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Carlos“I’m not gonna die on you, and leave you in a cold, cruel, Carlos-less world.”
Jill, while smiling“Okay.”
— Jill boards the subway without Carlos, Resident Evil 3.

Valeveira is the het ship between Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999)

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Resident Evil 3 (2020)

In September of 1998, Raccoon City has been infected with the t-virus. Taking advantage of the crisis, Umbrella sends a Nemesis with the knowledge of S.T.A.R.S members, Jill being one of the last two remaining members in the city. Jill is hunted and stalked by Nemesis throughout the city. When she is weak from a high fall and cornered, Carlos yells for Nemesis to get its attention, before blasting it with a rocket. As Nemesis falls to its knees, Carlos runs for Jill, saying, “Hey, easy, lady… I got ya.” Jill starts to panic, asking who he is and what he’s doing. Carlos informs her of his name and that he’s saving her. Helping Jill up, Carlos wraps Jill’s arm around his neck and the two walk off.

Carlos takes Jill to the subway where he and his men have converted subway cars into a shelter for survivors. Carlos reaches to wrap an arm around her to guide them there, when Jill lightly pushes him off. Carlos comments, “Personal space. Okay, I get it. Let’s go.” With that, Jill follows Carlos from behind. During their walk for the shelter, Carlos informs Jill that he works for Umbrella, leading to Jill lashing out at him that his company caused this mess in the first place. Carlos tells Jill the she doesn’t have to trust him, though he is going for that shelter.

The two make it for the subway car where Carlos tells his captain that “this fine young lady could our help”. His captain, Mikhail Viktor, gets Jill to tell him her name, as well has already having the knowledge of what Jill does for work. Hearing Viktor talk about the trouble they’re in attempting to get some survivors out of the city, Jill agrees to help them with getting the subway car moving. Becoming allies, Carlos calls Jill “Supercop” and hands her a radio. He tells her she needs to gear up and that there are supplies on the street level. Street level, Jill radios Carlos what she needs to do now. He tells her she needs to get to the substation and to go through a side alley. Jill can see that the alley in question is filled with fire, leading to Carlos telling her, “Surely a tall drink of water like yourself can put out a few flames.” Jill tells him off and continues on her way.

Jill is able to get power back on, which she relays this back to Carlos. Next he tells her she needs to get to the traffic control system. Shortly after, Jill is attacked by Nemesis again. Once evading him, Jill radios Carlos, panic stricken that it’s not dead. Carlos immediately tells her to run back for the subway station. Jill tells him no, that she has to get the traffic control system back on first. Jill makes it back to the subway control station where Carlos tells her what route in program in. Upon doing that, Carlos praises Jill for her work, telling her, “Jill, you are amazing! Tough as nails too.”

Jill heads back for the subway station, where Carlos greets her with another compliment, telling her, “Nice job, Supercop. I’m impressed.” Jill dismisses it, asking him if they’re “back in business”. They are, though the moment is short lived when Nemesis finds Jill again. Carlos sees it first, alerting Jill it its presence. Jill fakes out Carlos by starting to close the gate between them and Nemesis when Jill rolls under the gate at the last moment. Carlos shakes the gate, yelling, “Hey, wait! Wait Jill, no! God dammit!”

Jill fights and evades Nemesis where she descends into the sewer area. Once leaving Nemesis behind, Jill attempts to contact Carlos, though the radio signal does not reach. On her own, Jill navigates her way around until she reaches a higher area where she’s able to get back into contact with him. Upon hearing Jill, Carlos’ voice floods with relieve, asking if she’s okay. In the process of getting back to Carlos and the station, Jill is again caught by Nemesis, forcing a roof top battle to ensue with Jill coming out on top. Back on street level, Jill radios Carlos about the win, telling him that the “bastard’s dead”. Carlos asks her if she’s alright, following with lightly scolding her about “turning herself into bait”. Jill tells him not to start, that she did what she had to. Carlos responds that he knows and thanks her for it.

Jill is again attacked by Nemesis, much to Jill and Carlos’ shock. Carlos tells her that he has something that may “slow that fucker down,” telling Jill to come back for the station. Jill questions this, as this would mean leading Nemesis right to him. Carlos tells her it’s okay and to trust him.

