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Ronnie, when I first met you... you were it for me. Everything I could have ever wanted. I saw our whole future
—Archie, saying goodbye[1]

Varchie is the het ship between Veronica and Archie from the Riverdale fandom.


Season 1

Archie sees Veronica for the first time

You know, it's funny. When I came first to Riverdale, I never imagined I would call it home. Ever. And then I came here to Pop’s. And that’s exactly what it felt like. Home.
—Veronica in 503 about Riverdale

The moment Archie sees Veronica walk into Pop's, he's lost to the world and only sees her in slow-motion, laughing at whatever joke she might make. Veronica, in turn, is mightily attracted to Archie, at first only superficially stating it's because she hasn't been with a red-head before. In spite of knowing how Betty feels about him and trying to make it happen for them, Veronica gives in to their attraction and kisses Archie at Cheryl's party. After the party, Veronica understands what a huge mistake they've made and telling Archie that he needs to find Betty.[2]

Archie and Veronica kiss for the first time.

Veronica tells the whole gang she's got herself a date. Archie says with a jealous tone, "You do?". Veronica's date, Chuck Clayton, turns out to be a slut shamer, and she ends up giving him a cold meal of revenge. When she comes to the boys' showers later, to scream at Chuck for slut-shaming her on Instagram, she runs into half-naked Archie who almost drops his towel by surprise. He tries to tell her to get out of the showers but Veronica is stubborn and tells him "I mean it Andrews, hit the showers and stay out of my way."[3] Veronica and Betty learns about the affair Archie has been having with their music teacher, Miss Grundy. Betty is determined to separate them and Veronica is after her. Archie later learns that Betty and Veronica broke into Miss Grundy's car. He calls Veronica for the very first time in her iconic nickname "Ronnie." "Ronnie, a little help here?" He tells her when Betty starts to tell him how wrong it is that he's dating a teacher. By the end of the episode, Miss Grundy is quitting from her job at Riverdale High, breaking up with Archie and leaving Riverdale.[4]

Veronica kisses Archie's injured hand.

Everyone sits to eat lunch and Veronica can't help but teasing Archie about Miss Grundy. "So how's life in a PG world? PG? Post Grundy? What? Too soon?" She says with a laugh and adding "You are back to being boring," A few minutes later Valerie Brown sits next to them and tells Archie, "I heard Miss Grundy was tutoring you." Veronica can't stop herself and says "understatement of the year" and laughs. Later, Veronica is at cheerleading practice and passing by Archie who sits on a bench and tries to tie up his wounded hand. When she sees him she comes and sits next to him, asking, "Isn't it your playing hand?" Archie nods. "Archie this hand is your instrument. You need to take better care of it." Archie tells her he got slammed because he didn't know how to play, which was because he was working on songs with Valerie. Veronica appears jealous, saying, "Valerie, huh?" Archie jokingly asks her if she's jealous. Veronica makes reference to their first kiss by saying, Please! I had my seven minutes in heaven with Archie Andrews." Veronica kisses his hand and tells him to take better care of it, before she walking away.[5]

Veronica offers Archie her help.

Archie is trying to get into the variety show. When he stands on the stage he's froze and running out of the hall. Veronica is concern and wants to help him. At lunch, she sits next to him and tells him that she got him in the variety show and if he is looking for a partner to sing with, she would love to do it. After school, Veronica is going to her mother's workplace, where she works with Archie's father, Fred. She accidentally walks in at her mother and Fred kissing. She comes to her meeting with Archie and surprised to find out that Valerie is now working with them. Veronica is upset and she tells Archie "not to be that girl, Archie, but I didn't get the memo we were adding another voice to the mix," she says with sarcasm. Archie explains that Valerie quit the Pussycats and now she can sing with them. Veronica is mad and tells Archie, "That makes me what then? A back-up singer?" Archie tries to say that he thought that she did it as a favor to him, but Veronica isn't talking just about him replacing her, also about their parents, locking lips earlier in the day. Veronica already had enough, tells him, "Don't do me any favors."

