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Valenfield is the het ship between Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil (2002)

Chris’ Campaign

On the night of July 24th 1998, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) have been assigned into the Arklay Mountains to investigate a series of cannibalistic homicides. Bravo Team had been sent out the previous night and has since ceased radio contact, forcing Alpha Team to investigate their disappearance on top of completing the mission. Alpha Team locates Bravo Team’s downed helicopter and investigates the area. Soon into the search, Alpha Team’s Joseph Frost is attacked by a pack of Cerberuses (mutant dogs) with his body being torn apart. Jill stands horrified at the scene, unable to react. One of dogs takes notice of her and barrels her way. Chris shoots it, saving Jill. Chris wraps an arm around Jill’s waist, yelling for her to “come on” as they and their surviving comrades run into a large mansion seen from afar.

Once inside the mansion, Chris, Jill and Wesker all hear a gunshot. Chris elects himself to investigate alone, while Jill and Wesker stay back to secure the area. As he’s leaving, Jill tells him to “take care”. By the time Chris retraces his steps back to the foyer, Jill and Wesker are gone. He voices where they could have gone when he finds a handgun laying the floor, presuming left behind by Jill or Wesker.

Chris ends up finding Wesker first later that night when Chris hears gunshots and runs for the sound. He finds Wesker, who is surprised Chris is still alive, leading to Chris saying “my words exactly”, before questioning where Jill is. Wesker informs him that he and Jill had gotten separated. Chris accepts that as something plausible, before telling him they need to find a way out of there before they turn into “zombie food”. Soon both men go their separate ways for the time being to continue with their own investigations.

Later that night, Chris finds Jill deep in the underground facilities beneath the mansion, locked in a cell room. Jill runs to the door upon seeing Chris. She tells Chris that Wesker is the mole, and Chris already knowing that from files he saw earlier. Chris struggles to open the door, though to no avail. He tells Jill he’ll be right back. By the time Chris gets back to Jill, he’s confronted Wesker, faced against the Tyrant, the T-002 model and unlocked the cell door. Upon entry, Chris apologizes for making her wait, with Jill claiming she knew he’d come. With fellow team member Rebecca Chambers having set off the mansion’s self-destruct, Chris and Jill run for the outside. Rebecca makes it back to them when all three hear loud sounds erupting from down the hallway. Jill tells Chris she’ll stay back and take care of “them”. Chris protects this, with Jill telling him to find a way to get into contact with another team member, Brad Vickers.

Chris makes it outside, with Jill and Rebecca following not too long after. The Tyrant from before launches itself through the concrete ground, with a battle ensuing; Jill getting attacked first, hitting the side of the industrial elevator. Brad drops a rocket launcher, insisting that Chris use it to kill the Tyrant. Using the rocket launcher, Chris fires at the Tyrant, killing it where it stands. Brad lowers the helicopter, rescuing all three people. The mansion explodes as they’re flying away. Inside the helicopter, Jill falls asleep on Chris’ shoulder.

Jill’s Campaign

On the night of July 24th 1998, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service have been assigned into the Arklay Mountains to investigate a series of cannibalistic homicides. Bravo Team had been sent out the previous night and has since ceased radio contact, forcing Alpha Team to investigate their disappearance on top of completing the mission. Alpha Team locates Bravo Team’s downed helicopter and investigates the area. Soon into the search, Alpha Team’s Joseph Frost is attacked by a pack of Cerberuses with his body being torn apart. Jill stands horrified at the scene, unable to react. One of the Cerberuses takes notice of her and barrels her way. Chris shoots it, saving Jill. Chris wraps an arm around Jill’s waist, yelling for her to “come on” as they and their surviving comrades run for the Spencer Mansion seen from afar.

In the ensuing chaos, Chris is lost, leaving Jill, Wesker and Barry Burton. Once inside the mansion, Jill questions where Chris is. Jill attempts to run back outside to presumably look for him when Wesker yells at her to not. A moment later, a gunshot rings out. At the sudden noise, Barry questions what that was, leading to Wesker commenting Chris. Hearing this, Jill quietly pleads “no”, thinking it may be Chris. Wesker orders Jill to go and investigate, along with Barry. The two find spilled blood on the floor, hoping it’s not Chris’.

