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Vaalink is the slash ship between Link and Vaati from the The Legend of Zelda fandom.


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Link and Vaati have always been enemies. He first encounters him in the Minish Cap where he destroys the Picori Blade, releases monsters into Hyrule and turns Princess Zelda into stone. Link then has to go on a quest to reforge the blade and stop Vaati from finding the Light Force and taking over Hyrule. Throughout the course of his journey, he befriends Vaati's old master Ezlo and learns that the evil sorcerer was once a Minish. Link later manages to defeat Vaati and he is sealed in the Four Sword.

In Four Swords, a Link from an another generation is called to action when Vaati breaks out of the seal and snatches Princess Zelda. The hero is forced to pull the Four Sword and defeat Vaati once again. The sorcerer would not harm Hyrule again for many generations until Four Sword Adventures. The reborn Ganondorf steals the Dark Mirror and uses its power to force Link into pulling the Four Sword which releases Vaati. In the end, the hero is triumphant and Vaati is defeated for good.


Vaati final boss zelda minish cap gba

Vaati's boss form in the minish cap.

Vaalink has a small amount of popularity within the Zelda fandom. It is not as popular as the mainstream ships or even some of the other slash ships, most likely due to the fact that the two are enemies. However, it still has its fans.

Some fans theorize that Vaati is the reincarnation of Ghirahim in the same way that Ganondorf is the reincarnation of Demise. In this case, many GhiraLink shippers also ship Vaalink. However, Vaalink still is not nearly as popular as GhiraLink is.



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