Archie looks over Veronica before performing.

She walks away, as revenge Veronica decides to join the Pussycats as Val quit. The Pussycats are welcoming to Veronica and as they walk in the hallway with the cat ears, Archie understanding what happened. Later that night, it's finally the variety show and Veronica sings with the Pussycats. Valerie also sings with the Pussycats returning to the group; before Archie's performance, he and Veronica exchange a few words: the first apologizes for putting her in the background due to the arrival of Valerie, and the second replies that she was angry with her mother and vented with him. They both genuinely care about how the other feels, and Veronica renews Archie's proposal to sing with him. The boy would like it, and he would also feel more peaceful but he refuses because he is determined to get by himself, which is approved by the girl. Veronica suggests the boy to focus on someone who gives him security, and Archie chooses to focus on her, despite the fact that her father is in the audience. The performance is fine in the end, and Veronica smiles sweetly throughout the song.[6]

During the party to celebrate Polly's pregnancy, Betty Archie's older sister came out angry with her best friend Jughead Betty's new boyfriend because he had just discovered that his father was a Serpent, a gang member who had vandalized the Archie's father's yard. Veronica immediately realizes that Archie is in a bad mood, told them not to quarrel because it was Polly's day and pushed them to calm down and then accompany Archie out.[7] Some time later Archie escorts Cheryl Blossom to family events. The Blossoms are a wealthy and influential family and in return Cheryl's parents would have helped Archie enter a prestigious music school. When she found out, Veronica disapproved, saying it was a bad idea to ask and do favors for the Blossoms, but Archie didn't want to listen to her. It is possible that Veronica did not want Archie to be close to her nemesis Cheryl fearing that she could seduce him. However, while at a Blossom event, Archie accidentally overhears Mr. Blossom say that he is responsible for the arrest and imprisonment of Hiram Lodge, Veronica's father.[8]

Archie comforts Veronica.

When Betty decides to organize a surprise birthday party for Jughead, now her boyfriend, Veronica thinks it's a fantastic idea, while Archie is not in favour as he knows Jughead doesn't want a party. Shortly thereafter Veronica is threatened with jail by her father to make her testify in his favor. Veronica arrives at the party upset and after the arrival of the cake she bursts into tears and runs to the kitchen. Archie goes after her to try to comfort her, asking if it's about her father, but Veronica doesn't want to talk about it. To make her understand that he could understand her, Archie shares that his father has gone to visit his mother to sign their divorce papers. At that point, Ronnie knowing that her mother was having an affair with Mr. Andrews, expressed her solidarity and then tells Archie about her woes, revealing that she feared it was her father who killed Cheryl's brother, to take revenge on Mr. Blossom. Shortly thereafter Cheryl shows up at the party with a lot of other people, and at the party begins to embarrass Archie and Veronica by talking badly about them. When Archie's relationship with Ms. Grundy is mentioned, Veronica instructs him not to respond to Cheryl's insults, not to go down to her level. Archie therefore remains silent, and when Chuck starts insulting Betty, he simply tells him to leave her alone, following Veronica's advice.

Archie and Veronica's second kiss.

Archie“Do you ever wonder what if you'd done things differently? What if you had made different choiches?”
Veronica“What do you mean, different choices?”
Archie“Every day, I wonder: what if I'd left Riverdale with my mom? Would things be...? Would I be better off?”
Veronica“I can't answer that, Archie, but we wouldn't have met and that would've been a tragedy of epic proportions”
Archie“I'm messed up, Veronica”
Veronica“We all are, Archie. And, honestly, you less than most”