Much later in the night, Jill finally finds Chris deep in the underground facilities beneath the mansion, locked in a containment room. Upon seeing each other, Chris proclaims Jill’s name as Jill is glad to find out Chris is okay. Chris runs up ahead and meets with Barry. All three hear loud noises erupt from down the hallway, leading to Barry and Chris going off together to fight “them” with Jill finding a way to get into contact with another team member, Brad Vickers, on the outside.

On the outside, Jill is able to shoot up a large flare to get Brad’s attention. Not long after, Chris and Barry emerge from the freight elevator. As the three wait for rescue, the Tyrant, the T-002 model, breaks through the concrete of the heli-pad, Jill having not successfully killed it prior in the night. The Tyrant first attacks Chris, hitting him against a few boxes. Brad drops a rocket launcher, insisting that Jill use it to kill the Tyrant for good. Jill uses it, blowing the monster up were it stands. Brad, being able to land the helicopter, picks up the surviving members of S.T.A.R.S and flies away as the mansion explodes. Inside the helicopter, Jill falls asleep on Chris’ shoulder.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles


In February 2003, Chris and Jill were sent to a remote Russian village in the Geater Caucasus. Their intel indicated that a wolf with clear signs of infection was seen in the region, so both ex-S.T.A.R.S. had been tasked with investigating the situation.

When they arrived to the village, they hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary, not at first. But then Jill heard a moan and noticed a man lying on the ground - he was seemingly alive, but not in a good shape. Only, when Jill got closer in order to help him, he suddenly got up on his feet and turned to Jill, growling - revealing his mangled face. The zombie lashed out on Jill, who couldn't grab her gun fast enough, so she had to call for Chris' help. Chris immediately shot the zombie, but more infected emerged out of nowhere - confirming the initial suspicion that the "T-virus" is involved. While they made their way through the packs of infected, Chris' gun jammed so he had to use a knife, to which Jill expressed her concernes. The duo also briefly discussed the fact that they hadn't met anyone at the village, minus zombies. They continued their search, and, while investigating one of the shacks they found a little girl hiding in there.

After they took her to their jeep, the girl - Anna - told them her story. As it turned out, the suspicious wolf that Chris and Jill had been investigating attacked the village two days prior to their arrival. It killed a few villagers, and those in turn became zombies and attacked the survivors. The villagers tried to fight back, but in the end, all of them, including Anna's mother, become zombies. In desperate attempt to save his daughtrer, Anna's father hid her in a remote shack, where Chris and Jill later found her. Anna also told them about a grain silo the surviving villagers went to. Chris and Jill have a brief discussion of the situation and both express their determination to find and rescue remaining villagers. They packed up, but then realised it is dangerous to leave Anna without protection, so they have no choise but to take the girl with them.

When they entered the silo they had to use flashlights because there was no light. Then Jill noticed something in the light of her flashlight: she approached one of the refrigerators and a corpse fell out of it, which Anna immediately recognized as the head of the village. Only, the old man's body had no bites or any other signs of infection: instead, he apparently froze to death. Both Jill and Chris are surprised with this revelation and speculate that the man must've chosen the "easier" way to die - the theory confirmed when Chris flipped the switch and the electric light revealed a zombie. Chris immediately shot it, but hundreds appeared behind the fallen one: the remaining villagers, who ultimately lost their fight against the infected.

