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“This thing you're attempting... I want to see it through to the end! So... Even if you push me away... "I'll do as I please. And no matter what you want..." I've decided I'm staying with you... Vanitas.”
— Noé, to Vanitas

Vanoé is the slash ship between Vanitas and Noé Archiviste from The Case Study of Vanitas fandom.


Leading up to their first meeting, Vanitas has traveled with a friend, Dante, to find and heal Amelia Ruth, who is a vampire whose True Name was corrupted. Meanwhile Noé, also a vampire, is making his way to Paris in order to search for the Book of Vanitas; a book which has the power of corrupting a vampire's True Name, the base of their entire existence, their soul and life; under his Teacher's command. The two end up fighting on the airship La Baleine as Noé attempts to protect Amelia from Vanitas, as he thinks he might be there to hurt her. Noé manages to put Vanitas away for a while, and escape with Amelia in his arms. However, later, Amelia's "symptoms" manifest completely, which makes her become a bloodthirsty killer, and drinks Noé's blood and tries to kill him and other humans in the room. After that, Vanitas saves Noé, introducing himself as a doctor that specializes in vampires, and heals Amelia in front of him, which leaves Noé perplexed and amazed.

Shortly afterwards, two police officers arrive and attempt to arrest both Vanitas and Dante. Vanitas is threatening the officers when a large piece of debris from the fight breaks loose and hits him on the head, knocking him through a hole in the airship. Noé rushes to catch Vanitas and manages to grab his ankle but they both end up falling down to the the streets of Paris. As they fall, Noé opens his eyes to see the Blue Moon in the sky. According to the legend of Vanitas of The Blue Moon, that moon is a symbol of misfortune and bad omens, but Noé remembers that he has never feared the Blue Moon ever since he was a child. In fact, the moon was very beautiful to him.

Vanoe chapter 1 (1).png

Noé saves the two from the fall, landing through the roof of a church. Vanitas wonders how they're both alive, and Noé asks him what had he done to Amelia Ruth. Vanitas explains to him that he used the Book of Vanitas to do a reverse operation upon Amelia's True Name to heal her. Noé is amazed by what he did, saying it was "phenomenal" while acting extremely excited about the subject. Vanitas laughs at him, for that never had he seen anyone look at the Book with such gleam in their eyes. Vanitas says that he has decided that he likes Noé. They talk for a while, learning each other's names, and Vanitas explains he is just a human that wants to help save Vampires from their curse. He asks Noé to help him, but Noé refused. They head back to the ship so that Noé can get his belongings and pet cat, with Vanitas still insisting that Noé becomes his bodyguard, which he keeps on refusing. When they arrive, the security guards quickly identify Vanitas as the intruder in the airship. Noé, injured from the previous fight with Amelia, passes out and they're both shipped to prison.

At the end of the chapter, Noé states that at the end of their journey, he would kill Vanitas for reasons and circumstances yet to be revealed; as the story is a book being written by Noé from the present about the story of him and Vanitas.

Noé wakes up with Vanitas in prison, and asks him why they are in there. Vanitas explains the situation to him, and tells him that Noé is in prison with him because he told the police that they were "partners in crime". Noé wonders about what happened to their belongings and Vanitas tells him that they were all confiscated by the police. Noé immediately worries about the Book, and Vanitas tells him that if he wants the book so badly, he should just join him already. Noé then comes to the conclusion that he "simply doesn't like him (Vanitas) very much".

Vanitas smiling at Noé.

Vanitas comes to the conclusion that the Count has already covered up the incident on La Baleine, as they both receive an invitation to his office to go pick up their belongings. Vanitas offers to take Noé there, and Noé thanks him, as it's his first time in Paris. Noé is then amazed at the beauty of Paris. Vanitas seems surprised, and smiles at his excited face.

When the two arrive at Count Park's residence, Vanitas bargains to retrieve his book back, along with Amelia. He and the count get into an argument about the authenticity of the Book, and Noé, tired of them arguing, smashes the desk and gets the book instead. He tells the Count that he would have Vanitas prove its power to him, right then and there, and then throws the book into his partner's face. Vanitas rebounds with a nosebleed and a gleam in his eye, asking if Noé had finally decided to help him, but the taller man quickly dismisses the thought. Noé emphasizes that he wasn't help Vanitas, that he was helping Noé instead, which causes Vanitas to start laughing.

Noé storms out the building as Vanitas asks if he even knows where he's going. Noé suggests that they take the rooftops because it will be faster, picking up the human and jumping over the buildings immediately. In the air, Vanitas tells Noé about the nine-fold murderer that they are currently chasing. Suddenly, commotion reveals the target; Vanitas commands Noé to stop him, so he complies and flings Vanitas downwards at the attacker. Vanitas hits Thomas in the head, but when he resurfaces in anger, Noé already has him pinned down. Vanitas uses his book to successfully stun him but no sooner are they confronted by Luca and Jeanne. Noé blocks the second attack, saying that he couldn't have Vanitas die yet despite not liking him. Jeanne powers up her attack and Vanitas shouts for Noé to run, and although they successfully escape the attack together, it's not long before Jeanne bursts through the walls. Noé pushes Vanitas away again, taking three claws to his shoulder before Luca stops Jeanne from rampaging.

“Noé... lend me your strength!”
— Vanitas
Vnc vanoe chapter 3.png

Vanitas tells Noé to take off his coat in order to staunch the bleeding, but Noé reassures him that vampires heal faster. Vanitas sighs that most vampires are afraid of the Book because it tampers with true names, but suddenly Noé insists with a determined air that just because the book can destroy vampires, it doesn't mean that Vanitas would do that. Vanitas listens to his speech with a startled expression, before beginning to laugh. Vanitas smiles and says that he has a plan to win against the witch. He tells Noé to hold Luca as hostage because he will negotiate with Jeanne. Jeanne catches up to Noé who distracts her just as Vanitas jumps out at her from behind a window, but instead, she catches him by the leg and flings him into Noé. Noé catches Vanitas and they flee, him carrying Vanitas by his waist. When Jeanne reappears, Noé covers for Vanitas, refusing to move and fighting on his behalf. Jeanne ends up successfully kicking Noé through a few walls when Vanitas finally reappears. When the human calls, Noé enters the battlefield as well, holding Luca hostage. Noé wishes Vanitas the best in defeating Jeanne without fighting. After Jeanne and Luca leave, Vanitas lies down on the ground, laughing to Noé that "things are about to get exciting!". Noé bends down near him, looking completely bewildered.