After the party Archie is down both because his secret came out and because of the way his ex-girlfriend Valerie treated him when he tried to mend her. In addition, he drunk called his father to ask him not to divorce. Archie then vents with Veronica, and now she is doing her best to console him. Archie wonders if he would have been better off going to live with his mother in Chicago, but Veronica notes that they would never have met in that case, and that it would have been a tragedy. At that point Archie kisses her, and Veronica immediately kisses him in turn, and then moves to his lap, deepening the kiss. Veronica sleeps over at Archie's house, and he gives her his bed, sleeping on floor. In the morning Veronica smiles sweetly at Archie while he sleeps, and gives him a kiss on the cheek before leaving for home, being seen by Jug while if to which, however, she asks not to say anything. Jughead asks Archie about Veronica staying over and Archie also asks Jug not to say anything. At school Veronica brings Betty coffee and donuts to school, and she notes that the last time she gave her sweets, it was to apologize for kissing Archie and Veronica chuckles.[9]

Ronnie tells Archie that she can't start a relationship with him right now.

Archie — Ronnie, wait up. I just wanted to explain why I didn't call you after the party, My mom showed up out of nowhere.
Veronica — It's fine. You don't owe me an explanation.
Archie — Wait, Veronica. Are we not gonna talk about what happened between us?
Veronica — Archie. We had a moment. A beautiful, but fleeting moment.
Archie — You spent the night.
Veronica — We crashed in separate beds.
Archie — I don't regret anything we said, Veronica, or did.
Veronica — Me neither, but I think you might be the boyfriend-worthy.
Archie — I agree. Let's test the theory at the homecoming dance.
Veronica — Unfortunately, I don't have the bandwidth to explore anything with anyone right now.
Archie — Well, in that case what if we just finally get to sing that duet together? I told my mom I was performing.
Veronica — Look, Archie, I'm sorry, but for a million reasons, we're gonna have to pretend out moment never happened. I'll see you later.

Archie tries to kiss Veronica.

The next morning Archie, as soon as she sees Ronnie at school, apologizes for not calling her and telling her that his mother has suddenly reappeared. Veronica, however, declares that he did not have to explain her and Archie is upset, perplexed that she does not want to talk about what happened. Veronica says that she likes Archie, but that she currently has too much to think about and can't get into a relationship. Archie then asks her to duet with him, since he promised his mother to sing for her, but Ronnie refuses to do this too. This shows not only that Veronica managed to get Archie to forget Valerie right away, but also that he trusts her and her skills enough to want her by his side on an important occasion, which would also allow him to show his talent to his mother. At lunchtime, however, she claims that she will sing with him when Betty comments that Archie's songs are not cheerful enough for a school dance, and that they are thinking of more rhythmic pieces.

The third kiss of Archie and Veronica.

Later when Archie asks for explanations Veronica tells him that she wants a favor from him, Archie initially says that he wants to help her and tries to give her a kiss, but she backs away. When Veronica tells him that she wants to investigate Jughead's father, because she suspects that her father hired him to kill Jason Blossom, Archie although he really wants to help her refuses, because it does not seem right to him to act behind Jughead. But when Jughead tells Archie that he wants to return to live with his father, and that the latter has asked him questions about his research on the murder of Jason, Archie makes up an excuse to go out and Jug immediately senses that he is going to Veronica, although of course he assumes it is for a completely different reason. When Veronica finds him at home late at night, she asks him if he is not going to try to seduce her, but Archie tells her that he has decided to help her with her investigation, for Jughead's sake.

Archie — You wanted to see if we find anything incriminating, and we didn't
Veronica — We'll look somewhere else. Outside or under the trailer
Archie — Veronica... what do you want? Do you want your dad to be guilty?
Veronica — I wanna know, Archie. One way or the other, I need to be sure
Archie — We can't keep looking forever, Ronnie... and never finding anything
Veronica — Then what about when he comes home?
Archie — I'm not sure. But I'll be there, next to you, doing what I can to help, if you'll let me. And maybe I'm wrong, but not finding anything tonight feels like a win. A major win to the home team. What?
Veronica — Just... Yea though I walk through the valley of darkness, and... Archie Andrews is there with smile and a sports metaphor

