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  • I live in my imagination/ fujoshi world
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is Otaku
  • I am Female
  • Bio Everyone has born on September 19 and in any day of the same month lmao
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~ Schedule ~ (Btw, i'm still in Online Classes, so the schedule might change. )
Mondays: 8:15 AM - 6 PM (Approximately)
Tuesdays: 8:15 AM - 6 PM (Approximately)
Wednesdays: 8:15 AM - 6 PM (Approximately)
Thursdays: 8:15 AM - 6 PM (Approximately)
Fridays: 8:15 AM - 9 PM (Approximately)
Saturdays: 9 AM - 6-7 PM (Approximately)
Sundays: 9 AM - 6 PM (Approximately)

TO RECALL: Sometimes i can get online really late because i may be watching anime too early or too late, so don't blame me if someday i don't get online in these hours of the schedule! Being online it's not obligatory, everyone is free connect anytime ya'll want!. Also, i don't really stay too long here, because i can get bored or just watching animes, however, i will try being more active.

I forgot write this firstly; i don't want to reveal my name so i had to go with the Fujoshi4everbecausewhynot name, also because i ran off of ideas for the name but it's not like i'm like these extreme Fujoshis, no. It's true, i love the BL and the m/m relationships, but i'm not impulsive with them, i'm just a normal person. Don't judge me because the name, please, i also have Het ships that i love too, not only slash, but the Het ships aren't really my type.

I love doing friends and finding out ships from any anime! (However, there aren't many interesting animes in my opinion, also i don't like series so that's fwecked up). But it's not so bad trying to find out ships in series tho, but like i said, i don't like them and movies too... i also don't like sweets too much :/

Editing pages it's really hard. You can't know when they'll report you if you do a slight mistake, I hope no one goes through this like me, however, i will follow the rules carefully. (Also, i need to improve my english, i think that's the problem, because my main language it's spanish). The same goes to creating pages, well it'll be my fault if i do a mistake in any page i edit or create :(

Huh? What is my favorite Genre of anime? Slice of Life, Yaoi and Yuri. Probably mystery too, i don't know. But if i could tell only one, definitely Slice of Life! I just love the normal lifes of anyone being reflected in my TV/PC/Phone screen!

Somehow i don't really like genre Yuri, but when i see a cute moment between two girls, my face gets red and i scream a little, the same goes with m/m. Man, even if the Yuri's genre is not really my type, i guess i'm being tsundere in that. "I-it's not like i like the Yuri genre or something, i'm not used to t-that!", LIES, THOSE ARE LIES. Recently i'm starting to take some interest in Yuri, and i'm like "Wowza, i wish i could be that girl", but sincerely i love the cute interactions between girls that aren't from a Yuri anime, such as MomoJirou.

I'm not into popular ships like KiriBaku, KawoShin, or Kamagisa. I'm not interested in them, it's not because it's really popular, i just don't see a lot of chemistry there. Of course there are more popular ships but these 3 are the main examples, i would go with another ships that are from animes nobody might know a lot, TodoDeku is an exception though.

I'm kinda reflexing about doing more pages, but it's a little hard because it have a lot of info and i need someone to help me to do that. Do i have another future work? You know what, i don't have any ideas now what i'm going to do in the future. I still have a debt to pay though, but i dunno how to do it... maybe helping Andro in creating any page of any ship she or he does like but it's not create yet...? I dunno, she didn't introduce her favorite ships which page aren't created...

Thanks for those who supports my works! (And by works i mean the pages i create, also, again, sorry for my english, it's not that good because like i said, my main language it's Spanish and the translator it's a bit trash for me... and i have no dictionary on hand too... so keep that on mind) :3

Anime is life for me, but if i watch two animes on a day, i will get bored, i mean, if i finish watching one anime and then inmediately go watch another one, i get bored watching 2 animes or more in a row. :(

I love everyone! Haha, no matter if it's a girl, a dog, or a tanuki! No homo! :)

I will be online everytime they need me, well, i'm not someone that intelligent for doing that so, but anyways, i hope we can still supporting Shipping Wiki!