The next morning, when Noé wakes up, he finds Vanitas's face dangling upside-down from his window, calling him for breakfast. While eating, Noé comments on how pretty Paris is. The two set off for Count Orlok's place. Orlok releases Amelia and tells the two to stay together in their hotel for the remainder of their time in Paris. After use of é's Archiviste ability, he quickly sketches out a picture of the Parade, and Vanitas remarks that he is a lousy artist.

Noé worrying about Vanitas.

Noé is taken away by Dominique back to Altus. As they're leaving, he suddenly hears Vanitas call out his name. Knowing that only vampires are able to cross the border by themselves, he grabs on to Vanitas's arm, terrified. All three of them make it, and Noé immediately rebounds onto Vanitas, angrily reprimanding him for jumping without thinking. Vanitas reassures him that he's been to Altus before, and that he knows he is able to cross if he's touching a vampire. He reasons witha smug face that either way, Noé did grab onto him, so no harm done.

Vanitas saving Noé from Naenia.

A while after Vanitas causes a scene in the ballroom, Naenia appears next to Noé, who is remembering the events of his past with Louis. It asks if Noé would like to join Louis, and asks for his true name in return. Noé is nearly about to accept, when he suddenly remembers Vanitas. The real Vanitas appears, breaking apart the manifestation of Charlatan (Naenia), teasingly asking if Noé had sprained his leg on the ballroom floor. When Vanitas says he is able to fix the curse-bearing vampires, Dominique proposes to guard him. She spots their first victim, and Noe, watching their interaction, grabs Vanitas by the waist and jumps off the balcony. Noé remembers the power that Vanitas holds in the book, and that he is able to save the vampires, unlike Louis. Noé shields him from the oncoming horde, and thanks him. Vanitas asks why, but Noé says it's for no reason. They successfully save the vampires except for one, yet when Vanitas arrives, he says it's too late. Noé realizes what he means by that, and tries to stop him, but Vanitas pushes him back with a blast of magic, telling him to stay out of the way.

Vnc vanoe chapter 10.jpg
Vnc vanoe chapter 11 (2).png

Noé latches onto Vanitas's lapel, angrily asking him why he would do that. Vanitas responds flatly, saying that no matter what the vampires wanted, he would save them anyways. Noé pauses, perplexed, questioning the meaning of "salvation" and what it meant. Vanitas shrugs and says he doesn't know either, telling Noé to figure it out himself when they're interrupted by Veronica, appearing from behind the curtains. They become locked into battle with her, exchanging minor banter throughout. Lord Ruthven come in to stop the fight, and while the guests clamor that Vanitas was spreading the curse-bearers, Noé still tries to change their minds about the human. Vanitas admits to Ruthven that he was the one that killed the girl, and Ruthven grows enraged; reaching out his hand to attack Vanitas. Out of nowhere, Noé skids between them, protecting the ice-encased Vanitas from the Lord's fury. At the man, he yells that he was just talking with Vanitas when they barged in, not knowing anything and yet still trying to put the blame on Vanitas. All of a sudden, Noé realizes that's what he was trying to do with Vanitas as well, shutting him up.

“Stop it... Don't touch him!”
— Noé to Lord Ruthven, about Vanitas

As Ruthven makes to leave, Vanitas, falling into unconsciousness, attempts to linger in awareness because he still wants to apologize to Vanitas. In his dream, he meets his Teacher, and confesses that he had developed expectations for Vanitas on his own and felt betrayed when said "expectations" were not met. The Teacher asks if Noé would just rather not be around Vanitas anymore, which makes him think.

Noé wakes up and looks out the window; a sight outside the window catches his eye, and he climbs out, meeting Vanitas on top of the clock tower. He tries making small talk, asking what happened after he lost consciousness but Vanitas answers simply. Giving up, Noé crouches down to where Vanitas is sitting, confronting him about his current disposition, and whether he was angry or just sulking. The vampire wants to know what Vanitas meant about taking revenge on the vampire of the Blue Moon, but Vanitas interrupts him, saying that it was a lie. Noé ponders over this for a moment, but quickly dismisses that idea as another lie. He reasons that Vanitas's speech about revenge made sense to him and why Vanitas assumed the face of having already given up on something.

This angers Vanitas, who attempts to bring his pocketknife to Noe's neck. Noé reacts quickly, locking the human's arm into place by grabbing his wrist. Vanitas angrily calls the assumptions ridiculous and that he couldn't deal with a simpleton like Noé anymore. He decides to leave the vampire, and that he should do the same, but is stopped by a confused Noé who blankly asks why he should even listen to Vanitas. With vigor, Noé plainly states that he doesn't like Vanitas, and has no intent of helping him with his plans. Interrupting them, the gong abruptly starts ringing, startling them both. Noé watches as Vanitas holds his hand to his ear, looking angry. While watching Vanitas, Noé somehow comes to a realization as he holds Vanitas's wrist. After it ends, Noé continues; despite all that, Vanitas interests him an he wants to see through with the goal as he attempts to understand the human. Finally, he says that even if Vanitas tries to push him away, he'll stay with him quoting Vanitas's words about "doing as he pleases".

Noé assuring his stay with Vanitas.

Vanitas is surprised, seemingly struggling to keep in words and he laughs half-heartedly. Noé as the narrator remembers this moment and the rising sun, as well as the end of the story when he "didn't grab [Vanitas's] hand". Suddenly, he remembers his apology to Vanitas, says it, but still gives no reason for it.

A while later, after the group's breakfast together, Dominique finds Noé above the rooftops and asks whats the matter. Noé confesses that ever since he heard that Jeanne had drunk Vanitas's blood, his heart began to ache, and he has been searching for an explanation ever since. Out of the blue, he says it must have been because he was disappointed that Jeanne had beat him to it. Dominique pauses with incredulity. Noé admits that he had been thinking about trying Vanitas's blood because it smelled good, but now that Jeanne had already tasted it, he should've just asked Vanitas earlier. He reckons that apparently it had been so good that Jeanne wanted to mark him, so therefore it must've been absolutely fantastic. Domi snickers, implying that he is such an idiot, before biting him in exasperation.

