UshiTen is the slash ship between Ushijima Wakatoshi and Tendō Satori from the Haikyu!! fandom.


This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it. Ushijima is the ace/wing spiker and Tendō is a middle blocker. They are both third years and members of the Shiratorizawa Academy volleyball team. They presumably met as first years, having both joined the volleyball team.

Tendō is a chatty young man, usually partaking in friendly conversations with Ushijima. He refers to the latter as 'Wakatoshi,' due to the fact that Ushijima has never made a comment against being called that. Most of their conversations are one-sided, though, but Tendō never seems to mind.

Tendō is shown to admire Ushijima's spiking form and wants to be able to say that he is Ushijima's best friend.


UshiTen, being a ship that hasn't gotten nearly as much screen time as others, is usually paired with an abundance of headcanons to fill in unanswered facts in their relationship.

Dominance Portrayal

Ushijima is usually portrayed as the more dominant part of their relationship. This is due to his seemingly cold and reserved nature, as well as him being taller than Tendō. He is also a more muscular and sturdy person, whereas Tendō is a lanky young man and falls into the "chatty girl" stereotype that is popular among anime and manga.

Despite these facts putting more popularity on the 'UshiTen' ship, 'TenUshi' is shipped by more than a few Haikyuu!! fans as well. This is due to Tendō's more assertive attitude, as he does appear to be the kind of person to take the lead in certain intimate advances. Not only that, but Ushijima doesn't come across as the kind of person who would be comfortable in such situations, leading some fans to believe that Tendō would act as the more dominant part in their relationship.

There is not much argument around the ship, as both Ushijima and Tendō are not particularly popular characters.



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  • After closing the gap between Shiratorizawa and Karasuno in the 4th set, Ushijima quoted Tendō. 
  • Following their match against Karasuno, Tendō told Ushijima that he was looking forward to seeing him on TV in the future and be able to say that he was Ushijima's best friend.


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