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“Ronnie, when I first met you... you were it for me. Everything I could have ever wanted. I saw our whole future”
— Archie, saying goodbye[1]

Varchie is the het ship between Veronica and Archie from the Riverdale fandom.


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Season 1

Archie sees Veronica for the first time and is enchanted to stare at her

Archie sees Veronica for the first time and is enchanted to stare at her.


The moment Archie sees Veronica walk into Pop's, he's lost to the world and only sees her in slow-motion, laughing at whatever joke she might make. Veronica, in turn, is mightily attracted to Archie, while at first only superficially stating it because she hasn't been with a red-head before. In spite of knowing how Betty feels about him and trying to make it happen for them, Veronica gives in to their attraction and kisses Archie at Cheryl's party. After the party, Veronica understands what of a huge mistake they've done and telling Archie that he needs to find Betty. As she's heading home Archie finds Betty where he tells her he doesn't have any feelings for her.

Archie and Veronica kiss for the first time

Archie and Veronica kiss for the first time.

In "Body Double," Veronica tells the whole gang shes got herself a date. Archie says with a jealous tone, "You do?" Veronica's date, Chuck Clayton, turns out to be a slut shamer, and she ends up giving him a cold meal of revenge. When she comes to the boys' showers later, to scream at Chuck for slut-shaming her on Instagram, she runs into half-naked Archie who almost drops his towel by surprise. He tries to tell her to get out of the showers but Veronica is stubborn and tells him "I mean it Andrews, hit the showers and stay out of my way."

In "The Last Picture Show," Veronica and Betty learns about the affair Archie has been having with their music teacher, Miss Grundy. Betty is determined to separate them and Veronica is after her. Archie later learns that Betty and Veronica broke into Miss Grundy's car. He calls Veronica for the very first time in her iconic nickname "Ronnie." "Ronnie, a little help here?" He tells her when Betty starts to tell him how wrong it is that he's dating a teacher. By the end of the episode, Miss Grundy is quitting from her job at Riverdale High, breaking up with Archie and leaving Riverdale.

In "Heart Of Darkness," everyone sits to eat lunch and Veronica can't help but teasing Archie about Miss Grundy. "So how's life in a PG world? PG? Post Grundy? What? Too soon?" She says with a laugh and adding "You are back to being boring," A few minutes later Valerie Brown sits next to them and tells Archie, "I heard Miss Grundy was tutoring you." Veronica can't stop herself and says "understatement of the year" and laughs.

Veronica heals Archie's injured hand

Veronica heals Archie's injured hand.

Later, Veronica is at cheerleading practice and passing by Archie who sits on a bench and tries to tie up his wounded hand. When she sees him she comes and sits next to him, asking, "Isn't it your playing hand?" Archie nods. "Archie this hand is your instrument. You need to take better care of it." Archie tells her he got slammed because he didn't know how to play, which was because he was working on songs with Valerie. Veronica appears jealous, saying, "Valerie, huh?" Archie jokingly asks her if she's jealous. Veronica makes reference to their first kiss by saying, Please! I had my seven minutes in heaven with Archie Andrews." Veronica kisses his hand and tells him to take better care of it, before she walking away.

In "Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! Kill!" Archie is trying to get to the variety show. When he stands on the stage he's froze and running out of the hall. Veronica is concern and wants to help him. At lunch, she sits next to him and tells him that she got him in the variety show and if he is looking for a partner to sing with, she would love to do it.

After school, Veronica is going to her mother's workplace, where she works with Archie's father, Fred. She accidentally walks in at her mother and Fred kissing. She comes to her meeting with Archie and surprised to find out that Valerie is now working with them. Veronica is upset and she tells Archie "not to be that girl, Archie but I didn't get the memo we were adding another voice to the mix," she says with sarcasm. Archie explains that Valerie quit the Pussycats and now she can sing with them. Veronica is mad and tells Archie, "That makes me what then? A backup singer?" Archie tries to say that he thought that she did it as a favor to him, but Veronica isn't talking just about him replacing her, also about their parents, locking lips earlier in the day. Veronica already had enough, tells him, "Don't do me any favors." She walks away, as revenge Veronica decides to join the Pussycats as Val quit. The Pussycats are welcoming to Veronica and as they walk in the hallway with the cat ears, Archie understanding what happened. Later that night, it's finally the variety show and Veronica sings with the Pussycats.