Vanoe chapter 12.png

At the late-night ball, Dominique takes Jeanne away to dance first, as a way of teasing Noé, so he and Vanitas are left alone. Vanitas claims he isn't very good at dancing, so Noé suggests that he teach him. Noé is surprised that Vanitas is a pretty decent dancer already. On the spur of the moment, Noé suddenly proposes a question; "What is love?", catching Vanitas completely off guard. The blue-haired man begins laughing before realizing Noé is serious through his earnest stare. Vanitas quietly concedes that he doesn't know either, and begins describing the different ways he feels that made him believe he was in love with Jeanne. Noé comments that they sound like the symptoms of a cold, and Vanitas agrees.

Vnc vanoe chapter 14 (1).png

Vanitas and Noé inspect a button Dante stole from the assailant. Noé notices the odd expression on his face, and wonders about it when Johann asks if he was thinking about Vanitas. At night, Vanitas makes to leave the hotel after examining the button. He's not expecting Noé, who is anticipating his leave and is already waiting outside. Noé bombards him with questions about his objective for the night, and Vanitas, getting annoyed, tells him not to follow. Stubbornly, Noé says that he isn't following him, he's going with him. Vanitas glares at him and irritatedly relents.

They enter the catacombs after stealing the uniforms of two chasseurs. Noé wonders how Vanitas knows the path so well even though no one is supposed to know about them, and asks how much he really knows. All Vanitas tells him is that Noé shouldn't underestimate chasseurs as simple humans. Along the way, they meet Roland, who figures out that they're impostors and tricks Vanitas into a cell. He throws a stun grenade into the air to which Vanitas frantically yells for Noé to cover his eyes. Noé doesn't comply fast enough, and his vision of the "formula-world" and the real world begin blurring together. He coughs up blood on the ground, getting a worried shout from Vanitas. Vanitas demands that Noé fall back in his condition, but the vampire refuses to leave him alone. Vanitas gets angry over Noé's insistence, but notices Roland bringing out his weapon and shouts for Vanitas to watch out.

Noé and Vanitas arguing

Vanitas escapes the cell just in time to protect Noé from Roland's final blow. They escape into the catacombs and the first thing Noé does is to headbutt Vanitas. He indignantly asks why Vanitas would step in to protect him, emphasizing that he is a human, while Vanitas counters by saying that it was the vampire who got cornered by a human. Vanitas points out how Noé did the same thing for him when he got in between him and Lord Ruthven, calling it extremely irritating. This stops Noé, who makes note of Vanitas's furious face, and suddenly makes the connection between that one and his other angry faces. Noé guesses that Vanitas was angry due to being protected, but also remembers how he was only "hired" at first to act as a shield.

“He wants to use me as a shield, but doesn't want me to shield him of my own accord...? Whoa... You're an incredibly finnicky person!”
— Noé's thoughts about Vanitas

Noé laughing at Vanitas's discomfort over Roland.

Vanitas shudders after hearing Roland's voice, calling his eyes full of goodwill "creepy". He shivers in disgust, making Noé laugh-- who finds glee in seeing that Vanitas has types of people that he's bad with as well. Just to spite him, Noé says that he's taken a liking to Roland as Vanitas gripes. Relaxing a bit, Vanitas asks how Noé's eyes are doing. He says that they're doing better, but the worlds still seem mixed, making him feel sick. Vanitas questions if there are any other things that Noé can do by interfering with the world formula, and he says that if he concentrates, he can stand on walls or ceilings for a while. Noé asserts that together, they can defeat Roland, which gets a small laugh out of Vanitas. Finally, Vanitas divulges his goal to Noé. He says that he's here to find a "scientist" named Moreau.

After setting traps for the chasseurs, Vanitas waits for Noé to get over his nausea over standing on a ceiling. Noé shakily asks how Vanitas was able to interfere with the automations, and Vanitas explains that it's through the Book, which could interfere with the world formula as vampires could. Noé frowns, wondering how Vanitas knew so much about the catacombs and the chasseurs, and Vanitas snaps him out of it by insulting the face Noé was making. Relenting, Vanitas tells him that his parents were killed by vampires, and that the chasseurs saved him. Confused, Noé questions whether or not he hated vampires, and Vanitas replied simply; that both vampires and humans are horribly selfish and ugly creatures. Noé gets irked from that statement, and yells at Vanitas, not for his words, but for the expression he was making. They cause so much commotion that the chasseurs quickly discover them, but the two men, in their anger, simultaneously punch the assailants in their drive to keep the argument going.

Noé using Vanitas as a hostage.

Roland and two other chasseurs catch up to them, but only one of them, Maria, continue pursuing them. Vanitas knocks her out and announces that they're taking her as a hostage, shocking Noé who flatly declines the request. Noé believes that they can still talk it through with Roland, which sends Vanitas in a fury, yelling again that his way of thinking makes him weak and that they should separate, as Vanitas would eventually get killed if he follows someone "as naive as [Noé]". Vanitas calls him a "candy-brained blood-sucking bat", antagonizing the vampire, who suddenly grabs the wall and shuts Vanitas up. He glares at the human, retracting his words from earlier and agreeing to take a hostage. When Roland finds them, Noé is manhandling a tied-up Vanitas and threatening his life if the chasseurs move any further. Vanitas frantically whispers that they would easily see through it, but Noé continues to intimidate his hostage with an frightening smile, scaring Vanitas who beseeches Roland to save him. Whispering to Vanitas, Noé agrees that they couldn't allow Roland to start fighting, and throws the human in the chasseurs' general direction. Noé quickly incapacitates Georges and shoots off in the direction of Vanitas, kicking downwards at the cavalry captain who acts as a cushion for Vanitas.

