Shipping Wiki

This is a forum where the Shipping Wiki's policy can be discussed between the community.

Since administrators here tend to go overboard with the blocking rules, unlike the Spanish wiki with its detailed guidelines, I think this is the best time to open a forum for discussion of Policy.

The list is being updated over time:

Stub pages: Currently for ship pages, it is quantity over quality: at least fifteen-five sentences. Before, at least nine-one. If this goes on, most of the ship pages that have not yet been branded with the stub template will be out of the search engines. It is frustrating and somewhat disrespectful to the editors who made them. Take PearlShipping or Sonector before they got deleted.

Separate page for restoration of wiki articles/images: This writer (among others) has yet to receive response of outstanding ship pages, images, etc. for restoration. Means include through the Message Wall of the administrators, the Candidates for deletion talk page, and comments. To keep their patience from running thin, one option is to make the second option be a discussion page to also request for restoration while being checked frequently.

Reasons for and lengths of blocking:

  • "Inserting false information" for one year: Could be considered harsh. Best if the going-to-be-blocked party be asked of proof of said information on their Message Wall.
  • "Removing content from pages", "Adding nonsense/gibberish into pages": Same as above, similar questions why can be put on their Wall.
  • "Uploading unsourced fanart": Same as above, notify editors to use image description template.
  • "Excessive stub/skeleton pages": Clear sign of blockers going overboard with editors. Serious discussion needed.

(and some others not yet mentioned will be put here)