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Valenstone is the het ship between Jill Valentine and Josh Stone from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape

Moments after Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar leave after saving Jill from Albert Wesker’s control of her, Jill passes out due to exhaustion. Hours pass by with Josh being the one to find her lying on the ground. Josh gently shakes Jill awake, asking if she’s alright. Jill is still slightly delirious, saying the name of her friend Chris instead. Hearing Jill speak, Josh is glad, knowing she’s awake. Upon getting a good look at her, Josh asks if she’s Jill Valentine, leading to Jill asking who he is. Josh informs her of his name and his rank within the B.S.A.A, Captain of the West Africa Branch. Josh helps Jill stand up, commenting that he never thought he’d get the chance to meet her. Jills asks what Josh is doing there, leading to Josh telling her that he’s looking for his comrades Chris and Sheva. Jill realizing the tanker that Chris and Sheva boarded in their search for Wesker has already sailed, Josh suggests they take the helicopter he’s got waiting. Jill questions if he’s got room for one more, with Josh telling her, “There’s always room for a beautiful lady.” Jill jokes that she bets he “says that to all the girls,” leading to Josh telling her, “Just the pretty ones.” With the playful banter over, the two start on their escape for the helicopter.

Fighting through the dock area, Josh informs Doug, one of his fellow men, that he’s bringing a lady with him. Upon learning that the lady is Jill Valentine, Doug flirts with her, leading to Josh cutting their radio contact after telling him to “can the chatter”. Making it through the dock area, Jill regrets telling Josh that she has to get to the communication facility, as there’s something she needs to tell Chris. Josh tells her that “she can’t get rid of him that easily” and also tells her that they’re heading in the same direction as the helicopter is past the communication facility. Jill thanks Josh. Upon making their way through the area, Josh and Jill come to a snag where they need Doug to come to them and not vice versa. Though they do successfully penitent to the communication facility where Jill is able to tell Chris how to possibly defeat Wesker. Their communication is lost, leaving Jill and Josh alone again. The two make it to the roof, where Doug should be.

Up on the roof, Josh and Jill are attacked by more Majini, the name given to the aggressive zombie-like people who became hosts of Plaga Types 2 and 3. With Doug seven minutes out, Josh and Jill hold out until he arrives. Josh and Jill are cornered back-to-back when Doug finally arrives. They run for the helicopter pad where Doug is landing, Josh standing back slightly to shoot more Majini, giving Jill a safer passage for the helicopter. Before Jill can make it though, a rocket is fired near her, sending her back flying, hitting a steel container hard. Josh runs to her, picks her up and starts to limp her to the helicopter platform. With Doug’s help, he lifts Jill up, then she helps him up. Doug is hit and killed by another rocket, leaving Josh and Jill alone again. Josh pilots the helicopter as Jill gives them cover for safe lift-off. As the two fly away, Jill gives a sincere apology for losing Doug as Josh grieves his friend’s death. For Doug’s death to be for nothing, Josh and Jill head for Chris and Sheva’s location.


Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape

  • Josh helps Jill stand up.
  • Josh calls Jill a “beautiful lady”.
  • Josh calls Jill “pretty”.
  • Josh helps an injured Jill walk for the helicopter.


Josh“Hey. Can you hear me? Are you alright? Are you alright?”
Josh“Good. You are awake. Wait a minute! You are Jill Valentine?”
Jill“How… Who are you?”
Josh“Caption Josh Stone. B.S.A.A West Africa Branch. [helping Jill stand up] I’ve got to say, I never thought I’d get the chance to meet you.”
— First meeting, Desperate Escape.
Josh“I’ve got a helicopter waiting, and I’m going after Sheva.”
Jill“You got room for one more?”
Josh“There’s always room for a beautiful lady.”
Jill“I bet you say that to all the girls.”
Josh“Just the pretty ones. Come on, let’s go.”
— Josh lightly flirts with Jill, Desperate Escape.


Valenstone is an incredibly small ship, having appeared briefly working together in Resident Evil 5 and then in RE5’s DLC “Desperate Escape”, which recounts how Jill and Josh met in the main game. On AO3, there are 4 fics with their ship tag, and on there is a single fic for their tag.



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