Noé calls out worriedly for Vanitas, asking how long he was going to keep sulking. Vanitas denies it, annoyed at Noé's naivety. When Moreau goes too far in his excitement over Vanitas's eyes, Noé is suddenly there, grabbing the doctor's hands and getting angry at him for referring to people (Vanitas) as numbers. Vanitas, annoyed that their meeting had turned into a fight, stands up and demands for Noé to keep Moreau down. As Vanitas is holding a knife to the doctor's neck, Noé spots movement out of the corner of his vision and pushes Vanitas away before he can be hit by Moreau's Exalted Personage. Noé is the first to notice that Vanitas has frozen after hearing the words "No. 71" and kicks the attacker away from the temporarily-unstable Vanitas. Noé asks if he's okay, but when he gets no reaction, he shakes Vanitas's arm before seeing his lost expression and is surprised.

Noé“Vanitas. What are you? Why... are you here right now, even though you had to go through so much pain to get here?”
Vanitas“... I'm... I am... a doctor. I am here... to save vampires!”
— Noé reminding Vanitas of his goal

Noé drags a immobile Vanitas out of harm's way and tells him to stay out of the way if he can't fight. Vanitas calls Noé a moron for saving Maria, but distracted, gets hit by prédateur and knocked out. Noé shakes him out of unconsciousness in the midst of battle. Vanitas says that he can't fix prédateur but Noé insists that Vanitas can, as he is a doctor. He then suggests that they could possibly go into the shadow's mouth and save the curse-bearer within, but Vanitas blatantly opposes that idea. Noé has his mind set on going, however, and ends up helping Vanitas remember what his job is; to save vampires as a doctor. They enter the mouth and save the curse-bearer with Vanitas's book and and Noé's strength as a vampire.

Vnc vanoe ch 18 (2).png

Prédateur shatters in face of their success. Noé and Vanitas are ejected onto the floor, both shaken from their trip. Noé apologizes for being arrogant before, and Vanitas begins laughing. According to him, there was no way they should've survived that, but they did it anyways, leading for Noé to begin laughing alongside him as well. The two, vampire and human, laugh gleefully on the floor, happy that they had saved the curse-bearer.

All of a sudden, the lab begins crashing down on them, and they run out to the catacombs along with the chasseurs. Once they leave the catacombs, Noé sits down and is about to ask Vanitas about his reaction when "No. 71" was mentioned, but suddenly, the black-haired man sits and leans against him, closing his eyes and stating that he's tired. Noé is surprised, but lets it be, agreeing with his statement. As they rest against each other, Noé wonders why Vanitas went along with the whole scheme, despite seemingly not wanting to.

“The one who wants to be saved more than anyone... The one who's wishing for it... might be Vanitas himself.”
— Noé's thoughts about Vanitas

Dante recounts the story of the Beast of Gévaudan while Noé and Vanitas listen. When Vanitas asks whether Noé would be coming or not, instead of a normal yes-or-no answer, Noé says that it sounds delicious. Both Dante and Vanitas are completely baffled, while Noé puts his head in his hands. Noé is too distracted by the scent of Vanitas's blood to concentrate on the conversation, and struggles to keep his composure in the midst of their conversation. He doesn't understand why Vanitas's blood smells so sweet all of a sudden, but realizes it's probably because he's hungry from sleeping the whole day. He attempts to compliment Vanitas in hopes to drink his blood, but it's taken as an insult instead. Giving up, he tries asking outright for just one sip, but is interrupted by Vanitas, who threatens his life if Noé ever tried to drink it. Noé is embarrassed and ends up moping until the next day.

Vanitas laughing at Noé.

Silently, the two get ready for their trip to Gévaudan until Vanitas finally confronts Noé about his quietness and makes him reveal the problem. Noé looks down and apologizes for trying to get Vanitas's blood the day before, although he adds that it is partially the human's fault for spreading such a "cloying fragrance" in front of him. He also admits that he did have the interest in seeing Vanitas's past, to which Vanitas tells him that there's no point. Vanitas, a little awkward, turns away and asks if blood not taken directly from the source would still retain it's memories. Noé says it doesn't, so Vanitas, as a joke, tells him that he can lick the blood on his clothes the next time they get into a fight. Noé gets all excited until Vanitas says he's kidding, and Noé's expression causes Vanitas to burst out laughing.

Together with the Dhampirs on the carriage, Noé watches the scenery with an gleam in is eye, trying to get Vanitas to look as well. He notices how Vanitas is shivering in the seat, and is told that it's cold for a human like him. Dante is later watching Noé and Vanitas's interactions in the forest and points out to Vanitas that they were getting along pretty well, considering it's Vanitas. Vanitas sighs and says that he was, until Noé figured it out and ambushed him.

Vanitas calming Noé down.

Noé is saved by Vanitas who find him just as he's being attacked by Astolfo and stops him from fighting any farther with the boy with a flick to his face. Vanitas calmly asks whether or not Astolfo was stronger than Roland, to which Noé responds indignantly, that of course he isn't. Vanitas correctly pinpoints all the reasons why Noé felt worked up while fighting Astolfo, then suddenly grabs on to his arm, showing him the right way to deal with the chasseur by getting him riled up. Vanitas directly asks Noé if his goal was for anything other than to save vampires, and when Noé confirms it, he runs off to stop Jeanne.

Vanitas is about to use the Book to cut apart Naenia from Noé's body, but suddenly, the chain connected to the book is severed, blasting everyone out.

Dante brings the news to Vanitas about Noé being taken away by the Silver Witch, though Vanitas expresses more concern for the book than the vampire, calling him tough. Vanitas starts getting more tense, trying to hurry up their party and get information on Noé & the Witch's whereabouts, making Dante realize that he is, in fact, worried for Noé's safety despite trying to keep it unnoticeable.

Vanitas saving Noé from Chloé's castle.

Noé collapses on the floor in tears from Jean-Jacques's memories as two white wolves approach him. In pain, he sees a white light shining from behind the wolves and reaches out to it weakly just as his vision goes black. Suddenly a hand grabs his, shocking the vampire back to the real world as Noé looks up to his savior and the dead wolves in awe. Vanitas has finally arrived. Still teary-eyed, he asks if he's real, getting a slap to the face from Vanitas. Vanitas pokes fun at Noé's state, asking if he was given a sketchy potion but Noé confirms that he probably was. Noé expresses his concern over Jeanne and the Dhams, which angers Vanitas— who is about to say that he was worried for Noé as well. Vanitas asks Noé if he had found out anything about the Beast of Gévaudan during his stay, and Noé informs him that it wasn't Chloé rampaging, it was Jean-Jaques. When Noé urges Vanitas to help Chloé with her resentment, Vanitas asks if he means that revenge was a useless endeavor. Noé remembers Vanitas's own declaration of revenge, and firmly says that it's not what he means. Vanitas finally sighs, letting Noé tries to persuade him while he looks for the Book.

