Hello Shippers!

It’s again time for No-Stub September!

What is this you may ask? It is a month long initiative put in place by the admins, to encourage users to add to the previously created ship pages, instead of creating empty ones. Any new pages this month will be deleted as soon as possible. The exception to this rule would be if there was a new piece of media that came out that produced a new ship. The media would have had to have come out either August or September of this year. The page is allowed to be created then, but you must inform the admins first, and get it approved. If it gets approved please add as much content as you can to the page. We don’t want to add more stubs to the wiki. If you have a ship that you want to add that was not created from media released during those two months, please refrain from adding the ships until October.

THIS is where you can find all of the stubs

Our usual rule of deleting stub pages will be put on pause till the end of the month, so if it has been a stub page for six months you have a little extra time to edit. However, the skeleton rule does still apply.

If you see a page in there that you know anything about, please add to it. All the rules for how a page is no longer considered a stub are also listed there. If anything confuses anyone feel free to ask any of the admins for help, or leave a comment below if there are questions. You can also look to the last years post to see if your question was answered.

Thank you all for your time, and Happy Shipping!

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