Valerie also sings with the Pussycats returning to the group; before Archie's performance, he and Veronica exchange a few words: the first apologizes for putting her in the background due to the arrival of Valerie, and the second replies that she was angry with her mother and vented with him. They both genuinely care about how the other feels, and Veronica renews Archie's proposal to sing with him. The boy would like it, and he would also feel more peaceful but he refuses because he is determined to get by himself, which is approved by the girl.

Archie focuses on Veronica to defeat nervousness

Archie focuses on Veronica to defeat nervousness.

Veronica suggests the boy to focus on someone who gives him security, and Archie chooses to focus on her, despite the fact that her father is in the audience. The performance is fine in the end, and Veronica smiles sweetly throughout the song.

During the party to celebrate Polly's pregnancy, Betty Archie's older sister came out angry with her best friend Jughead Betty's new boyfriend because he had just discovered that his father was a Serpent, a gang member who had vandalized the Archie's father's yard. Veronica immediately realizes that Archie is in a bad mood, told them not to quarrel because it was Polly's day and pushed them to calm down and then accompany Archie out.

Some time later Archie is a knight for Cheryl Blossom at some events organized by the girl's family. Blossom are a wealthy and influential family and in return Cheryl's parents would have helped Archie enter a prestigious music school. When she found out, Veronica disapproved that it was a bad idea to ask and do favors for the Blossoms, but Archie didn't want to listen to her. It is possible that Veronica did not want Archie to be close to her nemesis Cheryl fearing that she could seduce him, which in fact the redhead tried to do.

However, visiting Blossom home Archie accidentally heard Mr. Blossom say that he was responsible for the arrest and imprisonment of Hiram Lodge Veronica's father who is shocked. Later Betty decided to organize a surprise birthday party for Jughead, now become her boyfriend and Veronica thought it was a fantastic idea, while Archie was not so sure, but in the end the brunette manages to convince him. This shows how much Archie takes her views into consideration, even if it is his best friend, whom he has known all his life who is almost a brother to him.

Shortly thereafter Veronica is threatened by jail from her father to testify in her favor. Obviously Veronica arrived at the party, upset and after the arrival of the cake she burst into tears and ran to the kitchen and Archie went after her completely disinterested in Betty and Jughead to try to comfort her, asking if it was for her father, who was so down however, Veronica didn't want to talk about it. To make her understand that he could understand her, Archie told her that her father had gone to visit her mother to sign their divorce documents. At that point, Ronnie knowing that her mother was having an affair with Mr. Andrews, expressed her solidarity despite what had just happened to her and then talked to Archie about it, revealing that she feared it was her father who killed Cheryl's brother, to take revenge. by Mr. Blossom.

Archie conforts Veronica

Archie conforts Veronica.

Shortly thereafter Cheryl shows up at the party with a lot of other people, and at the party begins to embarrass Archie and Veronica by talking badly about them. When Archie's relationship with Ms. Grundy is mentioned, Veronica instructs him not to respond to Cheryl's insults, not to go down to the level of the other redhead. Archie therefore remains silent, and when Chuck starts insulting Betty, he simply tells him to leave her alone, following Veronica's advice.

Archie: Do you ever wonder what if you'd done things differently? What if you had made different choiches?

Veronica: What do you mean, different choiches?

Archie: Evey day, I wonder what if I'd leave Riverdale with my mom? Would things be...? Would I be better off?

Veronica: I can't answer that, Archie, but we wouldn't have met and that would've been a tragedy of epic proportion.

Archie: I'm messed up, Veronica.

Veronica: We all are, Archie. And honestly you less than most.

