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TJ“Is there anything else you want to know?”
Cyrus“Is there anything else you want to tell me?”
TJ“Yeah. Is there anything you want to tell me?”
— TJ and Cyrus, We Were Here

Tyrus is the slash ship between Cyrus Goodman and TJ Kippen from the Andi Mack fandom.


In the episode "There's a Mack in the Shack" Cyrus is hoping to get a chocolate-chocolate chip muffin at lunch. However, TJ and his friends cut the line and take all the muffins. One drops on the floor in front of Cyrus, and TJ steps on it as he leaves. Buffy forces TJ to help Cyrus get the last muffin the next day, but TJ instead decides to teach Cyrus how to get the muffin for himself. When Buffy says Cyrus can't just walk up to the muffin and take it like TJ told him to, TJ says: "Hey, don't tell him what he can't do." He then gives Cyrus a push towards the muffin. When the other students waiting in line start protesting Cyrus' attempt to take the muffin, TJ is quick to rescue him, defending him by saying "He's with me", his intimidating aura successfully getting the students to leave Cyrus alone. This interaction between TJ and Cyrus is the first time the audience has seen TJ be nice to someone. Cyrus is also the first person the audience has seen him smile at.

In "Miniature Golf" TJ goes to the park and finds Cyrus swinging. TJ remembers Cyrus as "Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin" and Cyrus remembers TJ as "Scary Basketball Guy". They formally introduce themselves to each other this time. They start talking about releasing stress by playing on the swing set, and TJ joins Cyrus in swinging. They talk and both open up to each other about having personal stuff in their lives. Cyrus and TJ play on the swing set for a while, showing that they're both having a good time together. Before leaving, Cyrus tells TJ that he knows where to find him.

In "We Were Never" TJ and Cyrus nickname each other, "Not-So-Scary Basketball Guy" and "Underdog" and seem happy to see each other. Cyrus invites TJ to his bar mitzvah and TJ says he'll be there.

There is a deleted scene from the episode "Cyrus's Bash-Mitzvah!" where Cyrus is having trouble opening a bottle of sparkling apple cider. TJ opens it halfway so that Cyrus can open it by himself, then steps back and lets Cyrus get the attention and credit for it.

In "A Walker to Remember" Cyrus seems confused as to why Andi would want to use the microphones to yell at TJ. He notices that TJ is in the sidelines as opposed to playing in the basketball game. He goes over to check on him. Despite TJ initially rejecting Cyrus' attempt at conversation, Cyrus follows him when he storms out, visibly upset. TJ opens up to Cyrus, explaining that he's been forbidden from playing basketball because he is failing math. He mentions his worry that he might have dyscalculia. Cyrus tells him that there is nothing wrong or shameful about having a learning disability. Cyrus informs TJ that his teacher cannot fail or punish TJ for having a learning disability. This realization inspires TJ to come forth about this to his teacher. TJ lets Cyrus know that even though Buffy was right about him going to his teacher about it, he says that Cyrus is the one who really helped him with his struggles. Cyrus spends the whole game time with TJ instead of cheering for Buffy. When Buffy confronts him about this, he explains that TJ looked sad and alone and had no one while Buffy had everyone cheering for her and that he felt bad for him. Buffy finds out that Cyrus helped TJ get her to do his homework, and TJ looks very guilty, realizing he'd messed up, potentially jeopardizing Cyrus and Buffy's friendship, and that he'd broken his promise. Cyrus is put in a tough spot when Buffy gives him an ultimatum: her or TJ.

TJ is not present in the episode "Crime Scene: AndiShack!" but he is the reason Buffy is avoiding Cyrus. Cyrus admits that he can't promise he won't be friendly with TJ after Buffy leaves. Buffy expresses that TJ is the last person she ever thought Cyrus would be friends with and Cyrus agrees. Cyrus says it's TJ who wants to be friends and that he doesn't know why TJ wants to be friends with him, to which Buffy responds "I know why".