As Jill is running away, Carlos is already outside, he sees her first, gesturing for Jill to follow him. Carlos had planted a bomb, that when Nemesis steps on it, it harshly blows it into a tanker truck. Carlos runs up to Jill, asking her is she’s okay, before quickly telling her to go. As Jill is running, she notices Carlos hanging back, shooting Nemesis. She yells for him to “forget about him”. Carlos listens and runs after her, taking a few extra shots at the tanker. The truck explodes, knocking Carlos down as the gate closes between them. Jill helps Carlos stand up and the two head deeper for the subway, where Jill tells him, “Carlos, I know we didn’t get off to a great start, but… thanks for the save.” In return, Carlos tells her, “Hey, you saved my ass first. You’re a hell of a lot braver than me.”

Jill soon learns that Carlos will not be catching the train as he has received new orders. Jill is stunned, though hides it well. At the subway car, Jill asks if this is the last ride out of the city, leaving Carlos to tell her, “It’s alright, you go on ahead. I’m not gonna die on you, and leave you in a cold, cruel, Carlos-less world.” Jill boards the train, telling him “okay” with a light smile. As the subway begins to move, Jill looks out the window to Carlos, the two never reverting their eyes from the other until they’re out of sight.

Sometime later, Carlos comments to his partner, Tyrell Patrick, that the subway should have made it out of the city by now. Tyrell is quick to mention Jill, referring to her as Carlos’ “hot date”. Carlos tells him, “Nah, she’s not like that. Hell, she’s not like anybody.”

Carlos and Tyrell head for the Raccoon City Police Department. Part of their mission, to locate Dr. Bard, requires them to go to the S.T.A.R.S office. As Tyrell is working the computer, Carlos can look around the room. Inside Albert Wesker’s old office can Carlos find a photo of all S.T.A.R.S. members, Carlos asking himself if that’s Jill he sees in the front row. Not long after as Carlos is about to leave the room, he gets a call from Jill about the subway derailing. Their call is cut out as Carlos keeps frantically calling out Jill’s name. Carlos tells Tyrell that he’s got to go, before exiting out the room.

On Jill’s end, it’s revealed that the Nemesis had found her again and the derailing being of Viktor sacrificing himself by having a bomb go off in his hand as he was gripped by Nemesis. Jill seems to be the only survivor, which she relays back to Carlos when she’s street level. As she’s talking to Carlos, Jill notices Nemesis launch out of the river it had fallen into minutes prior. Carlos keeps frantically calling out Jill’s name, which is where he tells Tyrell he’s got to go on his end.

Roughly half a day later, Carlos finds Jill lying on the ground. He sees she’s been infected. Not getting any response from her, Carlos radios Tyrell that he’s going to take her to the hospital, that maybe Dr. Bard can save her. He carefully picks her up, telling her, “You hang in there, Supercop. I got ya.”

Carlos carries Jill to Spencer Memorial Hospital, where he finds her a bed, gently laying her down. Jill is unresponsive, leaving Carlos to tell her, “Fight it, Jill. I’m gonna get you the vaccine.” Before Carlos leaves, he promises Jill’s that she’s going to be okay. As Carlos makes his way through the hospital, he grows frustrated at having to fight zombies, as it means more time between him helping Jill.

Carlos makes it to Dr. Bard’s office where he finds a recording Bard did before being killed about his betrayal to Umbrella and Umbrella being the one to create the T-Virus. Carlos realizes that Jill knew all along, and that she trusted him anyway. He searches the office for the vaccine, finding it in a cooler. Carlos heads back for Jill, turning her over to inject the vaccine into her system. As he waits for Jill to wake, Carlos sits down in a chair next her bed.

Jill wakes up, though not before having a nightmare about Carlos becoming infected, him telling her to shoot him, as it’s “the only way”. In her nightmare, Jill hesitates to shoot him, allowing the infected Carlos to attack and presumably kill her. Jill sees that she’s alone and upon exiting the sickroom, she finds Tyrell. Jill mistakenly thanks him for saving her life, to which he tells her it was all Carlos. When asked where Carlos is, Tyrell informs her that he went “underground,” as Bard had stockpiled the vaccine, enough to give the city some hope. Jill realizes that Carlos thinks he can do this all by himself. After Tyrell attempts to convince Jill not to go, Jill insists that she’s going after him.