After the party Archie is down both because his secret came out and because of the way his ex-girlfriend Valerie treated him when he tried to mend her. In addition, he drunk called his father to ask him not to divorce. Archie then vents with Veronica, and now she is doing her best to console him. Archie wonders if he would have been better off going to live with his mother in Chicago, but Veronica notes that they would never have met in that case, and that it would have been a tragedy. At that point Archie kisses her, and Veronica immediately kisses him in turn, and then sits on her knees deepening the kiss.

Archie and Veronica second kiss

Archie and Veronica second kiss.

Veronica stops to sleep at Archie's house, and he gives her his bed, sleeping on the bed of Jughead. In the morning Veronica smiles sweetly at Archie while she sleeps,and greets him with a kiss on the cheek, and then returns home, being seen by Jug while if to which, however, she asks not to say anything. Jug only talks to

Archie, and he makes the same request looking very happy. At school Veronica brings Betty coffee and donuts to school, and she notes that the last time she gave her sweets, it was to apologize for kissing Archie and Veronica chuckles.

Become a couple

Ronnie tells Archie that she can't start a relationship with him right now

Ronnie tells Archie that she can't start a relationship with him right now.

Archie: Ronnie, wait up. I just wanted to explain why I didn't call you after the party, My mom showed up out of nowhere.

Veronica: It's fine. You don't owe me an explation.

Archie: Wait, Veronica. Are we not gonna talk about what happened between us?

Veronica: Archie. We had a moment. A beautiful, but fleeting moment.

Archie: You spent the night.

Veronica: We crashed in separate beds.

Archie: I don't regret anythingh we said, Veronica, or did.

Veronica: Me neither, but I think you might be the boyfriend-worhty.

Archie: I agree. Let's test the theory at the homecoming dance.

Veronica: Unfortunately, I don't have the bandwidth to explore anything with anyone right now.

Archie: Well, in that case what if we just finally get to sing that duet together? I told my mom I was performing.

Veronica: Look, Archie, I'm sorry, but for a million reasons, we're gonna have to pretend out moment never happened. I'll see you later.

The next morning Archie, as soon as she sees Ronnie at school, apologizes for not calling her and telling her that her mother has suddenly reappeared. The girl, however, declares that he did not have to explain her and Archie is upset, perplexed that she does not want to talk about what happened. Veronica says that she likes Archie, but that she currently has too much to think about and can't get into a relationship. Archie then asks her to duet with him, since he promised his mother to sing for her, but Ronnie refuses to do this too. This shows not only that Veronica managed to get Archie to forget Valerie right away, but also that he trusts her and her skills enough to want her by his side on an important occasion, which would also allow him to show his talent to his mother.


bout Archie: {{Q|You're a li

You're a little more dangerous than you look, aren't you?
— Veronica
“Ask me a question, Archie. Ask me anything you want.”
— Veronica to Archie, 1x01
“Famous last words, Archiekins.”
— Veronica to Archie, 1x09
“But we wouldn't have met, and that would've been a tragedy of epic, epic proportions.”
— Veronica to Archie, 1x10
“We had this day with each other since the very beginning, Archiekins.”
— Veronica to Archie, 1x013
“I love you too Archie Andrews.”
— Veronica to Archie, 2x09
“I really needed to see your face.”
— Veronica to Archie, 2x12
“You are my beacon in the night.”
— Veronica to Archie, 2x12
“It shows how strong we are together. Us against the world.”
— Veronica to Archie, 2x14
“We are endgame.”
— Veronica to Hiram, 3x01

Archie to/about Veronica:

“I love you, Ronnie.”
— Archie to Veronica, 2x08
“Veronica, I love you, and there's nothing you could ever say that would change that. Or make me regret being with you or scare me away. I love you, Ronnie. I'm with you.”
— Archie to Veronica, 2x12
“I chose to be with you.”
— Archie to Veronica, 2x13
“I love you, Veronica.”
— Archie to Veronica, 3x01


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On AO3, Varchie is the most written ship for Archie and Veronica. It is also the third most written relationship in the Riverdale (TV 2017) tag.



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