So, with the next batch of ships I'm adding, its gonna be smaller updates typically. I also need some help with some of the names due to not knowing the specific tags used for them. If anyone could help me with those, I would greatly appreciate it. Nevertheless, here's the next batch I'm gonna be working on

These are the current ones I'm gonna try to get to work on. Once again, I'll update the list with links and names as time goes on.

Edit 1: Corrected myself. Sorry!!

Edit 2: Added two. As I said before when I added the Mario Brothers page, I would prefer for nothing involving incest to become involved with the page. Please understand where I am coming from and why I feel disgusted with it. I don't want anything involving incest to be added to the Mario Brothers page, I literally could not allow myself to touch it again if I were to see it. Please don't add it. 

Edit 3: Added one and updated name for one. Will add ship to the Super Mario page in a bit

Edit 4: Added new page

Edit 5: New page

Edit 6: New page and ship name

Edit 7: Added two more. One more to go

Edit 8: All pages done! 

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