Underground in NEST 2, Jill is again fighting with Nemesis. Carlos sees her from an observatory where he uses the loud speakers to talk to her, telling her that he’s going to spot for her. Jill agrees to that idea. Carlos tells her when zombies are in the area of the dissolving tank and which tank Nemesis is on or behind, allowing Jill to electrocute it.

With Carlos’ help, Jill is able to take down Nemesis enough. As Jill looks up to where Carlos is, Carlos lowers a crane for Jill to climb onto. Nemesis, however, starts to get back up. Carlos yells for Jill to stay back as he slams the crane into Nemesis. With Jill on the crane and Nemesis melting in acid Carlos had dumped into the area, Carlos tells her he’s going to meet her up ahead. Unloading off the crane, Jill is met by Nicholai Ginovaef, a former ally, withholding the vaccine she had made prior. Jill begins a chase when suddenly Nemesis oozes out before her in a giant mass. Carlos runs up to see Jill facing the mass. Jill yells for Carlos to go after Ginovaef. Carlos questions what about her, with Jill telling him that “she’s got this”. Carlos accepts this, saying more or less to himself, “I know you do.”

Having taken down Nemesis for good, Jill runs to stop Ginovaef, commenting that she hopes Carlos had managed to stop him. Jill makes it the roof where she finds Carlos lying, unmoving. She runs for him, only to be kicked down by Ginovaef. Ginovaef has Jill at gunpoint, seconds from shooting her when Carlos lunges at him, saving her. Carlos and Ginovaef scuffle for a bit, ending with Carlos holding Ginovaef. Carlos yells for Jill to shoot Ginovaef, with Jill saying she can’t, as she’s afraid she’ll also hit Carlos. Carlos tells her “there’s no other way”. Mustering up the courage, Jill shoots Ginovaef, both men falling to the ground. Jill runs straight for Carlos, calling out his name. As she gets down, Carlos tells her, “Hey, I told you I couldn’t leave you in a Carlos-less world. That would just be too cruel.” Jill helps Carlos back stand up. Carlos heads for the nearby helicopter, starting it up as Jill questions Ginovaef. Fed up with Ginovaef’s antics, she and Carlos leave him for dead for the missile that’s less than 10 minutes away from hitting down on Raccoon City.

In the helicopter, Carlos asks Jill if she’s alright. Jill doesn’t answer as she’s waiting and watching for the missile to go by. When it does, the shock wave shakes their ride. She and Carlos hang on tight until it stables out again. Carlos turns back to her, saying, “It’s finally over.”


Resident Evil 3 (2020)

  • Carlos saves Jill from the Nemesis by firing a rocket at it.
  • Carlos helps a weak Jill walk.
  • Carlos describes Jill as “fine”.
  • Carlos calls Jill “Supercop”.
  • Carlos calls Jill a “tall drink of water”.
  • Carlos saves Jill from Nemesis.
  • Jill helps Carlos stand up.
  • Jill thanks Carlos for saving her.
  • On the moving subway car, Jill and Carlos never revert their eyes from the other until they’re out of sight.
  • Carlos can find an older S.T.A.R.S. photo sitting on a desk, asking himself if that’s Jill he sees in the front row.
  • Carlos carries Jill to safety while she’s infected and unconscious.
  • As Carlos waits for Jill to wake up, he sits down in a chair next to her bed.
  • Jill has a nightmare where Carlos is infected and she is unable to shoot him.
  • Carlos spots for Jill while she battles Nemesis.
  • Carlos saves Jill by slamming a crane into Nemesis.
  • Carlos has faith in Jill to be okay when she tells him to run off and stop Nicholai.
  • Carlos saves Jill from Nicholai.
  • Jill doesn’t want to shoot Nicholai, in fear of also shooting Carlos.
  • Carlos asks Jill if she’s alright.


