on approach and is stuck listening.

Kageyama reluctantly complimenting Tsukishima

The next time Kageyama tosses for Tsukishima he remembers Tsukishima's words and makes the toss consistent. Tsukishima scores by doing a feint and the set after that is consistent and Tsukishima does another feint and later another. When standing next to each other to block, Kageyama looks at Tsukishima (possibly thinking about what Tsukishima's plan is). When preparing for the next set, Kageyama thinks back on Tsukishima's words and gives the set to Tsukishima, surprising him. This time Tsukishima smashes the ball and scores. Kageyama reluctantly chokes out a compliment, surprising Tsukishima again. At the end of the 2nd set, Tsukishima thinks that a fast attack from the center is coming, however Kageyama wordlessly stops him from jumping by tugging on his uniform, because he figured out Oikawa would set to Iwaizumi and they stop Iwaizumi together. They get patted on the head by Nishinoya afterwards.

Season 2

Tsukishima teasing Kageyama

When Kageyama and Hinata go to ask Tsukishima for tutoring, Tsukishima says: "Hey, isn't it unfair for you to make the little one do all the begging? I'm talking to you, big guy." After prompted by Hinata, Kageyama mumbles: "Please teach us." Tsukishima asks what he said, Kageyama repeats what he said a little louder but still mumbling, Tsukishima provokes again by saying that he didn't quite hear him. Kageyama responds by yelling that he's asking him to help them study and calls him a punk, then following up by a very aggressive bow, surprising Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Hinata. When studying in the clubroom, Tsukishima says that Hinata is really stupid and Kageyama agrees to this, however is called out by Tsukishima since he isn't the one to talk because he's worse off than Hinata overall and should at least memorize the English vocabulary himself. Kageyama argues that there's no reason Japanese people should be able to understand English, Tsukishima says that he can say goodbye to going to Tokyo then. After Yachi said 'sir' to Asahi, Kageyama and Tsukishima repeat the word questioning in their head in sync. When Hinata explains about Tsukishima tutoring them, Kageyama says he's not scared of Tsukishima.

During training camp in Tokyo, Kageyama asks why Tsukishima just gave up and yells that he should at least jump even if he's just a decoy. Tsukishima says: "Aren't you observant? Sorry, dude."

Season 3

Tsukishima and Kageyama smiling together

During the 4th set is first starts getting apparent that Kageyama's limit is approaching when him and Tsukishima don't match up when he sets for him. While Tsukishima manages to get it over, he immediately understands that Kageyama's getting exhausted and looks at him. When Kageyama apologizes, he says it's creepy when he apologizes so he shouldn't. Kageyama is annoyed by this and Tsukishima smiles and says Kageyama seems to be fine. Kageyama looks away and Tsukishima stops smiling and still stares at him. Later a more exhausted Kageyama bumps into him when blocking and afterwards Tsukishima tells him not to bump into him and that he's not Hinata and he needs to jump up. Kageyama argues that it wouldn't be considered bumping into him and Tsukishima just lacks training. After Tsukishima is injured, Kageyama is the first person to point it out. When Tsukishima comes back after being injured, he says to Kageyama that he doubts he would but that he doesn't have to hold back. Kageyama says if he knows he probably won't he shouldn't say it and that he won't hold back. They both smile.

Season 4

After hearing Tsukishima's contact point was higher with Koganegawa was higher, Kageyama is surprised and then annoyed. He glares at Koganegawa when Date Tech arrives for their practice match. After their first attack, Karasuno immediately gets blocked by Date Tech with a triple block. Yamaguchi, Tsukishima and Sugawara stand on the sideline and comment. Tsukishima says that he's sure Kageyama wanted to go through that high triple block on the first try and then calls him a 'brazen jerk'. After Kageyama talks to Nishinoya (quite rudely) and he looks to the ground, Tsukishima looks at him. While Kageyama gets more tense the more they play, Date Tech's blockers get a hand on Tsukishima's spike, although they don't block it, it annoys them both. After Tsukishima gets a spike in, Kageyama gets annoyed since the blockers got their hand on it. Kageyama thinks about how it should've been a good one, the same as usual. He looks at Tsukishima, who notices his annoyance and asks about it. He continues by saying that he got it in and if he's got a problem he should say it. Sugawara says from the side that Tsukishima knows that they would start fighting if he would say it and he's wrong if he thinks Kageyama can effectively put it into words. However Hinata notes how weird it is that Kageyama is actually staying quiet. Later after Tsukishima kind of makes a mistake, Kageyama says that he should've tried to block again and he totally could've jumped again. Tsukishima is annoyed by this and sighs, but then turns to Kageyama with a smile and asks why he's so irritated and if the King (Kageyama) missed his nap today in an annoying voice. This annoys Kageyama and they have to be held back by Tanaka and Daichi. Hinata comments that Tsukishima usually doesn't have a problem listening to others but apparently that's no the case with Kageyama. Yamaguchi agrees and says it's no exactly logical, they just irritate each other. After Kageyama yells, nearly everyone is shocked including Kageyama when he realizes he's started acting like his old self again. Tsukishima doesn't appear to be very surprised and comments: "Look at that. It's the return of the King." with a smile. After Tanaka says he won't listen to Kageyama if he doesn't like his tone no matter what he says, Tsukishima agrees while looking unbothered. Kageyama also gets a flashback of when he first asked Tsukishima how his toss was during the the first official match against Aoba Jousai after Ukai says that while a set that's easy for a spiker to hit is the best, it doesn't mean Kageyama can't fight. This means it was an at least somewhat significant moment for him even in his own eyes.