Chris immediately told Jill and Anna to run from the silo while he provides cover, and started to shoot at the infected, but when Jill tried to open the front door it suddenly turned out to be locked. Chris almost started to panic, his mind reeling while desperately trying to figure a way out, when he noticed flour pouring from damaged sacks, slowly but surely gathering in the air. Since the flour has explosive properties, Chris figured it may be their only chance: he told Jill and Anna to hide in the refrigerator and began to shoot at more sacks, and when he deemed enough flour in the air, he threw his gun at the lightbulb. The electric sparks from broken bulb caused a potent explosion that obliterated the silo and destroyed the remaining zombies. With all three of them emerging out of the refrigerator relatively unharmed, Chris speculates about the reasons behind the outbreak in the village, when someone behind them amusedly comments on Chris' explosive flour trick and his luck in general. Chris turned around and saw none other than Albert Wesker, Umbrella employee, ex-S.T.A.R.S. captain and his and Jill's former team leader. While Chris demands answers, with Jill standing protectively near Anna, Wesker simply states that the outbreak in the village was a mere accident, just like previous ones, and refused to specify what exactly he was doing here. Their short exchange was interrupted when the floor suddenly broke and Umbrella's manufactured B.O.Ws - Hunter δ's - emerged from underneath. Wesker immediately set off, commenting on how "they" don't need this place anymore, and that he allows Chris to deal with the situation. One of the Hunters lashed out on an unarmed Chris, but Jill came to the rescue and shot the B.O.W. All three of them quickly got to the jeep, while being chased by the Hunters. Fortunately, there was a grenade launcher stashed in it, which Chris immediately grabbed and used it to destroy the B.O.Ws.

Chris and Jill chase Wesker to a house in the village. They corner the ex-S.T.A.R.S, demanding answers. Wesker explained that the village actually contained one of "Umbrella" storage. The villagers, coordinated by "Umbrella" agent, worked to build the place, to stash both virus samples and combat-ready B.O.Ws, but the explosion destroyed it for good, so Wesker needs to retrieve the agent's data. The data is locked in the safe that he's trying to open. Suddenly, Anna stepped forward and gave Wesker her locket, asking if that's what he's looking for. To Jill's worried cry the girl simply stated that everything's OK and this is, in fact, her home. Wesker immediately grabbed both the locket and Anna, who he used as a shield, knowing full well that neither Chris nor Jill would shoot a child. While Wesker was busy with the safe, he heard not that Anna quietly told Chris and Jill something, but the two of them did. While Wesker started to open the safe, Chris managed to snatch Anna and ran out of the house. Wesker tried to stop him, but it turned out that Anna's locket triggered a bomb hidden in the safe, so when Wesker opened it, it blew up right in his face. They nearly got caught by an explosion, but still, Chris managed to save Anna.

While they all watch the house consumed by fire, Anna started to cry, so Jill hugged her, offering comfort, with Chris standing right beside them.

Meanwhile, the snow storm began. Chris and Jill took the girl with them and, with Anna fast asleep on the back seet of the jeep, quietly discussing what has happened so far. They mulled over snippets of information Wesker provided, as well as Anna's comments, and figured that, if Anna's father was the "Umbrella" agent overseing the nearby chemical works, this means that it is the exact hidden "Umbrella" facility where the B.O.Ws are stashed - and that from now on things will only get worse.


In the days following the village incident, Chris and Jill joined forces with the regional biohazard containment unit and took part in capturing the chemical plant. They arrived there, only to find the facility overrun by infected. There, the duo met Sergei Vladimir, the former leader of U.B.C.S, who locked them in the facility's containment room and made them fight T-A.L.O.S. (a modified Tyrant) while taunting them. Still, they managed to take it down and capture the facility, but ultimately failed to obtain the data from facility's computers, because the information had been wiped out by Wesker.

Resident Evil: Revelations

In 2005, Jill, temporary partnered with a former Federal Bioterrorism Commission (F.B.C.) turned B.S.A.A. agent Parker Luciani, investigates a suspicious B.O.W. activity around Italian coast, near what is left of the Terragrigia city, when their superior Clive O'Brian recieves news: Jill's long-time partner Chris Redfield has gone M.I.A, along with other B.S.A.A. agent Jessica Sherawat, with whom he investigated rumors of possible "Il Veltro" (a terrorist group directly responsible for the destruction of Terragrigia back in 2004) base somewhere in European mountains. Jill and Parker are immediately set on a search and, if need be, rescue operation.