On the evening of Homecoming the two rummaged in FP's roulette, but found nothing. Veronica gets nervous because she is terrified at the idea that her father will be released soon, and that she may find herself living with a murderer, but Archie reassures her, reminding her that whatever happens, he will be at her side and in the end the two kiss. At the dance the two sing a duet, flirting throughout the choreography and Archie's mother despite never having seen Veronica immediately senses that the two like each other, and her ex-husband Fred confirms instantly, although not even he knows the girl. The two clearly know their son well, but even so the harmony between him and the young Lodge must be evident. Ronnie and Archie quarrel with Betty after she finds out about their investigation, and when the Betty is hurt by Archie's participation, Veronica tries to take the blame for what happened. Afterwards, the two set out to look for Jughead together after his father was set up for the murder of Jason.[10]

Mary“So, Archie and Veronica are...?”
Fred“We haven't exactly had the conversation, but the Magic Ball 8 says yes[10]

Archie takes Veronica by the hand, to cheer her up.

Hermione is preparing to flee with her daughter for fear that the various crimes she has committed (corruption, falsification of documents, business with a criminal organization) will emerge, confessing to Ronnie everything she has done. Veronica calls Archie for his support as she faces becoming a fugitive, losing the life she had built in Riverdale, and every possibility of a normal future. Archie's looking for Jughead with Betty and Veronica realises where Jughead is: at Pop's, where they all go to find him. The next morning Archie tries to console Ronnie by pointing out that her father apparently has nothing to do with the murder, but she continues to suspect Hiram, and to give her strength Archie takes her hand. Later she keeps the girl updated on all the news that emerge during their investigations. Together with Kevin, they interrogate Joaquin, Kevin's boyfriend and member of FP's gang, the Serpents, going back to another Serpent who, however, find a corpse and who had received a lot of money from Ronnie's father. Eventually, however, the group finds out that Jason was killed by his own father Clifford.[11]

Veronica“Speaking of the truth. Archie and I wanted to tell you-”
Archie“We've kissed a couple of times[12]

Now that they are no longer investigating a murder, Veronica intends to tell Betty that she and Archie are now a semi-couple, which implies Veronica has finally accepted her feelings for Archie. Veronica tells Betty during lunch, although Archie tries to dissuade her, perhaps thinking that due to the various problems with the parents it is not the time (Betty had previously tried to accept the fact that Archie did not want to go beyond friendship with her but was very hurt). Veronica begins the conversation, but it is Archie who concludes it, and Betty says that now that she is with Jughead she is happy for her friends. The two thus become an official couple.

Afterwards, Archie talks privately with Betty, to make sure she's really okay that he's dating Veronica. After Betty's confirmation, Archie declares that he really likes Ronnie. However, he seems to be still unsure of his relationship with Veronica. Veronica begins to refer to Archie as her boyfriend. Hermione, who would like to buy Fred's shares in the project in which they are partners, asks her daughter to try talking to Archie for him to convince his father. Veronica intends to use sex to convince him, and when her mother approves, she responds angrily that she was joking, not approving of Hermione's plans. This shows that Ronnie really cares about her relationship with Archie, and doesn't want to ruin it.

Archie“Betty, I know you said you were okay about me and Veronica, but I just wanted to make sure--”
Betty“Because last time I said I was okay, I wasn't. Heh. But this time I promise... I am”
Betty“You and Veronica? You--”
Archie“I like her a lot. She's amazing[12]

Jughead who ends up in foster care after the arrest of his father, who is still accused of complicity in Jason's murder, moves to another school in Southside High, and thinking that he is in trouble, the group runs there to look for him. Luckily Jug is very well and while he and Betty are talking, Veronica notices that Archie stares intently at Betty, which worries her, but the troubles are not over yet: Cheryl devastated by the truth about the murder of her twin brother, and by suicide of her father, she decides to commit suicide in turn, sending a farewell message to the young Lodge. They try to stop her, but Cheryl falls into the frozen river anyway; Archie manages to save her by breaking through the ice with her fists, pulling her out of the water and injuring her hand. Ronnie tells Josie what happened with Cheryl and Josie agrees for the Pussycats to play Archie's song.