Vanitas runs into Chloé's automation room to see Vanitas lying against a bookshelf. He holds him up, but it's not long before Vanitas runs out of his hold to warn Chloé about Naenia's true form. After Faustina rejoins the parade of Charlatan, Vanitas stumbles and starts falling off the broken castle platform. Noé shouts his name and jumps off as well, reaching out his hand to catch him. As Noé is falling, he's suddenly transported to a black void in which a creature with a goat skull sits on a chair, watching his drop. In a businesslike manner, it tells Noé that he can't save anyone, he looses them in the end, yet he still persists in trying to save them. Noé snaps out of the dream and ends up grabbing Vanitas's coat and steadying his fall beneath Vanitas, right before the human hits the ground.

Vnc vanoe ch 38.5.jpg

Noé notices the group of people gather near the castle that Vanitas explains as the villagers who were brought there by Chloé's Malnomen. Hearing his explanation, Noé slowly gets up and... headbutts Vanitas in the head. While the human holds his head in pain, Noé angrily asks why Vanitas didn't tell him that information earlier. Vanitas responds back that he wasn't sure at the start and that a vampires would never believe a human's word anyways. Bursting out with anger, he asks Noé if he knows how many times he had been nearly killed by Vampires. As Vanitas rants about the different reasons, Noé gets up again. This time, he forcefully smashes Vanitas on the head, one more time. After a pause, the vampire screams right in Vanitas's face that he believes him.

— Noé yelling at Vanitas

Noé continuously glares at him until Vanitas finally inches away and kicks Noé's shin in annoyance. Vanitas continues assaulting him, venting his anger until he eventually turns back to the now-floating castle and asks Noé what he wants to do with Chloé.

Right after Vanitas finishes comforting Jeanne, he stomps over to Noé and starts kicking him yet again, complaining that he accidentally made a promise to Jeanne by repeating Noé's words to him—"Not yet". He tells Noé to take responsibility for it.

While Vanitas is trying to get Chloé's contraption to work again, he has Noé fend off the shadow beasts that a curse-bearing Chloé sends. Noé sees a sudden influx of light from Vanitas and runs towards him, worrying over his marked hand. During Noé's fight with Astolfo, he remembers Vanitas words about not hesitating or else Astolfo would overtake him. He tells Noé that "Justice should merely be the light that illuminates the path ahead of [Noé]". Noé looks at him with a lost air, to which Vanitas rubs his head in exasperation, telling him not to overthink it. With a softer expression, he just instructs Noé to base his fight on what he can't give up. The thought gives Noé strength in his battle and he digs in his feet.

Noé finds Vanitas

Noé spots Vanitas in a clearing and asks if he's alright because the latter isn't moving after his kiss with Jeanne. Confused, he lets out a "Huuuh?!" as Luna's words about finding someone echo in his head.

10 days later after their trip to Gévaudan, Noé checks in on Vanitas who is apparently still sleeping. Receiving no response, he finally pulls up the covers to find Vanitas, shivering and feverish. Extremely distressed, Noé goes all the way to bring Vanitas to Count Orlok's place, asking him for help in curing Vanitas as the human refuses to see a normal doctor. When Noé finally catches up to Vanitas after he had fled, he sees him in conversation with Roland and Olivier. Deciding to listen in instead of interrupting, he hides behind a customer's chair just in time to hear Vanitas shout that the idea of anyone liking him was revolting. Noé is stunned by his confession. When Vanitas escapes the table, Roland spots the still-hiding Noé and prompts him to follow Vanitas. Nodding, he says his farewells and leaves to chase after him.

Vnc vanoe ch 45.png

Noé finds Vanitas sitting on the roof over their hotel window and he tries to prompt Vanitas down. Noé climbs out the window with one hand, attempting to gain Vanitas's interest by mentioning more possible curse-bearers in Paris, but the human continues to ignores him. Suddenly, a blanket is draped over Vanitas's head. Noé wonders aloud what the difference was between he and Astolfo, as they both had families killed by vampires and were saved by the chasseurs. Getting to his point, Noé says that he was glad that it was a "Vampire Specialist" that he met on La Baleine, not a chasseur. Remembering Vanitas's words, Noé smiles and acknowledges that although he still doesn't like him, he's glad Vanitas is there with him.

“Of course... I still don't like you or anything. But even so... I'm glad you're the person you are now.”
— Noé to Vanitas

The moment Vanitas hears about the reappearance of Mikhail, he jumps up from his table to find Noé, who is already engaged in battle at the Exposition Universelle. He warns Noé about Mikhail, but the vampire is flung back by the younger boy's power. Vanitas confronts Mikhail as he flings Noé aside after the vampire has drunk his blood. Vanitas takes out a gun and begins shooting at Mikhail, but Noé runs in between them, begging Vanitas to stop or else Dominique might die. Apathetically, Vanitas tells him, "So what?" Kneeling down, Noé asks again for Vanitas to just tell him the events of "that day", as he still respects Vanitas's wish to not drink his blood. When Noé advances, Vanitas fires a warning shot at his feet. Cruelly, the human tells him that they were strangers, talking over Noé until the vampire finally shouts Vanitas's name. Vanitas covers his face, calling Noé's blight pointless. He reminds Noé that he would kill him if he tried to take his blood, then suggests that maybe he should kill Domi first, so that she wouldn't be a bother anymore. This enrages Noé, who leaps at Vanitas with his fangs bared wide.