The investigation of Chris and Jessica's possible whereabouts leads Jill and Parker to "Queen Zenobia" - a seemingly abandoned cruise liner that has been drifting in the Mediterranean Sea. The very first inspection revealed blood trails, piles of gore and horribly mutilated corpses, with an unknown substation leaking from the ducts - a clear sign of B.O.Ws involvement. That recieved a confirmation shortly after: while examining a sewered hand clutching a gun she found in a pile of gore via Genesis, Jill is being attacked by an unknown creature. As it turned out, Zenobia is crawling with a new version of Bio-Organic Weapon: a (semi-)aquatic mutation of the T-virus stamm called "T-Abyss".

“Where are you, Chris...”
— Jill after the first monster attack, Resident Evil: Revelations.

Shortly after Jill and Parker boarded Zenobia, connection with them was lost. At the same time, connection with Chris and Jessica was reestablished. During their investigation they witnessed a plane crash and, after examining the crash site, tracked down the original destination of the aircraft - Valkoinen Mökki Airport in Finland. The airport had Veltro's crest, wich only confirmed the group's involvement in the ordeal. O'Brien informs Chris that Jill and Parker had gone missing while searching for them, and Chris immediately demanded to be assigned on a search-and-rescue op. Chris and Jessica received coordinates and boarded an abandoned cruise liner - only to find out that they got a wrong one: "Queen Semiramis" instead of "Queen Zenobia".

“O'Brian, we'll go after Jill and Parker. I hope that's not a problem.”
— Chris to his superior, Resident Evil: Revelations.

Meanwhile on Zenobia, Jill and Parker are trying to solve the mystery of the ship. They managed to establish an emergency communication line with the B.S.A.A. headquarters, only to learn that Chris and Jessica had been found, safe and sound, and are en route to assist Jill and Parker. Chris and Jessica were attacked by Malacoda (mutated whale) while almost reaching Zenobia, but they managed to fend it off, board the ship and reunite with Jill and Parker. After Jessica shot Veltro agent who came to "greet" them, the team split up, with Jill and Chris partnering once again - this time to prevent the "T-Abyss" virus stored deep down in Zenobia's secret laboratory from leaking into oceanic waters and causing yet another outbreak. While heading down to the lab, Chris and Jill got briefly separated, with Jill being stuck in the narrow and attacked by Scarmiglione (mutaded shark), but she still managed to kill the B.O.W, reunite with Chris and proceed further into the lab.

Working together, Chris and Jill managed to purge the virus from the lab, but got interrupted by a transmition from Morgan Lansdale, head of the F.B.C, who revealed himself to be not only the mastermind behind the "Terragrigia Panic", but also the one who is currently planning another outbreak - this time using the "T-Abyss" virus. Lansdale also revealed that he had a mole among the ranks of B.S.A.A. - that mole being none other than Jessica, who, at Lansdale's command, is trying to set off Zenobia's self-destruction sequence, while Lansdale already did the same for Semiramis. The combined effort of all remaining B.S.A.A. agents failed to stop Jessica from starting the self-destruction process, and they all were forced to flee the sinking ship. Along the way Parker, who'd been injured by Jessica, fell into the fire, thus leaving only Chris and Jill to escape. They both managed to reach the deck and not get caught by both spreading fire and the remaining infected, but when they tried to reach the evac chopper it was suddenly attacked and badly damaged by Malacoda emerging from underwater, leaving Chris and Jill no other choise but to fight it. Despite their time running out (as due to a sustained damage Zenobia sinking rather fast), Chris and Jill still managed to stagger Malacoda for long enough time to reach the second chopper, and then kill the monster completely, using chopper's machine guns. With Malacoda finally defeated, Chris and Jill has some time to think over their next step.

