hello to all you nerds on this wiki page. 

my name is ana, i live in america, i'm a teenager (oh wow how spunky and rebellious).

i'm pretty widespread when it comes to fandoms, at the moment my most active fandoms are, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Boku no hero Academia, Be More Chill, Dear Evan Hansen, and One Direction (yeah i like them, screw u)

anywho, i started this page because i just joined the Dear Evan Hansen fandom and was looking for more info on Treebros (Connor x Evan) and there no page. and i was like ??? what the higgity heck? so i made a whole account just to make the Treebros page. i saved all of your stanning asses. your welcome.

now i'm considering staying and making this a nice little page for when i'm bored and stuff and i hope i can meet some new friends and i can have a swell time here! now i'm gonna leave cause i have a butt load of homework haha.

l8er sk8ers, ana

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