  • Hayaryuu = (created; did all).
  • Inomaru = (created; did all except the gallery).
  • KhunBam = (did parts of the canon section, added images to the gallery and added videos).
  • IruAzz = (added images to the gallery).
  • Sengen = (added some info in the Trivia and added images to the gallery).
  • TokoTsuyu = (added Fanon info and added the principal picture (or just GIF)).
  • RachBam = (created; did the Fanon section and added images to the gallery) (I regret doing this page, but no choice :/).
  • Atsukyoka = (added gallery + images, added principal image (or just GIF) and added videos).
  • Yurachel = (added images to the gallery and added quote).
  • ShibiSere = (created; did all (except some parts of the canon section)).
  • EndorBam = (added images to the gallery).
  • Tower of God = (created; did all (the canon section was edited by Androbirb, also she added the characters from the anime/manwha)) + added more ships.
  • LaurePillow = (added some images to the gallery).
  • HatzKhun = (added some images to the gallery).
  • TodoDeku = (helped adding info in the Canon section (Endeavour's Agency, etc.)).
  • ShibiHatz = (added principal image (GIF) and added an image to the Gallery (or GIF)).
  • TogaWice = (added 'Spoiler' tag and added images to the gallery).
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  • RakKhunBam = (added images to the gallery)
  • Yumenberg = (added parts of the Trivia section, added principal image, and added part of the Fanon section)
  • Sonia Nevermind = (created; did all)
  • Nazumichi = (added the canon section + images, the fandom and fanon section, also uploaded images while Frie-ice filled the Gallery with the uploaded images.)
  • Mitsurai = (added images to the gallery and placed enough info to the page to stop keeping it as stub)
  • HanaIori = (created; did all)
  • KashiToono = (created; did all)
  • Drinking Buddies = (created; did all)
  • Shin Tsukimi = (created; did all) *The canon section is improved by Riliilofi*
  • EraserCloud = (added the vast majority of the canon section, also uploaded images while Frie-ice placed them)
  • Korekiyo Shinguji = (re-created; did all)
  • Miu Iruma = (created; did all)

Friends/Best friends

Pendient Birthdays

Future Works

Nothing yet, i will cancel the Daiharu page.

♥Idols♥ (People i admire so much)

  • AnEvildoer (he's my inspiration for making pages!)
  • Androbirb (definitely my Godness or God)
  • Frie-ice (of course, the best guide in my opinion and a wonderful friend)
  • Huntingolives (she's just as cool as 'manly' as Kirishima! I love her! (platonic ofc)
  • ArtDraw12 (he's someone which i respect so much!)

To-Do List                                                                (27/09/2020)

  • Nothing!

OTP(s) Top 13

♥ - Favorites ♥♥ - Romantic| ♡ - BROtp

  1. TodoDeku (Mha) ♥ ♥♥
  2. IruAzz (WTDSIK) ♥♥
  3. Hayaryuu (School Babysitters)  ♥♥
  4. Naegami (Danganronpa) ♥♥
  5. KhunBam (ToG) ♥ ♥♥
  6. Tokomaru, Tenmiko and Harukaito (Danganronpa) ♥ ♥ ♥
  7. Dazushi (Bungou Stray Dogs) ♥ ♥♥
  8. Kaidam (The Hollow)  ♥♥ ♡
  9. Keisara (Your Turn To Die) ♥ ♥♥ ♡
  10. HanMori (The God of Highschool) ♥ ♥♥
  11. KashiToono (Yarichin Bitch Club) ♥ ♥♥
  12. BBRae and Kacchako (Teen Titans Go! / Teen Titans) and (MHA) ♥♥
  13. ZenNezu and KenHina (KNY) and (Haikyu!!) ♥♥