Tsukishima and Kageyama glaring/looking at each other after Kageyama forces Tsukishima's contact point to be higher

Later, he makes the contact point higher but because it was out of nowhere they miss. After that, Kageyama says he won't stoop down to Tsukishima's level and Tsukishima becomes visibly annoyed by that and says it's totally fine with him. Then when Kageyama makes his contact point higher they match up and Kageyama says with a very cocky smile: "So you can fly." Yamaguchi yells at Tsukishima to stay calm and serene and then to Kageyama to stop egging Tsukishima on, Tsukishima tells him to shut up. After this, Tsukishima's contact point becomes higher. A little while after that Tsukishima teases Kageyama and calls him a sweet little boy, annoying Kageyama, but he gets berated by the rest of the team. While talking about Tsukishima's contact point after he gets a spike in, Hinata explains that because Koganegawa often accidentally set the ball too high Tsukishima was forced to go higher too and Kageyama is super amazing for bringing that out. Later when Tsukishima misses, Kageyama asks what's wrong, because he's been setting like normal, but notices how exhausted Tsukishima is. Tsukishima says: "Sorry, but I'm not a machine or monster like Hinata." Kageyama remembers Coach Ukai's words about keeping and eye on his teammates condition and says got it. After Kageyama gets Koganegawa's name wrong, Tsukishima tells him it's close and proceeds to correct him, annoying Kageyama a bit.

Kageyama angrily refusing to accept Tsukishima saying it's his fault not Kageyama's

While playing their first match at the spring tournament, Tsukishima sets for Asahi, making Kageyama glare at him. Tsukishima feels the glare and turns to him, asking him if he can't react the same way Hinata would, which annoys Kageyama further. Later, the two of them don't sync up and Kageyama curses and asks himself if Tsukishima is Tiredpants already. Tsukishima on the other hand is sure that that jerk (Kageyama) definitely just blamed this on him and that it was definitely higher than usual. During the match against Inarizaki, Kageyama sets for Tsukishima and makes Tsukishima hit the ball higher. He thinks that Tsukishima needs to come up there and get it. Tsukishima thinks: "You little!" However it works out well and the two look/glare to each other afterwards. Sugawara says that they should at least high five or something from the sidelines. Ennoshita says that Tsukishima has his 'this went well but I'd rather die than admit it' and Kageyama has the 'he's glaring at me so I'm glaring right back' face. When Kageyama stops Inarizaki's ace on his own, Tsukishima frowns at him. Suna thinks to himself that Kageyama is way scarier than Tsukishima as a blocker. Later in the match when Tsukishima's stamina is nearing it's limit, they don't sync up. Kageyama thinks that he set the ball too high and goes to apologize but Tsukishima says to not apologize and says it's his fault for not jumping high enough. Kageyama tells him to shut up and that it was his mistake. Tsukishima replies that it's amazing how insincere Kageyama seems. Kageyama then asks if Tsukishima can do this, Tsukishima tells him that of course he can. However this shows that while Tsukishima thought it was his mistake, Kageyama never thought so even when thinking.


TsukiKage is a semi-popular ship within the Haikyuu fandom. Although it's still considered a "rare-pair" by many because the ships KageHina and TsukkiYama are more popular. The ship most likely began because people liked the trope enemies to lovers and found Tsukishima and Kageyama's dynamic quite interesting. Some enjoyed their relationship throughout the series. They began on not so good terms although their relationship got better as the series progressed. As for the fans who don't ship TsukiKage, they're usually portrayed as frenemies, as they are in canon, arguing and throwing insults at each other.

It's main rivals are KageHina, TsukkiYama, TsukiHina and OiKage. Usually, TsukiKage is shipped along with YamaYachi or YamaHina. Sometimes, fans ship Tsukishima, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, and Hinata all together as the four are first years, not including Yachi as a lot of people see her as a lesbian and like to pair her with KiyoYachi or KanoYachi.



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