First, Chris and Jill contacted O'Brian in order to get some answers. O'Brian in turn revealed that the whole "Il Veltro reborn" ordeal has been set up by him from the very beginning. His main goal, he explained, is to discover the truth behind the "Terragrigia Panic": he already suspected, both Lansdale's involvement back in 2004 and a mole among B.S.A.A. ranks, but had no proof of either fact, so he had no choise but to provoke the head of F.B.C. into action. That's why he had to trick his own agents while simultaniously (and secretly) funding the terrorists to establish a hideout in Europe. O'Brain also ordered his associate, Raymond Vester - the same F.B.C. agent who posed himself as a Veltro member and had been later "shot to death" by Jessica - to set up a faux Veltro hideout (as well as Chris' dummy and the whole "abduction" thing) on Zenobia. But in order to bring justice to Lansdale for his actions, O'Brian needs one crucial piece of evidence - which, unfortunately, is located on "Queen Dido", "the final queen", trine sister of Semiramis and Zenobia. Dido sunk at the waters near Terragrigia in 2004, after the Regia Solis system destroyed the city, but turned out to be not quite "dead", since there were evidence of both Sea Creepers (strange monstrous heaps of flesh capable of moving and attacking passers-by) washed on the Italian shore to be from Dido, and the original leader of "Il Veltro", Jack Norman, somehow managed to survive the initial explosion and is currently on the ship - and he is the one who holds the evidence in his posession.

While O'Brian's transmition is cut short due to F.B.C. coup - with Lansdale himself putting O'Brian under custody, - Chris and Jill immediately rush to Dido's location. They managed to reach Dido in record time, but had to dive in first and find the entrance into the sinked ship. Even with Sea Creepers plaguing the nearby waters and attacking if they got too close, Chris and Jill still managed to gain access into the intact section of Dido. There, they found a sewerely wounded F.B.C. agent, who mistook Chris and Jill for his backup and, before dying, warned them about Jack Norman. They encountered Veltro leader shortly after: already delirious, Norman mistook Jill for Lansdale and accused her of treachery. He refused to listen to reason and injected himself with the virus - thus triggering the mutation that turned Norman into a Tyrant-resembling and rather tough-to-kill monster "The Ultimate Abyss".

After a challenging battle, Chris and Jill managed to destroy the monster and retrieve the evidence - the recordings of Norman's talks with Lansdale, in which the latter himself confirmes that he had provided Veltro with the virus. The duo transmitted these recordings directly to B.S.A.A. UK HQ. Everyone present during the F.B.C. raid had heard this, and Lansdale was apprehended by his own men shortly after. Meanwhile, Chris and Jill are on their way back to headquarters.

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

Jill“Kind of takes you back, doesn’t it?”
Chris“To Raccoon City? Unfortunately, yeah. That’s where all this started…”
Jill“Hard to believe that was 8 years ago, guess I am getting older.”
Chris“You’re not the only one.”
Lost in Nightmares.

In 2006, during the prequel to Resident Evil 5, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.) receive intel to which Chris and Jill are ordered to apprehend Umbrella’s founder, Oswell E. Spencer. They accept the mission in the hopes of discovering any information on the whereabouts of their former captain, Albert Wesker. Jill unlocks the mansion’s front door and Chris goes in first with Jill following right behind him. They proceed through out the mansion, finding dead bodies littering the floor. Making their way through out the mansion, they come to a piano where Jill plays the accepted song. A wall lowers and Chris shoots and picks up a centaur emblem. They retrace their steps back to the mansion’s foyer and come to a large door, inserting the emblem and unlocking the door. Reading through a document on Spencer’s computer, a wall opens and both head for it. Just before they’re both through, Jill pushes Chris out of the way realizing it’s a trap. With no means of escape on her own, Chris finds the crank to stop the ceiling with spikes from coming down on her, saving her. Back to the foyer, they’re now able to unlock the gate for the basement.

In the basement they descend even further, reeking of a horrid stench. They come across what look like jail cells and mutilated bodies. As the continue forward where they come face-to-face with a Blob, a monster originating from the human prisoners trapped below the Spencer Estate. Throughout the basement, they work together to kill more Blobs. After killing another one, they’re running across a worn out wooden bridge, which breaks under them and they fall. Once they come to, they find out they’re separated with most of their gear gone. Chris and Jill work to meet up back together. Once they do, they come across more Blobs. After killing those, they open the gate to leave the basement.

