My name is Quirkster Nation! I absolutely love ships! Sometimes people call me a freak about that... Hehe... But, when I was searching around on the computer today just typing in: Izuku X Katsuki, I saw this site! I searched around on it and joined a few months after! I've been through a lot and I hope that these ships will make me fangirl so much that I have a heart attack.

Here are some of my favorite ships: 1: BakuDeku (( Of course! )) 2: Todomomo (( UwU )) 3: Foxica (( I'm such a geek )) 4: Springle. 5: Gruvia

And last but not least.......... 6: Aizawa X Mic!

              I have no hate on ships as I respect them all! Whoever made this site, I'm very thankful to have found it! My wattpad.... Poor wattpad.... I'll tell you about that some other time! Bye now!

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