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    this is a crossover familyshipping list of the rabbit characters as the Doom Slayer's [1] family member and more will be added:

    [My Fanbase]

    Name From Role
    Amber Valebriar, Barnaby and Elyssia [2][3][4] Armello (© League of Geeks) Children
    Ayala [5] Rivals of Aether (© Dan Fornace) Daughter
    Colleen, Corbin, Haley and Matti [6][7][8][9] Dust: An Elysian Tail (© Humble Hearts) Children
    Dixie ReadySet Heroes (© Robot Entertainment) Daughter
    Geehan and Oneida [10][11] Dust: An Elysian Tail (© Humble Hearts) Grandparents
    Hargrave Proudclaw [12] Armello (© League of Geeks) Grandfather
    Jack Savage and Judy Hopps [13][14] Zootopia (© Disney) Children
    Lapino [15] Stories: The Path of Destinies (© Spearhead Games) Brother
    Ninjin [16] Ninjin (© Pocket Trap) Son …

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