Chris and Jill make way for Spencer’s main chamber, to discover Wesker standing over Spencer’s deceased body. Chris and Jill open fire on Wesker. An intense fight breaks out with Chris and Jill on the losing end. Wesker holds Jill by her throat and Chris comes to her aid, punching Wesker, any means to get Wesker off of her. Soon Chris and Wesker are engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Jill, seeing Chris in trouble, shoots Wesker, but misses due to his inhuman speed. Wesker then grabs Chris, throwing him across the room. He stands over him before picking him up by his throat, about to deliver a fatal blow when Jill screams, “No!” Without hesitation, she rushes Wesker, throwing them both out a window, down the massive cliffside. Chris leans over the ledge and screams Jill’s name as he watches her and Wesker fall.

The B.S.A.A conducted a three month search for Jill and Wesker’s bodies, though they were never found. Jill was officially declared dead on November 23, 2006. Her name was added to the list of the B.S.A.A members who died in the line of duty. Chris changed from this night onward, becoming cold and cynical. Chris refused to believe that Jill was dead and held on to hope and possibility that she was still alive.

Resident Evil 5

In 2009, three years after Jill’s disappearance, Chris is sent to investigate possible Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W.) smuggling in Africa. It’s there he meets his new partner, Sheva Almoar. When Sheva mentions she will be Chris’ new partner, Chris has a flashback to Jill’s gravestone. Later, Chris and Sheva are saved by Delta Team where Delta Team’s leader, Josh Stone, gives him and Sheva new information on a datachip. Chris inserts the chip into his handheld computer where he sees Jill’s face on the screen. He flashes back again to the night Jill sacrificed herself to save him.

Later, Chris and Sheva come to an area where they find the deceased bodies of their allies. Sheva appears distressed; Chris gently assures her that she doesn’t have to do this, that she can still back out. Sheva tries to get her and Chris “the hell out of here,” but Chris informs her that he can’t–that he’s got a “personal stake in this.” That “personal stake” being Jill. Chris turns away from Sheva, saying, “I don’t have much time. I have to find her.” Chirs is soon surprised, but appreciative of Sheva coming with him to find Jill.

Soon, Chris and Sheva are boating through the marshlands, where Sheva asks Chris what happened to Jill. Chris tell her of the night, three years back, when he and Jill attempted to locate Wesker. Chris follows up by saying, “I… I have to know if she’s still alive.” Sheva turns to look back at Chris, saying, “You two were close.” Chris simply answers, “We were partners.”


Resident Evil (2002)

Chris’ Campaign

  • Jill tells Chris to take care.
  • Chris finds Wesker, asking him where Jill is.
  • Chris frees Jill from a locked containment room.
  • Chris protests Jill leaving to fight off B.O.Ws.

Jill’s Campaign

  • Jill questions where Chris is.
  • Jill quietly pleads “no” at hearing a gunshot, thinking it may be Chris.
  • Jill frees Chris from a locked containment room.
  • Jill protects Chris staying back to fight off B.O.Ws.

Both Campaigns

  • Chris shoots a Cerberus, saving Jill.
  • Chris wraps an arm around Jill’s waist, forcing her away from a pack of charging Cerberuses.
  • Jill falls asleep on Chris’ shoulder.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles


  • Jill calls for Chris when a zombie attacked her and she couldn't get her gun out fast.
  • Chris saves Jill from a zombie that caught her by surprise.
  • Jill asks Chris about his gun that keeps jamming.
  • Jill chided Chris when he scared a little girl.
  • Chris tells Jill to grab Anna and get into the refrigerator while he starts to shoot the flour sacks.
  • Jill shoots the Hunter that attacked Chris after he lost his gun.