In "Buffy in a Bottle" TJ wants to sit with Cyrus at the Spoon and asks Cyrus and Andi if he can join. Cyrus is willing to let TJ sit, but Andi doesn't trust him, so TJ apologizes to time capsule Buffy. Cyrus opens up about his list of easy things he can't do, including somersaults. TJ offers to teach Cyrus how to do a somersault. When TJ announces he has to go to work, Cyrus looks nervous because he wouldn't have anybody to talk to. He is relieved when TJ asks Cyrus if he wants to go with him and says yes. TJ and Cyrus walk down the street together. Cyrus seems worried about going to a gym (where TJ works) but TJ promises him he'll like this gym only for Cyrus to realize it's a children's gym. TJ spends what seems like the entire afternoon helping Cyrus learn to do a somersault, encouraging and supporting him and getting the children to cheer Cyrus on. TJ and Cyrus chest bump when Cyrus is able to do a somersault.

In "The Cake That Takes the Cake" Cyrus tells Buffy that he thought it was cute when TJ was showing off the C grade on his math test to his classmates, comparing his excitement to that of a puppy. Cyrus and TJ work together to ambush Buffy into playing a basketball match with TJ. When Buffy discovers them, Cyrus looks at TJ and suggests that they should have rehearsed. Cyrus watches and keeps track of Buffy and TJ's game, staring at TJ quite a bit. TJ rolls his eyes when Buffy and Cyrus hug after the game. TJ raps his apology, and despite it not being for him, Cyrus is very impressed by it. TJ looks back in a way that mirrors Cyrus looking back at Jonah(who Cyrus used to have a crush on) at the end of Season 1. In Season 1, Amber had said, "If they turn to look back at you, that means they like you. And not just as a friend." This is used as symbolism throughout the show. Cyrus says, "You think you're confused? Take a walk through my head," possibly hinting that he is confused with his feelings for TJ.

In the episode "Cookie Monster" TJ waits by the entrance of school to invite Cyrus to hang with him and his friends. The two smile at each other a lot as they talk. Cyrus asks if TJ's friends know he exists, to which TJ admits he talks about Cyrus to his friends. Cyrus is flattered by this. TJ taps Cyrus on the chest as they part ways and Cyrus looks after him before calling his mom to tell her about it. Reed, one of TJ's friends, confirms that TJ does talk to him and Lester about Cyrus by saying TJ was right about Cyrus being funny. TJ teaches Cyrus how to ride a dirt bike. Cyrus places his hand on TJ's as TJ is explaining where all the controls are. While Cyrus is riding the motor bike, TJ cheers him on and takes photos. Reed starts laughing and TJ tells him to stop for one of two reasons. Either because he was laughing at Cyrus for not being good at riding the bike or he was laughing at TJ because he likes Cyrus and was cheering him on, or possibly both. After learning that TJ's friends have a gun, Cyrus is scared for TJ's safety. He asks TJ to leave with him. TJ avoids eye contact with Cyrus and turns to look at him as he leaves(which Amber says means TJ likes him). Cyrus goes to turn in the gun and worries that TJ will hate him for it. When the principal and officer already know about the gun, Cyrus is worried that something bad could have happened to TJ.

TJ and Cyrus, The New Girls

In "The New Girls" TJ is trying to get a hold of Cyrus, and Cyrus wants to hear him out, but Buffy and Andi make Cyrus block TJ's number. Cyrus notices TJ sitting in the cafeteria all alone, and tells Andi and Buffy that he'll do a "quick walk-by" to make sure TJ is okay. TJ looks hopeful as he spots Cyrus, but Buffy and Andi hold Cyrus back. TJ finds Cyrus at the swings and admits he's been stopping by to see if he could catch Cyrus without his "bodyguards." TJ tells Cyrus he didn't know Reed would bring a gun and that he wouldn't have brought Cyrus if he'd known. He also worries that Cyrus hates him now and says, "Classic TJ - anything good, I've gotta ruin it," saying that their relationship was something good. Cyrus calls TJ out on not properly apologizing. When TJ still doesn't, it escalates into a back and forth until TJ tells Cyrus: "You're the only person I can talk to like this." TJ asks if he can stay at the swings with him and Cyrus shrugs, smiling. They both start swinging. After swinging, they sit together by the lake and talk about what happened with the situation. TJ says he reported the gun, and Cyrus looks delighted that he did the right thing. They fall into a comfortable silence.

