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  • RABNerd VP

    Star Wars Spoilers!

    December 19, 2019 by RABNerd VP

    Hey shippers!

    The last movie for the Star Wars trilogy is coming out, and spoilers will be abound. If you are going to edit any of the pages with The Rise of Skywalker content, please remember to put the spoiler template at the top. Please also refrain from adding photos right now, since most will be low quality, and they spoil for those in the recent feed.

    Thank you shippers!

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  • RABNerd VP

    These polls are for fandoms that might be considered for separate fandom pages or combined fandom pages. Vote in the poll to help us figure out what the users want.

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  • RABNerd VP

    No-Stub September 2019

    August 31, 2019 by RABNerd VP
    Hello Shippers!

    It’s again time for No-Stub September!

    What is this you may ask? It is a month long initiative put in place by the admins, to encourage users to add to the previously created ship pages, instead of creating empty ones. Any new pages this month will be deleted as soon as possible. The exception to this rule would be if there was a new piece of media that came out that produced a new ship. The media would have had to have come out either August or September of this year. The page is allowed to be created then, but you must inform the admins first, and get it approved. If it gets approved please add as much content as you can to the page. We don’t want to add more stubs to the wiki. If you have a ship that you want to add that w…

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  • RABNerd VP
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  • RABNerd VP

    Tag Your Spoilers

    April 27, 2019 by RABNerd VP
    Attention all shippers!

    Endgame has just been released in theater's, but not everyone has seen it. This movie is a very big cultural event, and nobody wants to be spoiled. If you are going to edit MCU pages by adding content from Endgame, please write in the summary that there are spoilers for the film as well as adding the template to the top of the page.

    Thanks guys, and DON'T SPOIL THE ENDGAME!!!!

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