Resident Evil: Revelations

  • Jill is seemingly hopeful that a sewered hand clutching a gun that she found in a pile of gore in Zenobia's galley does not belong to Chris.
  • Jill is shocked when O'Brian says that Chris has gone missing.
  • When Jill first saw a set-up room on Zenobia - the one with a mannequin resembling Chris - she thought it was actually Chris, and the lack of response from him on her calls scared her: she desperately hit a door a couple of times.
  • When the head falls off of the Chris' dummy, Jill is seemingly shocked.
  • When O'Brian informed Chris of Jill's disappearance, Chris immediately demanded to be assigned on a search-and-rescue.
  • Chris was so focused on finding Jill that he didn't even listen to what Jessica said to him.
  • While he was waiting for Zenobia's coordinates Chris became more and more restless.
  • After Jessica comments on her rather failed attempts at flirting with Chris, Parker amusedly states that "Maybe he's already taken, Jessica."
  • Their respective temporary partners have a hard time believing that Chris and Jill are just "partners".
  • When Chris gave her a modified grenade to fight against underwater B.O.Ws, Jill smiled at him gratefully.
  • While they are separated in the lab's decontamination area, Chris is desperately trying to reach Jill, who's stuck in the narrow fighting with Scarmiglione. He succeeded only after the B.O.W. is destroyed.

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

  • Chris and Jill are about to enter a room when Jill realizes it’s a trap – she pushes Chris out of the way just before they’re both locked in.
  • Wesker is about to deliver a fatal blow to Chris when Jill makes the ultimate sacrifice – without hesitation, she rushes Wesker, throwing them both out a window, saving Chris’ life.

Resident Evil 5

  • When Sheva mentions she’s Chris’ new partner, Chris has a flashback to Jill’s gravestone.
  • First thing Chris demands from Excella during their encounter at the lab is information about Jill.
  • Seeing Jill alive - even though something is clearly not right with her - is enough for Chris to lower his gun.
  • Chris calling out Jill's name was almost enough for her to break from Wesker's control by herself.
  • After being freed from Wesker's control, Jill falls on the ground, and Chris immediately runs to her and holds her in his arms.
  • Chris immediately refused to leave Jill's side, so she had to use a "sucker punch" line of "Don't you trust your partner...?" to make him leave, knowing full well that in her current state she's more of a liability and won't be much of help fighting Wesker.
  • Jill asked Shewa to take care of Chris shortly before they departed.
  • While at the helicopter, Jill smiles at Chris, wich prompts him to smile back (even though Chris doesn't look directly at Jill).


Resident Evil (2002)

Chris’ Campaign

Jill“Chris… take care.”
— Chris leaves on his own to investigate a gunshot, Resident Evil.
Chris“Jill, sorry I made you wait.”
Jill“I’d knew you’d come.”
— Chris having freed Jill, Resident Evil.
Jill“I’ll take care of them.”
Jill“Chris, you just get into contact with Brad somehow.”
— Jill stays back to fight off B.O.Ws, Resident Evil.

Jill’s Campaign

“Hey, Wesker, where’s Chris?”
— Jill, questioning where Chris is, Resident Evil.
Barry“What was that?”
—Jill concerned for Chris after hearing a gunshot, Resident Evil.
Jill“Chris, you’re okay!”
Chris“Glad to see you are, too.”
— Chris is rescued from the containment room, Resident Evil.
Chris“We can make it! Jill, ladies first.”
Chris“Would ya let me have my moments too?”
— Chris and Barry stay back to fight off B.O.Ws, Resident Evil.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Parker“Think these things got to Chris and Jessica?”
Jill“I hope not.”
Parker“Hey, no one's saying Chris is dead.”
Jill“Alright, then let's find him already.”
— Jill and Parker are discussing the situation on Zenobia, Resident Evil: Revelations.
“Chris! Chris! C'mon, say something!”
— Jill discovered a set-up room with Chris' dummy on Zenobia, Resident Evil: Revelations.
Jessica“So... Jill, was it?”
Chris“Was what? Stay focused.”
Jessica“She was your partner before, right?”
Chris“Yeah, my partner. From before. What about it?”
— Jessica Sherawat making inquiries [1], Resident Evil: Revelations.
“I was, you know, just asking.”
— Jessica Sherawat making inquiries [2], Resident Evil: Revelations.
“We'll find you, Jill... I promise...”
— Chris to himself while reaching "Queen Semiramis", Resident Evil: Revelations.
“Where'd you go... Jill...”
— Chris in Semiramis' engine room, Resident Evil: Revelations.
Parker“The sooner we get to the observation deck and contact HQ the better.”
Jill“At the very least, I hope they've picked Chris' whereabouts.”
— Jill and Parker en route to the observation deck, Resident Evil: Revelations.