Vanitas shoots Noé

Vanitas reacts appropriately, shooting Noé in the direction of his eye. Noé jumps at him and they crash into the carnival displays, to the excitement of Mikhail. Vanitas gets up with a frenzied look in his eyes as he brings out a chasseur tonic while he repeats his reminders to "kill anyone who took his memories". Noé chases after him around the automations and sends Vanitas flying. The vampire kicks a piece of flying debris into Vanitas but he responds by controlling the automations with his Book. Vanitas explodes the machinery as it covers Noé, but he emerges and throws a hunk of metal near Vanitas. Noé stands above the wreckage with his nails long and sharpened as he glares daggers at Vanitas.

Vnc vanoe ch 52.png

Noé wonders why, that even though he's a vampire, he can't seem to catch Vanitas—it was as if Vanitas was reading his moves. He leaps to make an attack towards Vanitas but suddenly, he realizes that the man is charging towards him. On purpose. Mid-jump and terrified, Noé tries to angle his attack away because he knows if it hits Vanitas straight-on, he will surely die. By changing his pose a bit, he is able to evade Vanitas, but in turn, is cut through his abdomen by Vanitas's knife. Noé collapses, but he sees blood streaming through Vanitas's head as well. Noé quickly goes through the series of events and realizes that Vanitas charges because he was counting on Noé not being able to kill him. He winces in pain but Vanitas just brings out another needle and prepares to strengthen himself. Angered, Noé springs at Vanitas, yelling about how he acts like he knew all, but never told him anything. A bullet rushes by Noé and he looks back, only to realize it was a ploy for the real Vanitas to attack him while he was looking the other way. The human generates electricity with the Book, which Noé dodges and continues on his rant.

“IT ALL MAKES ME SICK!!! The way you treated people who are important to me with contempt!! The way you wouldn't listen to a word I said!! And the way you dismissed all of that... ALL OF IT! ... As if it had never happened!!! Don't you have anything to say... Vanitas?”
— Noé screaming at Vanitas

Mikhail, who is watching their interactions from above, smiles and says that there was no point in begging him. Vanitas had set a hypnotic suggestion on himself so that he would be able to to kill anyone who tried taking his memories. After the brief interruption of Dominique & Jeanne, Noé tries to chase after them but his attention is taken by Vanitas who swings above him and kicks him into a roof. Upon surfacing, Noé spots a figure behind him, and is about to attack it before realizing it was his reflection. He's shocked when he sees his mirror image, not knowing that he looked that scary. Noé hesitates, wondering what Vanitas's expression was when he covered his face. When he thinks back, he realizes that Vanitas was scared when Noé lunged at him with his fangs.

Finally understanding, Noé smashes his head into the wall, berating himself for his idiocy. While Vanitas was bad tempered, arbitrary, and hypocritical (by isolating himself), what he truly meant by "free" was alone. Noé watches as Vanitas gets closer, muttering under his breath "Kill... kill him. Kill... that vampire!" In an instant, Noé jumps backwards, shouting "MY NAME IS NOÉ!!!" It startles Vanitas, who had been referring to him as "that vampire" for the whole fight. His momentum carries them downwards as the roof begins to tilt. Noé falls backwards, and screams in Vanitas's face as he brandishes the knife.

— Noé promising Vanitas
Vnc vanoe ch 53 (1).jpg
Vnc vanoe ch 53.jpg

This sparks something in Vanitas, whose eyes go wide. They land on the floor, Vanitas's knife poised above Noé's neck. There's a moment of silence. The blade is not even an inch away from severing his life, but it goes no further than that. Vanitas begins to shake, crying out why, why couldn't he kill him? Tears well up in his eyes as he looks down at Noé, and he drops the knife. He buries his head in Noé's chest, breaking down as he bangs the ground in anguished frustration. Noé begins tearing up as well, and quietly, he apologizes to Vanitas.

Mikhail approaches the two with a blank, confused expression. Noé is the first to see him and he anxiously calls for Vanitas to wake, as he has closed his eyes. He and Vanitas watch as Mikhail's book seemingly "eats" him; Vanitas warns him to leave on his own, before the astermite explodes. Noé interrupts him, stubbornly asserting to stay. Their conversation is interrupted by a dark shadow looming over them, as the Ferris wheel starts slowly collapsing. Noé carries Vanitas and tries to escape it's range, but the large contraption is much too big. He covers Vanitas's head with his hand and arms, until he realizes that pillars of ice have protected them.

Vanitas stands up from beneath Noé's arm to directly confront Mikhail, while the younger boy is being corrupted by the book. He reaches out, but Mikhail draws out his knife, aiming for Vanitas. Noé immediately pushes him back and they watch in horror as Mikhail starts spurting blood from his forehead.

Vnc vanoe ch 55.5.jpg

Noé falls unconscious after their battle. He looks around, evidently trying to find someone, so Amelia points him upwards, knowing instinctively who he's searching for. Noé climbs onto the roof to see Vanitas sitting, looking at the streets of Paris. Awkwardly, Noé asks whether his injuries were all right, then shakes his head at his stupidity, remembering that no, of course they aren't. Noé asks why Vanitas wouldn't come in and the human replies that he's waiting for Mikhail. Just as he says this, the young boy walks up to them with a head covered in bandages. The vampire starts, but Vanitas tells him to stay. When Mikhail urges Vanitas to come with him, so that he could kill him if he ever lost control, Vanitas rejects his proposal. Vanitas thinks of the time when Noé pledged to stay with him & the time when Noé vowed to never let him free, and he constructs his answer.

“If I'm going to be killed... I want Noé to do it.”
— Vanitas's declaration to Mikhail

Noé and Vanitas leaning against each other.

Mikhail ends up leaving soon after. Noé leans down besides Vanitas, getting a half-hearted complaint from him. Vanitas asks whether Noé would be chasing after Mikhail, but he wipes his tears and says that he needs to talk to Vanitas. Their conversation lapses for a moment until out of the blue, Vanitas mutters a "sorry". Noé has no idea where it came from as Vanitas continues on; he quietly apologizes for being hasty, waiting too long, or not doing enough. A little bemused, Noé calls it concerning when Vanitas acts as meek as that. Vanitas continues sulking, but says that he's given up on forcing Noé to do what he wants. Noé gapes at him for a moment before grinning delightedly. Just then, Dante and the other Dhams show up, informing them of Count Orlok's request to see them. Noé extends a hand to Vanitas and they make their way down together.

