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Vangogo is the friendship ship between Vanellope von Schweetz and Go Go Tomago from the Disney fandom.


As Vanellope and Go Go are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though a few Disney crossover video games could have the two dark haired girls cross paths with one another or get them added in the same team, by the player's choice. Along with the fact that a netizen version of Go Go was briefly seen in Ralph Breaks the Internet, and after Vanellope chose to remain in Slaughter Race a comic stripe on the aftermath of the film shows Vanellope visiting On My Disney from time to time.

Both Go Go and Vanellope are shown to be sarcastic girls, as well as hot-headed in their own ways, who have a need for speed and don't like losing in a race. Vanellope's friend Ralph helped her to make the Candy Kart just as Go Go had lend Hiro a hand in the making of her dice wheels, Go Go's Cycle was also a gift from Hiro while Vanellope's green Slaughter Race car was given to her by Shank. Vanellope has also driven a type of cycle from her times game jumping to the arcade game world of Tron, while Go Go had took control of Wasabi's car drove around the city like a drag racer. Which Vanellope was introduced to when she came across Slaughter Race and chose to live in the online that has a rough neighbourhood-like setting, while the Big Hero 6 TV series revealed that Go Go lives in one of San Fransokyo's rough neighbourhoods where some of the people that live there, like Felony Carl, look a bit similar to the people that can be found in Slaughter Race. As a new member of Shank's crew Vanellope chases the players that try to reach a chop shop, Go Go's superheroin life has her something similar when she chases after criminals with the rest of Big Hero 6. Go Go is shown to be loyal to her friends and teammates, and tried to be a comforting whenever her friends are down even when she isn't really good at it at time, Vanellope had faced a similar kind of struggle when it came to her desire to stay in Slaughter Race and how her choice would affect Ralph as she didn't want to hurt her friend.

Even though both girls have dark hair, Go Go's purple colored dye stripe in her hair makes it stick and even has it as her most notable trade mark, when she is in her civilian clothes, which is a bit similar to how the sweets in Vanellope's hair has her standing out among the other young Sugar Rush Racers. When Honey Lemon was getting ready to move out Go Go places a heart shaped sticker on his jacket as she tells her that she doesn't want her to leave, the medal that Vanellope made for Ralph encase she didn't win the race was also heart shaped, and when it broke Ralph turned it into a pair of friendship necklaces so both of them can have a piece of one another, while Honey Lemon and Go Go took a selfie together to mark the day where they choice to remain roommates. When Vanellope and Go Go used their go-kart and dice wheels for the first time, their friends set up a training course to help them get the hang of them before they made their way to the places where they plan to use them at.

When it comes to the main antagonists and how the two faired with them, both King Candy and Robert Callaghan had presented themselves as someone that people could trust, before revealing their true colors to Vanellope, Go Go and their friends who were all shocked by this. King Candy had Vanellope captured and locked in his "fun dungeon", before she escapes and later tries to get rid of her during the race. Callaghan as Yokai had also tried to get rid of Go Go, along with trapping her in a Microbot made cage orb until she was able to escape from it. There have even been times where the two girls have both faced a type of giant and army that threatened their homes, until they helped to put a stop to them.


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Because of both dark haired girls enjoy going at high speed, along with the Wreck-It Ralph/Big Hero 6 crossover fandom, fans see Go Go and Vanellope forming a sister-like bond with each other from their times racing one another to see which one of them is faster, while helping each other to improve their speed. Due to the age and height gap between the two, fans strongly prefer to friendship ship then than to femslash them, unless fans were to make either one of them the same age as the other to make it more possibly and less weird. There have even been times when the Disney crossover between their films have Go Go as a Sugar Rush Race within the arcade game or have Vanellope as a girl living in the city of San Fransokyo, in which has the two crossing paths with one another in fanon. The same fanon principles is also used in Vaniro, which is much more popular than Vangogo.

Vanellope's hoodie and dark hair would properly remind Go Go of Hiro Hamada. Just as Go Go's dark clothing and personality would properly remind Vanellope of Shank. As well as the fact that after Vanellope chose to stay in Slaughter Race, fans began to theorize that her time there might have caused Vanellope to gain a punk-like style while becoming older in order to make her fit in a lot better within the online game, which would make her someone Go Go that would want to befriend in the racing world and possibly get fans to femslash them. There have even been a few fanart on the crossover that has Go Go playing Vanellope's arcade game, Sugar Rush.



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  • Go Go makes a very small background appearance in Ralph Brakes the Internet, when Vanellope was wondering around On My Disney.
  • They are two of the limited time characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms.


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