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Most of his romantic ships are slash and femslash, but he has hetero, poly and non-binary ships too.

A huge pop-culture geek. Writer, aspiring author (currently is mainly working on a to-be-published magazine story, publishing some of his poetry on tumblr and some of his fan-fictions on AO3 [@JustAnEvildoer]). Can't imagine his life without music - he listens to it every day. Likes drawing, but needs more practice in it. Also does edits from time to time (@xrohanmorowx on Instagram) and is a beginning cosplayer. He's also into the Dark Academia.

Articles created/more improved by him:

  • Dazushi (did all beside the fanon section; canon section was later edited by other users)
  • Harlivy (beside the canon and moments sections)
  • Odazai (the Dead Apple section, the fanon section, the main picture, added the gallery)
  • HisoGon (did all)
  • Hisoka x Abaki (did all)
  • Avpol (did most; GamerPancakes&GrapeJuice added more info to the canon section later on)
  • Ranposano (did all)
  • Bungou Stray Dogs (did all, beside the 'list' section; other users added more ship later on)
  • MiyaYama (did all)
  • Batmoore (updated the fanon section, did the quote section, updated the canon section - wrote the information from episode 2-7 ~ which were later edited by Virvar)
  • ChuuTsuji (did all)
  • Ishimondo (added events from the manga to the 'canon' section, official arts and some videos to galleries and tropes and other ship names to the infobox)
  • ZoSan (created; so far did all)
  • Claudelois (did all)
  • Vicroman (did all)
  • Leopika (did all)
  • Stuilly (did all)
  • KuroNeo (did all)
  • Hunter x Hunter (did most; other users added more ship later on)
  • Lougosi (created; did most, except writing some of the information in the canon section, the quotes and three of the trivias; in progress)
  • JunoHaru (canon, fanon, fandom sections)
  • JuV (did all)
  • Tyrelliot (status, tropes, quotes, fanon, fandom, media, added some of the pictures)
  • Alderson Siblings (created; in progress)
  • Jarley (fanon and fandom section, added an image)
  • Billdip (in progress)

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