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  • Add to every parameter?
    • Omitted if resolutely canon?
      • Buttt might require two variant of each parameter then; what is actually given to the audience within its series and what is implied/hinted (behind the scenes)
        • So probably not. But for conversation's sake:
Canon Parameter is explicitly canon Brittany and Santana have been/are in a relationship
Off-screen canon Parameter is canon, but made so by material/statements outside of the media; is not explicitly shown within its series Korrasami (I think)
Implied Parameter gives great canon-vibes, but isn't explicitly stated
Hinted Parameter has signs pointing to it, but nothing official
Baited Parameter can be viewed as hinted or implied only because the author chose to keep the audience guessing Dean is bi
Not canon / Fanon Parameter is not close to canon Harry Potter is a unicorn