Resident Evil 5

Sheva“That woman in the data file? Are you even sure it’s the same person!?”
Chris“We were partners. I’m sure.”
Resident Evil 5.
“I don’t have much time. I have to find her.”
— Chris to Sheva, about Jill, Resident Evil 5.
Sheva“You two were close.”
Chris“We were partners.”
— Chris and Sheva discussing Jill, Resident Evil 5.
Chris“Where's Jill?!”
Excella“Jill, Jill, Jill...”
— Excella Gionne taunts Chris, Resident Evil 5.
Jill“Chris… I’m so sorry…”
Chris“It’s okay.”
— Jill and Chris after breaking Wesker’s control over Jill, Resident Evil 5.
“Don't you trust your partner...?”
— Jill is trying to convince Chris to leave her behind, Resident Evil 5.
“Don't shoot her! Please, for me.”
— Chris to Sheva, about Jill during the Wesker/Jill fight if Sheva attacks Jill too much, Resident Evil 5.

Project X Zone

“Don't worry. I'll make sure you never need to face it alone.”
— Chris comments on Jill's experience with Nemesis, Project X Zone.
Chris“I don't want to lose any more friends.”
Jill“Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere, Chris.”
Project X Zone.
Chris“Teamwork is going to be the key here, Jill.”
Jill“Roger. This'll be just like old times.”
Project X Zone.
Jill“You seem a bit out of breath, Chris.”
Chris“Not by a long shot. I've still got plenty left to give.”
Project X Zone.
Chris“Lately, it's like I'm already sizing things up before I can be afraid...”
Jill“Well, we have seen a lot over the years.”
Project X Zone.
Chris“I couldn't agree more. I need to keep working on my fighting skills.”
Jill“That's fine, but just don't start spinning around or shooting flames everywhere.”
— Chris and Jill's responce to one of Rikiya's comments, Project X Zone.


Valenfield is the sixth most written ship within the Resident Evil - All Media Types tag; Chris’ forth most written and Jill’s most written. The ship currently has 305 works on Ao3

After the release of Resident Evil 3 remake the ship's popularity somewhat lessened, in favor of Valeveira (which regained some foot among Resident Evil shipping community since, aside from the original Resident Evil 3, Carlos appears only in a non-canon Operation Raccoon City).



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Nivalenfield refers to the ship between Piers Nivans, Chris and Jill
Valenfieldton refers to the ship between Barry Burton, Chris and Jill
Valeveriafield refers to the ship between Carlos Oliveira, Chris and Jill
Weskentinefield refers to the ship between Albert Wesker, Chris and Jill


  • There are some interactions between Chris and Jill outside of the Resident Evil canon - namely, in the crossover titles (such as Project X Zone).
  • Chris and Jill appear together as survivors in the video game Dead by Daylight.[1]
  • Chris and Jill appear together as shop items in the video game Fortnite.[2]
  • At some point, Valenfield could have become canon: in an early script written by George Romero for the first Resident Evil movie, Chris and Jill are officially dating. But, due to a number of reasons, the production of Romero's version of the movie was halted, and then rejected completely.[3]
  • Shortly before the release of Resident Evil 6, Capcom made Valenfield “canon” as an April Fools joke.

    Note the misspelling of "responsibilities".





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