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Vanilleam is the family ship between Cream and Vanilla from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


In every canon where Vanilla appears, she is Cream's mother.


Cream and Vanilla both make their first appearance in Sonic Advance 2, where they are kidnapped by Dr. Eggman along with Cream's pet Chao Cheese. After Cream and Cheese are rescued by Sonic, they team up with Sonic in order to find Vanilla, who is still in trouble. They eventually manage to find her in Leaf Forest after Eggman's defeat.

In Sonic Advance 3, the two go on a beach, where they find a damaged G-merl. After G-merl is reprogrammed by Tails to be friendly, Vanilla and Cream take the robot to their cottage to live a happy life.

In Sonic Rush, Cream brings Blaze the Cat to her home and introduces the cat to Vanilla. Vanilla convinces Blaze to stay at her home for tea, and Blaze explains her mission to the rabbits. Vanilla advises Blaze to ask Sonic for help, and lets Cream go along with Blaze on her journey.

Cream also mentions her mother in Sonic Free Riders and the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, but Vanilla does not appear in these games.

Sonic X

In "Defective Detectives", Vanilla appears at the end of the episode together with Sonic at the Thorndyke mansion. Vanilla greets Vector at the door, while Sonic calls Cream to her. Vanilla reunites with her daughter, both with tears of joy.

In "Cosmic Crisis", Cream asks her mother if it is all right to go out to space with Sonic, his friends, and Cosmo. Vanilla agrees and Cream gives her hug, who says goodbye to her mother in her head. It can be implied that Vanilla advises the Chaotix to take care of Cream and her friends on the way to defeating the Metarex, and that mother and daughter were reunited before the events of "So Long Sonic".


Archie Comics

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IDW Publishing comics

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This pairing is very popular. Fans usually include Cheese (and in some cases, Cheese's brother Chocola) into the family. In AO3, there are currently three family works and two femslash works.

Some fans prefer pairing the rabbits together with Tails and Vector as Taiream and Vectilla, respectively.



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