As some of you may of noticed, I have began editing the Super Mario page alongside three of the ships there. I plan on adding some more throughout the month so then everything is up to date and so there is more information given.

Here's the current to-do list of ship pages I plan on adding (not in a specific order)

Any others I will either leave for someone else to edit or will save for later. With the rules given about character pages, I have no plans to add character pages. A character must have at least five ships. Thus, its important to do this first. With that said, thank you for reading! I hope we can all get along!

Edit: Linked the ones I have made so far. Will update this again later

Edit 2: Linked two more. I only need to finish three more so tell me if there's any others you feel I should make

Edit 3: One more to go!

Edit 4: All done! I'll probably do another list later, but for now I'm gonna just focus on correcting any errors.

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