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Valki is the het ship between Loki and Valkyrie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


The two were brought forward by the Grandmaster after Thor had escaped with the Hulk. Loki tells him that he will bring them back in twelve hours, Valkyrie quickly countering that she'll do it in two. Loki goes down to one, and the Grandmaster is interested to see who will get them first.

After leaving the room, Loki asks Valkyrie what she's done. Valkyrie replies that she doesn't answer to him, he grabs her arm and tells her she'll answer to the Grandmaster. She hits him several times, pushing him back. He pulls out a dagger, asking why she helped Thor. She replies that she doesn't help anyone and they begin to fight. He notices her tattoo and realizes she's one of the Valkyrie, and they continue. He thought all the Valkyrie had died, and she pushes her leg into his neck. She tells him to chose his words wisely, just before he causes her to relive the memories of how her comrades had all died. Once she comes back she attacks him and knocks him out.

After finding Thor and Bruce Valkyrie reveals she was able to capture Loki as a peace offering. Loki interrupts them talking about their plan and she throws a drink at him. He continues saying that he stole the access code's to all of the Grandmaster's ship. She sarcastically comments on his sudden change, but Loki just wants a way off the planet. They agree to it though.

After they get back to Asgard they fight off Hela's army together. She walks past Thor and Loki talking telling them that the fight isn't over. They walk along the bridge seeing that Hela is still alive. Thor decides that they need to enact Ragnarok and end Asgard to kill Hela and Loki goes to do so.

They defeat her and go to the ship and start to head to earth.


  • She calls Loki Lakie and he corrects her
  • She smirks at him when she's able to push him back


Fans quickly took to the pairing before the film's release after the first image of them together came out. Even those who didn't ship it were able to tell that it would become popular among shippers. Fans mentioned Valkyrie and Loki's knife fight scene in tight fitting leathers as the sexiest fight scene in the whole Marvel universe. They also mention how Loki and Valkyrie could make a fertile ground for enemies to lovers trope.

On AO3, Valki is the second most written ship for Valkyrie, narrowly overtaken by Valcarol, and the seventeenth most written ship for Loki. It is the twenty eighth most written ship within the Thor (Movies) tag.



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