♥~ My favorite femslash ships ~

My hero Academia 

  1. TodoDeku ♥ ♥♥
  2. IidaOcha ♥♥
  3. ShinDeku ♥♥ ♡
  4. TogaWice ♥♥
  5. Kacchako ♥♥
  6. KiriDeku ♥♥
  7. KamiJirou ♡ ♥♥
  8. AwaMomo ♥♥
  9. EraserJoke ♥♥
  10. MomoKendou ♥♥
  11. NejiYuyu ♥♥
  12. IidaMomo ♥♥
  13. IidaMei ♥♥


  1. Naegami ♥♥
  2. Tokomaru  ♥♥
  3. Tenmiko ♥♥
  4. Harukaito  ♥♥
  5. Hinanami ♥♥ (AI and real one)
  6. Komahina ♥♥
  7. Ikuzono ♥♥
  8. Naegiri ♥♥

Tower of God

  1. KhunBam ♥ ♥♥
  2. ShibiHatz ♥♥
  3. Yurachel ♥♥
  4. Hatzdrosi ♥♥
  5. UrekGaram ♥♥

School Babysitters

  1. Hayaryuu ♥♥
  2. Inomaru ♥♥
  3. Drinking Buddies ♥♥ ♡
  4. YagiNezu
  5. InuRyuu

Your Turn To Die

  1. Keisara (i don't care what the people say about this ship, for me it's too cute). ♥♥ ♡
  2. Naoreko ♥♥
  3. Ransara ♥♥
  4. Joesara

Animes/series i'm watching / Going to Watch

  • Shoujo Shuumatsu (Going to watch)

Meanings of a few things in my opinion:

  • Canon = When two characters are married/divorced/parted ways. In other words, when they were or are together. (Example: ZenNezu).
  • Semi-canon = When two characters or atleast one of them is attracted to the other one or when it showed feelings from each character or both. (Example: IzuOcha).
  • Fanon = When two characters doesn't feel interested for the another one or just they're good friends that didn't show signs for being together in a future, or maybe might. (Example: TodoDeku).
  • Familyship = It's a family relationship or somewhat when two characters treat themselves as family. (Example: ToshiDeku),
  • Cargo = This ship it's just a 'parody', you can ship anyone with anything else like food and even objects. (Example: Hinata x Orange Juice).
  • Polyship = It's like a 'love triangle' between 3 or more people, basically, when a main character has a lot of love interests, or something like that. (Example: Komahinanami).
  • Friendship/Friend = Like Fanon, the characters aren't shown to be together or atleast in a relationship in a future, because they would 'match' better as friends, or because they can be good friends with animals or something else. Also, Friendship can be with 2 or more people. (Example: Dekusquad).
  • Non-binary = I don't really know about this, but i think it's when a character are friends or in love with someone that isn't specified as a man or a woman, or when the character it's attracted to a non-human like an alien or robots. Or like Steven Universe, doesn't have any genders. (Example: Lapidot).

Canon info about me

My height it's 5'4, not really short nor tall. I'm these girls you always see everywhere; Fujoshi, chill girl, smart, etc. I always love trying flirting with girls, although none of them are my type, but for me it's fun xd. My first anime is One Piece, i remember exactly the date when i first watched it; 16/11/16, thus i didn't finish it and gave up in the episode 803. But it took me a lot; 3 years, i can't imagine how long it'll take me to watch all Naruto or Hunter x Hunter. I watched Sailor Moon 2 times, first time because i wanted to watch a random chapter and second time to watch it completely. My grammar isn't the best like the administrators, unlike them, my english it's average in my opinion, also, not for presuming but my english it's better than all my classmates's one -v-.

Changing topic to anime, my favorite animes are My Hero Academia, Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-kun, School Babysitters,of God, and Tanaka-kun is Always listless, the other animes are just like extras for me. Talking about anime, i learned here what ships were, also the Canon, Semi-Canon, and Fanon words. I was curious at that because a comment of a TodoDeku video; WHaT Do You MeAn ThiS iSn'T CaNNon?[1], or something like that. When i readed Canon i was confused at first, but i researched. My brain was a nut in that time, so i still didn't understand what did that mean until i found this page. Once, i was finding TodoDeku in Google, so i typed, and when i found in the results; TodoDeku on Shipping Wiki, i clicked it without thinking and boom! The page appeared. That was the first time i met this page, but like i said, my brain was a nut and i didn't know how the page worked or atleast what it meant. For some months, i was just online 1 time at week, but when i made my first edit, i felt like i wanted to edit more things, so i started researching the whole wiki and another ones. That's the history of my birth here.

