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VanLight is the femslash ship between Oerba Dia Vanille and Lightning Farron from the Final Fantasy fandom.


Final Fantasy XIII

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Both Lightning and Vanille were set to be purged for the good of Cocoon, but Lightning's actions and self set mission to save her young sister allows Vanille and the other innocent souls on the train to escape.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

After the timeline changed and caused everyone to forgot the happy moment they shared with Lightning, they began to believe that she had joined Vanille in their next task to upon Cocoon's crystal pillar with Fang. As no one knew that the goddess Etro brought Lightning to Valhalla, where she stays for the entirety of the game. When Lightning's younger sister Serah was in trouble, the friendship that Vanille formed with Lightning has her helping Serah to escape the dream world, so that Serah can continue her search for Lightning.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Many centuries after Valhalla merged with Gran Pulse to become Nova Chrysalia, Vanille awoke from her long crystal stasis slumber to discover that she now has the power to hear the voices of the dead within the chaos. Which is why both her and Fang were taken in by the Order of Salvation in Luxerion, as they make her their holy saint. On the final day they need her to preform the soulsong with the power of the Holy Clavis, as she sacrifice her own life to destroy the dead souls. Because of her past sins and believing that the souls' destruction would save them Vanille excepts her fate, while Fang left her side in hopes to prevent it.

Just has the god Bhunivelze tasked Vanille to be his holy saint, he awakes Lightning from her second crystal stasis slumber to serve as his Savior. As Lightning has thirteen days to save still living souls so they can be brought into the new world he his creating. During Lightning's soul saving in Luxerion she meets one of Vanille's faithful attendants who in forms Lightning of her friend's current role in the dying world, before asking Lightning for her help to find an item that is precious to Vanille. Lightning excepts the task and after finds the small crystal shard, the attendant tells her wait it is important to Vanille before giving Lightning a key that will allow her to see Vanille whenever she isn't preforming her duties to the Order. With the key now in her hands Lightning uses it to see her friend, that she hasn't seen in centuries, in which fills Vanille with joy once she saw her. After the mysterious and troublesome Lumina informs Lightning that she was the first person Vanille saw when she woke up, before bring he and Fang to the Order, Vanille displaces her new given power as she takes Lightning to a chaos filled room. Lightning had no idea the waves of chaos contains souls of the dead until Vanille and Lumina share this fact with her, while became worried of what would happen should the chaos escape from Vanille's soul speaking chamber.

When Lightning travelled to the Dead Dunes and finds Fang as the boss of a group of thieves, she agrees to help Fang find the Clavis believing that it would help Vanille in her task. Which is why Lightning stopped Fang from destroying it once they had found the relic, while the Order is fast approaching them for it. To make Lightning understand Fang explains that the relic will kill Vanille if she uses it to preform the soulsong, in order to destroy dead souls. After the Clavis was taken by Secutors, while Lightning and Fang were left behind to fight a large monster, Lightning came to realize that only Fang can save Vanille's soul, due to the loyalty that Fang has for the person that they both care about. While Lightning's concern for the large chaos wave Vanille keeps in that one room has her believing that the soulsong is was the only way to save both the living and the dead souls in the world.

With the final day just around the corner the departed souls inform Lightning what will happen should Vanille preform the soulsong, as once a dead person's soul is destroyed the memory of them are erased from the minds of the living, and that they need Lightning to tell Vanille that there is a way for her to save all the world's living and dead souls. Finally understanding what Bhunivelze is planning to use Vanille for, Lightning knew that she has to share this knowlage with Vanille before she makes a terrible mistake. With help from Fang Lightning is able to convince Vanille to save the dead another way, once she got her to hear the hope that the dead still hang onto, the Order however want Vanille to go through with it and forced her to do, but Lightning and their friends were able to save Vanille. Like Lightning had stated in the Dead Dunes, only Fang can help Vanille's soul to be saved as she helps their friend to guide all the dying world's souls to the new world, to which has Lightning saving both of their souls for the New World. Once it was done Bhunivelze appears through Hope's possessed body, however, he punishes Lightning by capturing Vanille's soul, along with Snow, Fang and Noel's. When Lightning went to face Bhunivelze, his earlier actions became his most gravest mistake once Vanille escapes his grasps to aid Lightning and their friends to defeat him. After they witnesses the end of Nova Chrysalia, Lightning and Vanille accompany their friends on the new world to begin their anew lives.


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While the ship between Lightning and Vanille may not be as popular as Fanille or FLight, it still has a few loyal supporters within the Lightning/FFXIII saga side of the whole Final Fantasy fandom.



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  • Should Lightning learn of Vanille's upcoming sacrifice from Fang, before meeting Vanille again for the first time, Lighting asks Vanille if giving up her own life is what she wants.



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