This is my personal wiki to-do! Some of these tasks I may never get around to doing, some please feel free to complete them in the meantime, but hopefully I'll get around to it! Also see Shipping Wiki:To-Do List.

Article tasks

Page Task Status
Bellamione Unstub Wiki Yes
Hakiro Unstub Wiki No
Skimmons Unstub Wiki No
NatEli Unstub Wiki No
Narlie Update for Chapter 4 & 5 Wiki No
Treebros Update for Act 1 & 2 Wiki No
Lumity Update and rewrite canon information Wiki No
Evak Finish Season 4 & 5 Wiki No
Victuuri Rewrite/finish canon Wiki No
Evak/Gallery Finish gallery Wiki No

Wiki maintenance

Task Status
Fix userbox problem with Userboxes/Characters and Userboxes/Ships Wiki No
Add Category:Userboxes to all userboxes Wiki No
Change badge design on achievements Wiki No
Change all mentions of Sousy to Dousy Wiki Yes


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