Ships, ships are just too beautiful for me depending on how good they are. There are 3 types: Het (Hetero), Femslash (Lesbian), and Slash (Gay). Between these three, i always go with Slash, however i like both Femslash and Het too, but Femslash more. When i learned about these types of ships and the definition of them, i started watching a lot of animes to find out ships i would like, but i checked MHA again. Once i finished it, i didn't really feel any ship i would like (not even TodoDeku), and i was desesperate for finding out ships, so i re-watched important parts until i ran with TodoDeku U.A Festival, no, i didn't start shipping them in that arc. I just loved that part, i was re-watching and re-watching, but like i said, that's not the part of the reason i started shipping TodoDeku, it was more later. Their closeness, how much they care about each other, the good development made me start shipping it. It felt really good having one ship, or in this case, OTP. I find out more ships too like IidaOcha, MomoJirou, Kacchako, TsuChako, IzuMei, etc. I even made a shipping chart, or atleast i just resolved it (it can be founded in my posts). Everyone have opinions, so that might be a main problem if nobody respect. I'm afraid of the toxic shippers ;-;.

So, that's the history of me in Shipping Wiki and a little introduction.

Userboxes made by me

  • AoT: All the userboxes.
  • Assassination Classroom: All the userboxes.
  • Beastars: Lougosi userbox. (Originally by me, but Frie-ice did some changes and placed in the userboxes section)
  • Beyond The Boundary: All the userboxes..
  • BNA: Nazumichi userbox.
  • BNHA: The vast majority of userboxes. (Except the Kiribaku, Hot Wings, BakuDeku, EnjiRei, the My Hero Academia tag, and IzuOcha).
  • BSD: Ranposano, Soukoku, and Shin Soukoku userboxes.
  • Camp Half-Blood Chronicles: All the userboxes.
  • Danganronpa: All the userboxes of Danganronpa ships and Characters userboxes. (Except the Danganronpa tag, and Naegiri. Frie-ice improved the characters userboxes).
  • Darling in the FRANXX:All the userboxes.
  • Demon Slayer: All the userboxes.
  • Dr. Stone: Sengen userbox.
  • Fire Force: ShinArthur userbox.
  • Free!: MakoHaru userbox.
  • Haikyu!!: All the userboxes. (Except the Haikyu!! tag).
  • Hunter x Hunter: All the userboxes. (Except HisoGon).
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War: All the userboxes.
  • Mo Dao Zu Shi: WangXian userbox.
  • Naruto: Naruto userbox.
  • One Piece: All the userboxes.
  • Promare: GaloLio userbox.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: All the userboxes.
  • Sailor Moon: All the userboxes.
  • School Babysitters: Hayaryuu userbox.
  • Seraph of The End: MikaYuu userbox.
  • Steven Universe: All the ships userboxes.
  • Teen Titans: All the userboxes.
  • TOH: Amity Blight userbox.
  • Toilet-bound Hanako-kun: All the userboxes.
  • Tower of God: KhunBam userbox. (Originally my idea, but Tizmoa made it for me. Thank you :D).
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power:All the userboxes.
  • Star Wars: Only the Star Wars userbox tag.
  • Your Turn To Die: All the characters userboxes, also the Keisara userbox.

Steps for making an userbox

  1. Go to the link:[name] (The [name], in where you can put the name of the ship).
  2. Click on Create.
  3. Select the Non-Article.
  4. Then paste the formatted userbox process, using this link:
  5. Full the info of there. (You can guide yourself by watching another userboxes like BakuDeku, etc), and to change colors or adding one, go to this link:
  6. Done! You finished it, now to place it, go to Userboxes and then find the fandom of the Anime or create the page of the anime fandom, you can guide your self by going to the source and copying it but you have to do a few of changes.