Noé sees Vanitas making some sort of pastry and gets extremely excited over it, blurring his words together in eagerness. Noé quiets down after being reprimanded by Vanitas, but when he hears from Amelia that it may be Vanitas's apology gift to him, Noé beams "loudly".


Noé wakes up from a dream about Louis and Dominique, to find himself hanging upside-down off his bed, hugging a pillow. Vanitas pops in, hanging upside-down from his window as well, asking if Noé had fallen out of bed again. He reminds Noé that they're going to Count Orlok's place afterwards, and that he had brought breakfast.

Vanitas and Dante arrive back at the Hôtel Chouchou where Amelia tells them that Noé hadn't gotten back yet. Vanitas confirms if today was his day to work at the cafe, and Amelia verifies it. Dante is surprised that the vampire has a job, so Vanitas describes the roles he's been given; waiter, receptionist, and heavy-lifting jobs. Amelia says that Noé had declared earlier that he would go out and see Paris after his work, to which Vanitas sighs irritatedly. Dante made note of how Vanitas had decided to search for Noé anyways, even though the broker had expected him to just ignore it. He starts smirking, getting Vanitas up and prompting the information Vanitas has on Noé's habits. Vanitas goes off on a spiel about the different pathways that Noé is most likely to go on. After a long time discussing his tendencies, Dante and Vanitas end up successfully capturing him back to the Hôtel.

Bonus CD Comic

When the two arrive at Hôtel Chouchou, Noé eagerly leaps onto the bed near the window, claiming it for himself. Vanitas relinquishes it without a fight and warns Noé about jumping too vigorously. Noé ends up hitting his head anyways but isn't fazed, much to the chagrin of Vanitas.

Vanitas steps out wearing an exquisite dress, asking "how is it?" Noé immediately approaches him, looking enchanted and commenting on his looks.

Vanitas is seen talking to Noé, with a finger pressed to Noé's lip he asks, "are you that interested in kisses?" To which Noé turns away with a blush covering his face unable to respond.

Q&A with the author about Vanoé

Q: We’re fascinated by their relationship (Vanitas's and Noé's) - even though they argued from time to time, these two chose to stay together and watched each others’ back on battlefield. If I may ask, Mochizuki-sensei, what kind of relationship would you describe for them?

Mochizuki: They are not friends, and not quite comrades. They’re too different in so many ways, like oil and water, but that’s why they’re attracted to each other, and that's why one completes the other's missing parts. Vanitas was frustrated by Noé's naivety, but he also had a feeling which was nearly admiration towards his honesty and innocence. For Noé, I think while he viewed Vanitas's power as light - for he could achieve things he couldn’t -, was attracted by his darkness which hidden in the shadow as well.[1]


  • Vanitas is tired out after having to drag Noé away from all the sights of Paris.
  • Noé sighs, wondering why all the vampires he meets in the city are so violent, to which Vanitas tells him that it's normal for vampires to react like this when referring to "The Book of Vanitas"
  • Noé slams a hand over Vanitas's mouth, shutting him up and warning him that Jeanne would hear them.
  • Vanitas compliments Noé's ability to catch him, and Noé asks if he could throw him back again. Vanitas promptly refuses.
  • When Vanitas suddenly kisses Jeanne, Noé, who can't hear anything from his distance, is extremely confused.
  • Count Orlok incorrectly refers to Noé as Vanitas's guardian. Noé is shocked and disagrees with that claim while Vanitas initially agrees, but then says that he is more of a guardian to Noé than Noé is to him.
  • Dominique confronts Vanitas about his reasons for following them, and he says that it was because he knew that she wanted to separate the two.
  • They enter the world of Altus, and Noé reacts like a enthusiastic puppy again. Vanitas warns him to not wander off again and Dominique explains that that's what the leash was for.
  • After Vanitas's speech at the masquerade ball, Noé frowns, finally understanding his true objective.
  • Vanitas has an angry expression on his face after Noé steps in between him and Ruthven.
  • When Noé wakes up in one of Ruthven's bedrooms, he notices that the seat beside the bed is still warm. It's implied that the person sitting there was Vanitas.
  • Vanitas hands Noé his slice of tarte tatin, pleasing him.
  • Jeanne grabs Vanitas and hauls him out the window, and not soon after does Vanitas jump up from his chair to announce that he is following them. He takes the same window as they did.
  • Noé is surprised by Vanitas's admission that he could never fall in love with someone who loved him back, and thinks that he really doesn't understand Vanitas at all.
  • Noé ends up accidentally stepping on Vanitas's foot during their dance.
  • Vanitas interrupts Noé and Lord Ruthven's discussion about the various objects in his study.
  • Noé and Vanitas look over Count Orlok's files together and are thrown out of his office together.
  • When they both hear Roland's voice echoing through the catacombs, they put their hands over each other's mouths.
  • Noé asks what Roland attack Roland used on him, and Vanitas guesses that it was probably electricity. Noé brightens in interest, weirding Vanitas out.
  • Noé notices how Vanitas ties up the sash on his waist into a bow, and he wonders if it's because Vanitas feels restless without a bow on his side.
  • Vanitas reminds Noé that the chasseurs use drugs to enhance their abilities, which annoys Noé that Vanitas didn't mention it before.
  • Noé firmly introduces himself and helps Roland up, while Vanitas cowers, confused at the change of pace.
  • Vanitas and Noé get into another argument after making peace with the chasseurs, about why Vanitas didn't divulge the information about Moreau earlier, and prevent the whole battle happening.
  • Roland comments on how well they get along with each other, with both of them declining it in unison.
  • Vanitas enters Noé's room in order to get his coat, waking the the vampire up. When he asks where Vanitas is going, he just winks and refuses to tell him.
  • Jeanne mentions Lord Ruthven during their "date", leading Vanitas to immediately run back to the hotel to see if Noé is still alright.
  • Dante smirks and calls Noé a "brave sugar daddy".
  • Noé's first reaction when lost in the Silver Forest is to shout for Vanitas.
  • Even in his feverish state, Vanitas calls Jeanne and Noé naive in their tendency to not kill weakened people.
  • Noé looks out the window in Chloé's castle and wonders if Vanitas and the others are all right.
  • Vanitas stops Noé from confronting Faustina.
  • Noé becomes aware of how pale Vanitas's face is after their fall, but after their argument, he notices that it's gone back to it's original color.
  • Vanitas hides behind Noé when Roland descends to save them from above.
  • Noé worriedly tells Vanitas to stop shaking Jean-Jacques so hard as the attendant is injured.
  • Dante asks if Noé and Vanitas spend a lot of time together, but he replies that he just brings Noé out when the vampire asks. Dante assumes that it means they're all "buddy-buddy", but Vanitas thinks otherwise.
  • Noé covers Vanitas protectively as Dominique's ice shards rain down.
  • While leaning on each other, Noé laughs and Vanitas complains that he's too heavy.


