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“That's why Bubaigawara was such a great guy. At heart he desperate to be a help to others. I also want to be like that”
— Keigo Takami talking about Jin with Best Jeanist, Chapter 299

TwiceHawks is the slash ship between Jin "Twice" Bubaigawara and Keigo "Hawks" Takami from the My Hero Academia fandom.


The flashbacks of Hawks and Twice's pasts shows that the two didn't have easy lives and how it lend them on the hero and villain paths they took. Even though Jin's parents were killed by a villain, the traumatic event of his self copies turning on him was the staring point that led to him becoming a villain. Just as Keigo's villain father being arrested by a hero and chose to use his feathers to save lives begin his path of becoming a hero. Similar to how Hawks is a high ranking hero, the Meta Liberation Army had Twice becoming one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front. This shows that the two are similar, despite the fact that their hero and villain paths makes them enemies.

Twice meets Hawks when the hero was tasked by the Hero Public Safety Commission to infulata the League of Villains. Because Dabi vouched for Hawks and has passed the tests that Dabi set up to prove the winged hero's loyalty to the League, Twice believes that Hawks can trusted and welcomes him to their cause. Even though Twice has joined the VoL with good insertions to create a better world, Hawks knew that the world that Twice's fellow villains wish to build will be a dark one and as a hero he is duty bound to keep them from making their ideal world a reality. When Hawks isn't gathering intel on the League and its members, he spends time with Twice, as the hero helps the villain to better understand the more complex themes that surround Destro's ideology, along with him giving Twice some friendly tips on how he can speak to the soldiers under his command. To make sure that Twice trusts him enough with the secrets within the League, Hawks tells Twice that he too disagrees with the current hero system that has made him feel trapped and is someone who prefers to fly free, as well as him never having a sense of belonging. Believing Hawks' lie has led to Twice viewing the hero as a friend he can relate to, from the time he lost his place in the world until he joined the LoV. Along with Twice pitting Hawks and wants to free him from the chains of the Hero Society so they can both fly free together.

It didn't take long for Hawks to expect Twice as a friend of sorts as well, once the winged hero realised that Twice is a good person at heart. Despite the fact that Twice is a villain, while he is a hero who was sent to take Twice and his allies down from the side in. This is why Hawks felt bad about him using Twice to gain the information he was tasked to gather for the Hero Public Safety Commission. Whenever Twice's back is turned on Hawks, the hero begins to smile sadly at his new friend. Knowing that Twice will defiantly feel betrayed when he learns that his new friend is a mole. Even though their discussion on the nature of Twice's quirk and the theory of how he can expand on it, got Hawks to realise that it makes Twice one of the most dangerous villains within the League, should he be successful in uncovering away for him to create multiple High-End Nomus.

When the heroes attacked the Paranormal Liberation Front, Hawks knew that it was time for him to blow his cover so he can aid them. Knowing that he'll have to tell Twice the truth when he confronts the villain, Hawks decides to Twice a chance that might allow him to gain a lighter sentence. Even though Hawks has connections, he doesn't have the power to keep Twice from a life in prison. After Hawks tells Twice his true motives for "joining" the league, he asks the villain to not to resist him when he hands him over to the police. While reassuring Twice that he does understand the tough situation he has got himself it, knows that Twice is instead a good person and how he wishes to help the villain to get back on his feet, after he has served his time. Twice on the other hand was too hurt by Hawks' betrayal and didn't like the fact that Hawks called him "unlucky," as the bond he has formed with the league has made him feel like the luckiest person in the world. Not wanting to betray his LoV family, like the way that Hawks has betrayed him, Twice prepares himself to attack the hero he once saw as a friend, while Hawks tells the villain to stop his attacks and that he doesn't want to fight him. Even though Hawks had no trouble with taking down Twice's many clones, no matter how many Twice sends his way.

Despite the angry that Twice feels towards the Hero and Hawks coming to the conclusion that one of the will end up dying in their battle, as both Heroes and Villain don't give up until one of them falls, he still wants to help him. Even if it means injuring Twice in order to keep him from escaping. After delivering the blow to keep Twice down, Hawks gets attacked by Dabi who arrivals to aid his fellow villain. Even though he was injured, Hawks manages to save Twice from Dabi's flames. Dabi mocks Hawks for saving the villain he attacked. As Dabi helps Twice to escape, Hawks knew that his mission requires him to do whatever it takes to keep Twice from alerting the other villains about him being a mole. Along with the fact that Twice is too dangerous to remain free. This is why he was forced to kill Twice when the villain was in the middle of creating one of his self clones. Hawks' actions towards Twice led to him getting attacked by an enraged Dabi, while the last Twice clone got away and warns Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress about the winged hero who killed the original Jin Bubaigawara.

Because Hawks' damaging heritage was used as an "expansion" as to how he was able to kill Twice in Dabi's hero damaging broadcast, as it shows a edited recording of Hawks stabbing a defenceless Twice in the back to make the hero look worse, Keigo was forced to hide his face from the public. He took no pleasure in killing Jin and after Best Jeanist accompanies the injured hero to his mother's house, Keigo tells the other hero that Jin Bubaigawara was such a great guy. Along with how he wants to be like him, since his mission for the now shut down HPSC is the reason why he was forced to kill Jin. Now that he is free from them, Keigo wants to be a help to others, like Jin did before him.


“That's why Bubaigawara was such a great guy. At heart he desperate to be a help to others. I also want to be like that”
— Keigo Takami talking about Jin with Best Jeanist, Chapter 299


Despite the fact that Hawks ends up killing Twice, it doesn't change the fact that the hero had wanted to help the villain once he realised that Twice isn't a terrible person. This has inspired fans to support the ship and created a headcanon AU that has Twice expecting Hawks' offer, before they fake the villain's death so Hawks can help him to start over once the League has taken down.

TwiceHawks is also the rival ship of Hot Wings and TogaWice.

On AO3, the ship has 30 slash fanfics and 52 gen fics.



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  • Twice being killed by Hawks has made him the first known Villain to be directly killed by a professional Hero.
  • The 27th Volume cover of the manga is of Hawks taking on Twice and his clones.



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DabiTwiceHawks refers to the ship between Toya Todoroki, Jin Bubaigawara and Keigo Takami


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