Thanks Andro and Frie-ice!


  • (13/09/2020) I dreamed with such a beautiful TodoDeku; It started with Endeavour and Midoriya. Izuku was advicing him on how apologizing to Todoroki, since Midoriya was worried about how worse the bond were of the Todoroki's family. Anyways, after Izuku adviced Enji, Endeavour thanked Midoriya saying that he doesn't regret meeting him. Then Endeavour headed to the Todoroki's residence to which Fuyumi was waiting on the entry. Enji asked on where Todoroki was, Fuyumi says that he was in his room but then asked apart why he was going to see Todoroki at these hours. Endeavour says that he finally found the words for apologizing to Todoroki, that "someone special to Todoroki" adviced him pretty well like a true mentor. Fuyumi understood what he meant to say about "the special person to Todoroki" and then she smiled and wished him luck. After heading to Todoroki's room, Enji opens the door slowly and then he saw Todoroki about to sleep in his futon. Shouto was a little surprised but at the same time irritated because the "old man" was visiting him without saying anything. Endeavour sat in front of Todoroki and then told him that they needed to talk. Todoroki rejected a lot of times that he didn't want to listen to him even if he insisted, Endeavour understood this, but even so he insisted even more and more until Todoroki gave up and told that if it's something important, he could go ahead but if it was anything stupid, he would retire from his room. Endeavour agreed with the deal, and then he went ahead with the topic. Endeavour was giving his best with the words that Midoriya gave to him, while he listened carefully because he knew it was important, he did well asking Midoriya but at the same time he felt a little regretful. When he finished, Todoroki was in shock, who knows how but Todoroki remembered that these words that came out Endeavour, in the reality were from Midoriya. Both Shouto and Izuku are really good friends, they would be even more than that, but while thinking on what his father said, he thought that Izuku betrayed his friendship. He would regret later, Todoroki thought for the second time that maybe Endeavour bribed him with anything like in the Sports Festival. Shouto then told Enji to get out of his room, that it was enough for him, then Endeavour stood up and left the room, thinking that if what he said was the correct thing to do. Next day, Midoriya was in class and then when he turned his head to Todoroki, he seemed a little angry. Midoriya noticed that mood and then he noticed inmediately what he said to Endeavour, maybe him told Todoroki what Midoriya adviced him? Izuku wondered, he was correct though. To this, the green-headed guy stood up from his seat and he headed to the U.A's rooftop, he doesn't know why that place but it's because the rooftop was a clear space without anyone just the warm wind and the shiny sun. He sat there, tears were going to show up, he was really questioning himself if that was the correct thing to do advicing the now Number 1 hero of the world. He thought, thought, thought, and thought and wondered if what he did was going to destroy his friendship with Todoroki. He didn't want that, not even if they threatened him to break his friendship with the Number 1 hero's son. He felt really bad and wanted to cry as hard as he could, but he was on school, but he didn't care of that even if classes were going to start. Hours later, during the lunch time, Todoroki was worried about the fact Midoriya hadn't came to class for 3 hours, he then was desesperate on where he was, to which started finding Izuku everywhere until he headed to the less-possible-place-Midoriya-would-be, the rooftop. He was right, Midoriya was sitting there looking to the nothing, he also noticed that Midoriya had tears on his cheek indicating that he was crying. Todoroki yelled Midoriya's name, and the guy with freckles turned around his head slowly and he saw a Todoroki standing there, with desesperate eyes. Izuku's eyes opened widely when he saw Todoroki inhaling and exhaling air as if he were running all his life, Midoriya didn't have time to do anything when Todoroki ran towards to him and hugged him really hard, he was crying. Midoriya was still shocked, but he was able to heard what Todoroki was telling him; Midoriya, you... stop being that way. I know you want to help me that bad, but i... i feel like i'm fine being with you. You broke all your bones while telling me that my power was my own, you saved me in several occasions, and now you're advicing my old man to apologize to me... you're doing enough for me, and i'm thankful for that, but don't push your self too much. I... I even thought you betrayed me, our friendship, but i was a big idiot... a really big one. I know and i always will know you will not betray either me and our friendship, that's why when i thought of that i remembered your shiny and big smile, and these words about that i was waiting for forgiving my old man. I just feel really stupid for doubting you, so i wanna to apologize to you... i just don't wanna lost you, you're one of my most preciated persons for me, even you could be more than that Midoriya, still on shock, cried for who knows how many attempts but his tears were telling Izuku that he was wrong all the time; Todoroki will be always his friend, or who knows if more than that, and that he'll never betray him even if he kills someone. Shouto seemed not letting go Midoriya from his hug, he was squeezing enough for making Izuku feel comfortable, and talking about him made his heart go faster than normal. Todoroki placed his front with Midoriya's one like face-to-face while both guys crying; "I will never, neither if i die break out friendship just for something stupid", both faces said that. When they finally stopped crying, Midoriya told Todoroki about what he thought when he saw him today at morning, Todoroki understood that, and confessed that he was feeling the same yesterday when his old man told what Midoriya said. Todoroki then turned his head to the rooftop door and saw Bakugo there, his eyes were telling to come with him, because they had to talk about something. Shouto stood, telling Midoriya that we would be right back, and headed to the rooftop's door. Bakugo then with his savage tone asked Todoroki what the heck was doing with the fact of almost telling Deku that he was more than a friend to Todoroki. Shouto did notice that, he was a bit flustered of these words that Bakugo reminded. Anyways, i'm not here just for worrying about the nerd, i'm just going to tell you that you have to be careful on what stupid things you will spit out. I don't care about your sh*tty friendship with Deku, but anyways i'm going to tell you this; Take care of Deku, y'know if it's preciated for you than your f*cking life, then you should atleast do anything good to the annoying nerd. Like i said, i don't heckin' care about your "friendship" thing, but if you do anything bad to him, istg i'm not going to let you see Deku ever in your life. "I'm not you, Bakugo", Shouto said. Then he went back with Midoriya while looking at Bakugo with eyes saying anything like: "I will prove you i will always take care of Midoriya more than you did".


