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Danganronpa V3 - Kaede Akamatsu Free Time Events

i know im supposed to be talking about ships i like but i wanna talk about a ship i fucking hate. Truly no hate to the shippers but the toxicity is so bad????? Ok anyways the ship is KeiShin (Keiji Shinogi x Shin Tsukimi From Your Turn To Die.) Ok let's start with the obvious thing that Keiji litterally hates Shin????? Like Keiji threatens to tie him up for the safety of Sara and the others and yall call that 'sexual tension' that's fucking disgusting???? Like wtf what in the kinky fuckery do you people think this is , a literal death game? You people do understand he was doing it for the safety of Sara and the others and not because of some kink. Also at one part (Can't remember when it's been about 5 months since ive played the game) Keiji litterally says "Sou It's Your Turn To Die" Or something along the lines of that. And Keiji seemed pretty content while saying that?? What are yall romantizing about somebody wanting somebody else to die?? Also Shin litterally made a comment about Keiji and Sara and was like asking questionjs about them in a romantic relationship or something like that, thats fucking disgusting Sara is a minor and Keiji is a grown ass man with cock and balls 😱 Also the main arguements that like ALL the shippers give are these 4:

  1. The 'sexual tension' in the scene where Keiji says something about wanting to tie Shin up. I already mentioned how stupid this fucking shit was earlier so ill spare us both the time.
  2. The apparant 'sexual tension' during the equilibrium. Hello???? They where litterally having an arguement??? Fighting does not equal sexual tension wtf?? Gin and Qtaro had a equilibrium that was basically the same as Keiji's and Shin's but that doesnt make it sexual because Gin is a fucking minor and once again they where fighting.
  3. The fact that Keiji voted for Kanna to die instead of Shin. I'm not 100% sure on this one but i'd guess it was because Shin is like tech savy and brings more assets on the team than Kanna.
  4. The fact that after the second main game (If you save Shin) Keiji says that he doesnt want Shin to die. Tbh thats a dumb reason to ship something, sure that would make them semi allies but it does not show anything romantic or sexual AT ALL. Like Keiji probably did it because he needs all the allies he can get because everyone is dying off quickly.
  5. The fact they both have trauma from Midori. Hello??? Did you play the game blind?? Thats such a shallow reason for shipping like hello LITERALLY everyone from the game has some sort of trauma from Midori.
    Well to put that all together , Keishin/Keisou is a fucking toxic ship that is built off of fake 'sexual tension' that is clearly not there. Anyways next time ill be talking about better people you can ship with Keiji and Shin (Like Keiji x Alice which is my favorite ship and I love them so much.