In "I Got Your Number" TJ arrives at Cyrus' house as Cyrus is beating Jonah at ping-pong, and TJ congratulates him for it. He offers to play Cyrus next, but Jonah abruptly leaves as he dislikes TJ. Cyrus asks what TJ did to Jonah, but TJ has no clue. Cyrus brings TJ and Jonah together to talk about TJ stealing Jonah's tee. Cyrus shows the two of them a photo from the time, which reveals that TJ did take Jonah's tee, but due to TJ's dyscalculia making him see the numbers wrong. TJ looks at Cyrus and giggles when Cyrus reveals he has a fear of flamingos.

In "One in a Minyan" the Good Hair Crew are discussing Cyrus' former crush on Jonah at his Bubbe Rose's shive when TJ arrives with knotted challah bread. Cyrus is happy that TJ came, to which TJ responds, "Of course I came." Buffy and Andi look at each other knowingly this happens, with TJ and Cyrus smiling at each other softly. (Andi's Texts after this episode reveals that Buffy and Andi have started to notice the TJ is really nice to Cyrus).

In "Mount Rushmore or Less" Cyrus goes to hangout with TJ after TJ's basketball game. They hug, and TJ calls Cyrus "my man" and Cyrus says "Teej, looking good." TJ puts his arm around Cyrus' shoulders as they walk away. Kira seems to suspect something going on between TJ and Cyrus. They agree to go as "summer" and "salt" for costume day at school, referring to the time TJ helped Cyrus learn how to do somersault in the gym in "Buffy in a Bottle", Cyrus chooses TJ's costume idea over Andi's Mount Rushmore group costume. Cyrus tells Buffy that somersaults are "our thing" and she says she understands. TJ is excited for the somersault costume, smiling as he says it's his and Cyrus' "inside joke", until Kira implies that there's something wrong with wanting to match costumes with Cyrus instead of her, making him scared and insecure, especially since he has internalized homophobia. Since TJ and Kira have only known each other for a very short time, it's implied that she's noticed TJ's crush on Cyrus and is taking a dig at him for wanting to do a duo costume with a boy instead of a girl. When TJ shows up on Costume Day in costume with Kira instead of Cyrus, TJ appears devastated that he let Cyrus down and says sorry twice, that it was a last minute decision, before Kira drags him away from a brokenhearted Cyrus. When Cyrus, almost in tears, rejoins Mount Rushmore, he chooses to be Thomas Jefferson, whose initials are TJ.

In "Unloading Zone" Cyrus and Buffy watch TJ and Kira play basketball. When Buffy asks if TJ and Kira are together, Cyrus admits he doesn't know because he and TJ haven't been spending as much time together. Cyrus seems upset but tries to be happy for TJ; Buffy assures him TJ will realize Kira is not a nice person. TJ approaches later approaches Cyrus and asks if he's been avoiding him, to which Cyrus says he hasn't, just that TJ has been "otherwise occupied". Cyrus tells TJ he's happy for him and although it doesn't convince Cyrus, TJ clarifies that he and Kira are not a couple. TJ invites Cyrus to hang out with him and Kira but Cyrus is hesitant because of Buffy and Kira's dispute. Kira interrupts them and glares at Cyrus, reluctantly agreeing to TJ's invite, but Cyrus is uncomfortable and leaves. The giveaway of Mint Chip is going smoothly when Cyrus picks out a shirt for TJ. He is conflicted about it as he isn't sure if TJ will want a shirt from him and he wants to impress him, but Buffy convinces him that it's worth trying as it might mean something to TJ and even if it doesn't, it's still a nice gesture. Buffy says the shirt will go with TJ's eyes and Cyrus agrees. TJ texts a thumbs up in approval of the shirt. Cyrus tells him to come pick it up; TJ tells him he's at the park, prompting him to go meet him with Buffy's encouragement. When Kira asks TJ to swing with her, he hesitates before getting on. However, as Cyrus arrives at the playground, he spots TJ and Kira on the swings. He slumps against a tree in heartbreak before leaving. He ends up giving the shirt to Jonah who he says has nice eyes too, implying that he thinks TJ has nice eyes.