ship fandom canon endgame
TodoDeku My Hero Academia Wiki No :( Wiki No
IruAzz Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Wiki No Wiki No
Hayaryuu School Babysitters Wiki No Wiki No
Naegami Danganronpa Wiki No Wiki No
KhunBam Tower of God Wiki No Wiki No
Tokomaru Danganronpa Wiki No Wiki No
Tenmiko Danganronpa Wiki Maybe Wiki No
Harukaito Danganronpa Wiki Maybe Wiki No
Dazushi Bungou Stray Dogs Wiki No Wiki No
Kaidam The Hollow Wiki No Wiki No
Keisara Your Turn To Die Wiki No Wiki No
HanMori The God of Highschool Wiki No Wiki No
KashiToono Yarichin Bitch Club Wiki Maybe Wiki No
Kacchako My Hero Academia Wiki No Wiki No
BBRae Teen Titans Wiki No Wiki Yes Wiki Yes
BonRin Blue Exorcist Wiki No Wiki No
Reinbaru Re:zero Wiki No Wiki No
Inomaru School Babysitters Wiki No Wiki No
Yurachel Tower of God Wiki No Wiki No
Ikuzono Danganronpa Wiki No Wiki No
Sengen Dr.Stone Wiki No Wiki No
GaloLio Promare Wiki No Wiki No
TazuSora How to take care of a Mummy Wiki No Wiki No
MiyaYama Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Wiki No Wiki No
Soriku Kingdom Hearts Wiki No Wiki No
ZenNezu Demon Slayer Wiki Yes Wiki Yes
UrekGaram Tower of God Wiki Maybe Wiki No
Naegiri Danganronpa Wiki Maybe Wiki Yes Wiki Yes
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