Resident Evil 3 (2020)

“Hey Captain, this fine young lady could use our help.”
— Carlos to Mikhail Viktor, referring to Jill, Resident Evil 3.
“Surely a tall drink of water like yourself can put out a few flames.”
— Carlos to Jill, about putting out an alley fire, Resident Evil 3.
“Jill, you are amazing! Tough as nails too.”
— Carlos, praising Jill for her work, Resident Evil 3.
“Nice job, Supercop. I’m impressed.”
— Carlos, praising Jill for her work, Resident Evil 3.
“You hang in there, Supercop. I got ya.”
— Carlos, to an infected and unconscious Jill, Resident Evil 3.
“Fight it, Jill. I’m gonna get you the vaccine.”
— Carlos, after he lays Jill down on a hospital bed, Resident Evil 3.
“You’re gonna be okay. I promise.”
— Carlos to Jill, as he begins his search for the vaccine, Resident Evil 3.
“My god, Jill knew all along. And she trusted me anyway.”
— Carlos to himself, about Jill knowing about him and Umbrella, Resident Evil 3.
“Alright, Jill. Hang tight.”
— Carlos, on his way back to Jill with the vaccine, Resident Evil 3.
“He thinks he can do this by himself. I’m going after him.”
— Jill to Tyrell, about Carlos, Resident Evil 3.

Carlos“Hey, easy, lady… I got ya.”
Jill“Who are you? What are you do—”
Carlos“Name’s Carlos and I’m saving you! Come on, let’s get you someplace safe.”
— First meeting, Resident Evil 3.
Jill“Carlos, it’s Jill. Do you read me?”
Carlos“Loud and clear. You alright?”
Jill“Yeah… Bastard’s dead.”
Carlos“Good. Fuck ’im. But what were you thinking, turning yourself into bait? You could’ve been killed.”
Jill“Don’t start. I did what I had to.”
Carlos“I know. And, uh… thanks.”
— After Jill’s rooftop battle with Nemesis, Resident Evil 3.
Jill“Carlos, I know we didn’t get off to a great start, but… thanks for the save.”
Carlos“Hey, you saved my ass first. You’re a hell of a lot braver than me.”
— After Carlos saves Jill from Nemesis, Resident Evil 3.
Carlos“I’m not gonna die on you, and leave you in a cold, cruel, Carlos-less world.”
Jill, while smiling“Okay.”
— Jill boards the subway without Carlos, Resident Evil 3.
Carlos“It’s been awhile. Subway’s gotta be clear of the city by now.”
Tyrell“Along with your hot date?”
Carlos“Nah, she’s not like that. Hell, she’s not like anybody.”
— Carlos and Tyrell’s light banter about Jill, Resident Evil 3.
Carlos“Jill! Hey! Answer me! God dammit! Tyrell, do you copy?”
Tyrell“What’s going on?”
Carlos“Jill’s been infected! I… I’m taking her to the hospital. Maybe Dr. Bard can save her.”
— Carlos saves Jill, Resident Evil 3.
Jill“You saved my life.”
Tyrell“I sure as shit didn’t. That was all Carlos. He carried you here and treated you himself, crazy bastard.”
— Jill mistakenly thanks Tyrell for saving her life, Resident Evil 3.
Carlos“Jill, is that you?”
Carlos“You’re okay. Let me spot for you!”
Jill“Good idea.”
— Jill and Carlos see each other for the first time while in NEST 2 and Carlos helps Jill fight Nemesis, Resident Evil 3.
Jill“Go after Nicholai! He’s got the vaccine!”
Carlos“What about you?”
Jill“We’re running out of time! I’ve got this!”
Carlos“I know you do.”
— Carlos’ faith in Jill, Resident Evil 3.
Carlos“Jill! Shoot him!”
Jill“I can’t! I’ll hit you!”
Carlos“Do it! You have to! There’s no other way!”
— Carlos holds Nicholai Ginovaef, asking Jill to shoot him, Resident Evil 3.
Carlos“Hey, I told you I couldn’t leave you in a Carlos-less world. That would just be too cruel.”
— Carlos surviving, Resident Evil 3.


Similar to Cleon, in terms of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis being an older game of the series, Valeveira had fallen off the map for some years as Carlos doesn’t appear in any other games. The ship has regained love from new and older members of the fandom following the new content.

Since the release of Resident Evil 3 remake, Valeveira has skyrocketed to the ninth most written ship within the Resident Evil - All Media Types tag on AO3; Jill’s second most written ship, surpassing Weskertine.



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Valeveriafield refers to the ship between Chris Redfield, Carlos and Jill




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