“Yes you're funny. And I've decided that I like you.”
— Vanitas to Noé
“That was the beginning. This is the tale of how I met Vanitas and how we walked together, of all we gained and lost, and of how, at the end of that journey, I would kill him with my own two hands”
— Noé, narrating about Vanitas
“To me... that sight was something overwhelmingly "right"!”
— Noé, about Vanitas
“After I heard that Jeanne had drunk Vanitas's blood... ever since then... my heart had been hurting. I was thinking... about why that was. And I've figured it out. I must... have been... chagrined that Jeanne beat me to it!”
— Noé to Dominique, about Vanitas
Noé“Vanitas... I have a question.”
Vanitas“...What? Out with it.”
Noé“What on earth is love?”
— Noé, dancing with Vanitas
Johann“What's this, hmm? Worried about Vanitas, are we?”
Noé“Yes. He's acting perfectly normal. And so... I'm curious about why that might be.”
— Noé about Vanitas, to Johann
Vanitas“Noé! Fall back for now! Don't try to fight in that condition!”
Noé“Huh? No... No way I'm leaving you here...”
— Noé staying with Vanitas
Vanitas“...Can you beat him? That guy, Roland...”
Noé“I Don't know. But... we can. Together.”
Noé“That face! Please stop making it!!”
Vanitas“!? Hey, keep your voice down...”
Noé“Seeing you like that makes me angry!!”
Noé“Stay where you are. One false move, and I'll snap his skinny neck in a heartbeat”
Vanitas“Why, you! That's—! That's what I said last time!”
— Noé threatening the chasseurs
“Vanitas! Pull yourself together, Vanitas!”
— Noé to Vanitas
Noé“It's all right. We can win this”
Vanitas“Hah! "If we're together," you mean?”
— Fighting Predatéur
“A human and a vampire were laughing together... as if they were truly enjoying themselves.”
— Roland about Noé and Vanitas
“The smell of Vanitas's blood is getting to me, and I can't concentrate on the conversation at all.”
— Noé, about Vanitas
Vanitas“Oh. Johann, don't take your eyes off Noé. If you get careless, he disappears just like that.”
Johann“Right! It really was "just like that"!!”
— Vanitas failing to keep an eye on Noé
“Toughness is his one redeeming feature. I doubt he'll get taken out that easily.”
— Vanitas about Noé
“Even you, the one who's forever cold, will meet someone... who'll keep you warm.”
— Luna to Vanitas
— Jeanne reminding Noé
“Watch him? Watch Vanitas? You hardly need to tell me that... I've watched him. All along my eyes were witnessing...”
— Noé about Vanitas
“—Let's stop this, Vanitas. I want... to shake hands and make up.”
— Noé asking to stop the fight


Vanoé is the most popular ship among the Vanitas no Carte fandom. On AO3, the slash ship currently has nearly 5 times the amount of works than it's closest romantic het rival ship, VaniJeanne. It also far outpaces Noé's nearest slash rival, AstoNoé. It is commonly shipped alongside DomiJeanne. More than 50% of the roughly 600 Vanitas no Carte works on AO3 feature Vanoé, either as a slash ship or as a friends ship. The friends ship is not as popular as the slash ship, however the number of friends only works is still roughly equal to any all other competing ships.

in Japanese, 月が綺麗ですね (tsuki ga kirei desu ne), translating to "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?" is a poetic way of saying "I love you". This leaves off some implications due to the similarities between Noé's and this sentence, and Vanitas's heavy link to the Blue Moon, however, it could be a coincidence, though nothing's confirmed yet.

As they are both the protagonists of the story, they have many scenes together. Some people see their relationships as Rivals-to-Lovers, as they argue and banter endlessly about useless things, while they also embody the trope of Battle Couple, seeing as they fight and protect each other when their partner comes in harm's way. Most of their movements in battle are extremely in-sync as well, even without prior planning. Vanitas is sometimes considered a "clueless gay" as he mentions a lot of feelings about Vanitas that could be interpreted as feelings of romantic affection, but he ends up explaining it through some other odd excuse. The fact that they stay together throughout their journey together signifies their close bond together, whether they accept it or not.



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  • The whole series is based on a story that Noé himself wrote, about his & Vanitas's journey together, and the name is based off of Vanitas.
  • Vanitas's birthday is on February 7th, making him an Aquarius, and Noé's is on September 28th, making him a Libra. Both Libra and Aquarius are air signs, making them highly compatible.
    • Their respective birth stones (amethyst for Noé, sapphire for Vanitas) match the others color schemes.
    • Vanitas is 18 and Noé is 19.
  • The birth flower of Vanitas is a "Forget-Me-Not" while Noé's is an aster, meaning "I'll never forget you".
  • Murr's eye colors match the color scheme of Noé and Vanitas.
  • The ending scenes of the ED show Noé reaching for Vanitas's hand in a very "star-crossed lovers" fashion.
  • Noé sometimes calls Vanitas "Vani".
  • They have a character song together called "Le Formidable!"
  • The words Vanitas told Noé; "Justice should merely be the light that illuminates the path ahead of you", plays in to an earlier scene in which Noé sees a "light" when near-unconsciousness, only for the light to become Vanitas.
  • Noé and Vanitas sleep in the same room, although the human tends to find other places to sleep on occasion.
  • According to Noé's Teacher, the blood of someone you like (& have good chemistry with) will taste better than others. When Noé was hungry, he felt that Vanitas's blood smelled especially sweeter than usual.



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