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Hello! I'm the founder of the site and one of the admins! :D
If you have any questions, restoration requests, or need any help with editing, feel free to message me on my message wall. My username was formerly TheGreenMadHatter.

about me

heyo! i'm fitz, one of the admins for the wiki. i founded this wiki on a different account (thegreenmadhatter) back in 2013. so i'm officially the first user ever on the wiki. :D I recreated my account to fitzaby around 2017 but same person. idk why i'm still here but hii 👋


  • Jaladdin - Disney

  • Tomagisa - Clannad
  • TwiYor - Spy x Family
  • Naegiri - Danganronpa

  • Narlie - Heartstopper ♡
  • Wickling - Marvel
  • Jaeyoung x Sangwoo - Semantic Error

  • Naegiri - Danganronpa

  • Snowbaz - Carry On

  • pages i've created

    note: just because i've created the page doesn't mean i ship it. this is an encyclopedia that gives information on different ships. sometimes i may create pages on more controversial ships, this does not mean i ship them, it's a wiki.





    there's a ton I'm missing but counting the most recent
    count: 24

    Young Avengers - Superboyfriends Proposal Kiss (Avengers The Children's Crusade).png