In "Something to Talk A-Boot" Buffy tells Cyrus about TJ helping her and remarks on how much he's changed. Cyrus takes credit for seeing the good in TJ and giving him the chance to redeem himself first. TJ tells Cyrus that he's being sent to student court for stealing the golf cart to give Buffy a ride. Cyrus decides to become TJ's lawyer when he goes to court and goes to get ready, leaving a baffled TJ. Cyrus spends copious amounts of time defending TJ's case and stating that he is a good person who was only trying to help. TJ and Cyrus sit next together at Buffy's basketball game while the student court decides is TJ is guilty or not. Back at student court, when TJ is found guilty, Cyrus wants to keep fighting for TJ. When TJ tells him to let it go, Cyrus exclaims "I'll never stop [fighting]!" When TJ's punishment turns out to be a lunchtime detention, TJ and Cyrus put their arms on each other's shoulders. TJ asks if Cyrus will visit him while he's "on the inside". Cyrus promises to bake him a cake with a hall pass in it. They hug as student court breaks up. TJ steals a golf cart again, this time to have fun with and impress Cyrus. He invites Cyrus for a ride, instigating a flirty exchange. Cyrus notes that TJ hasn't learned his lesson, to which TJ says he lives on the edge. Cyrus responds by saying he lives in the middle; TJ says "Cool, I'll drive you there." Cyrus asks what happens if they get caught; TJ says they both know. Cyrus gets in anyway, deciding it's worth skipping lunch over. TJ smiles at Cyrus as he gets in the cart. They take off and have fun driving around on school grounds with a "PRIDE" sign in the background.

In the episode "We Were Here" Cyrus and Buffy bond over seeing their crushes at the party at the Mack house. Buffy nudges Cyrus knowingly when TJ arrives. Buffy then calls out to TJ, who smiles and waves when he sees her and Cyrus. Cyrus smiles and waves back. Cyrus' face falls when he sees Kira is at the party too and is talking to TJ. Buffy assures Cyrus TJ doesn't like Kira, but Cyrus is unconvinced when he sees TJ put an arm around Kira. Buffy comforts Cyrus, who says he was probably just deluding himself (into thinking TJ could like him). Later at the party, TJ and Kira see Cyrus dancing. Kira laughs at him and TJ smiles. TJ then defends Cyrus, bothered Kira would make fun of someone like that. When Kira accuses him of finding it funny too, TJ clarifies that he found it fun (though the look on his face suggested he thought it was cute) and that there's a difference. Kira interprets this as TJ picking Cyrus over her, and she gives TJ an ultimatum, which Cyrus has never done. It's clear TJ picks Cyrus; Kira takes this as his answer and leaves. TJ and Cyrus sing "Born This Way" together. They smile at each other as the song begins, have a duet, share a mic, and put their arms around each other. TJ and Cyrus have a private conversation on a bench near the party's end, where TJ tells Cyrus his real name is Thelonious Jagger under the condition he tells no one else, making Cyrus the first person outside the Kippen family to know TJ's full name. Cyrus says he loves that name. TJ nervously reaches for Cyrus' hand, tentatively touching it as he asks if there's anything else he wants to know. Cyrus and TJ ask if there is anything the other wants to tell them, and they both answer yes. Cyrus' yes gives TJ the confidence to finally hold Cyrus' hand. They interlock fingers and exchange sighs of relief and soft smiles as they acknowledge their feelings for each other. Later, Cyrus tells his friends the party was "life-changing".


TJ“You can be a little annoying, you know that?”
Cyrus“Well, you can be oblivious.”
TJ“Well, you can be very judgy.”
Cyrus“Well, you can be intimidating.”
TJ“You know what else you are?”
TJ“The only person I can talk to like this.”
— TJ and Cyrus, The New Girls
TJ“Is there anything else you want to know?”
Cyrus“Is there anything else you want to tell me?”
TJ“Yeah. Is there anything you want to tell me?”
— TJ and Cyrus, We Were Here


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Tyrus is one of the most popular ships in the fandom. It is well known and liked among Andi Mack fans, and is often praised as good representation for LGBT+ people. Especially considering that it was one of the first Disney shows to depict a same sex relationship. On AO3, Tyrus is the most written ship for both TJ and Cyrus, as well as being the most written ship in the Andi Mack (TV) tag. The ship has also been acknowledged by the cast and is liked among them aswell. Luke Mullen (TJ) and Joshua Rush (Cyrus) have confirmed the ship as canon and Luke has confirmed that TJ is gay.


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