Veronica kisses Archie after he tells her he wants to be with her..

Veronica“When we were at Southside High... You were looking at Betty and Jughead ... I don't know, wistfully”
Veronica“Longingly. Like you liked Betty”
Archie“I do. I always will. As friends. The momet you're talking about... I was seeing Betty and Jughead, and I was seeing how good they were. And it confirmed how I've been feeling this last week. I wanna be that for you”
Veronica“A soulmate? A broud shoulder I can cry on every now and then?”
Veronica“I'd love that, Archie[12]

Backstage after making sure Archie can play Veronica hesitantly asks him why he stared at Betty, and he tells her he looked at how happy she and Jughead are and that he felt that way with her all week, and that he wants her to be for she is what Jug is for Betty. Veronica says she would like it and the two kiss. The success of the performance is total. At the end of the evening, Veronica's mother watches her daughter go away with Archie and for a moment she seems saddened, perhaps because Veronica did not help her to convince Fred that she refuses to sell ... or perhaps thinking that, unlike her, Veronica had the courage to choose a man not rich, but loyal and honest and who loves her sincerely.

We've had this date with each other from the very beginning, Archiekins[12]

The two couples (Archie and Veroncia, Betty and Jughead) celebrate at Pop and then split up. Archie and Veronica go to the girl's house and go to bed together. While they are having sex Veronica tells Archie that what is happening between them was destined from the moment they met, recognizing that the mutual attraction between them, was born already at the first meeting and did nothing but grow. The next morning the two greet each other with a kiss and are both visibly very happy.

Veronica“Leaving without saying bye? Didn't know you were such a scoundrel, Archiekins”
Archie“I was trying not to wake you. My dad texted me, to meet at Pop's for breakfast, which is what we do when he wants to talk about something serious. Probably me staying out all night”
Veronica“Heh. I'll call you later[12]

Season 2

After Archie is gone, Ronnie has breakfast and to celebrate the beginning of her relationship with Archie, she uncorks a bottle of prized Champangne. But while his new girlfriend is having breakfast, Archie has to take his father to the hospital, because while they were at Pops' a hooded guy came in and shot him.

Archie, however, informs Betty and not Veronica, and it is the blonde who turns the news to the young Lodge. It may be because Betty and Archie have been friends for years, while the young Lodge has just entered her life, so in a panic, Archie turned to the person most familiar to him.

Veronica, Betty and Jughead hug Archie.

Upon hearing of the assault, Veronica, Betty and Jughead rush to the hospital and give Archie a group hug. Veronica is the first to arrive and the first to hug Archie.

Veronica“There are things that I’m not good at. Grief, beside vigils, comforting boyfriends.”
Betty“That’s the old Veronica talking.”
Veronica“Old Veronica would ‘ve bolted by now, but new Veronica doesn’t want to let Archie down.”

Veronica is genuinely shocked by the event, and above all she is afraid of not being able to give comfort and support to Archie. As soon as the sheriff comes to question Archie, Jughead decides to accompany him and left alone with her friend she confides her fears. This proves that Veronica really wants the story between her and Archie to work.

Knowing that Fred is stable, Veronica tries to persuade Archie to go home, but he doesn't want to know. But Betty manages to convince him and suggests that Ronnie go with him.

Archie and Veronica take Vegas for a walk.

Arriving at Archie's house, the two stumble upon the Andrews' dog in Vegas and his owner realizes that he needs to be taken out. Ronnie smiles at seeing the red dog cuddled and offers to take him out, so that her boyfriend can wash, but Archie isn't sure she can do it, and asks her if he's ever taken a dog and the brunette. she admits they wore them out for her. The two of them take Vegas for a walk together.

While walking the dog, Archie tells Veronica about the relationship they have with Vegas, him and his father and the young heiress is moved by it, and then seems genuinely saddened by the tragedy that has occurred, and Archie tries to comfort her.

Archie and Veronica in the shower.

When Archie goes to take a shower, wanting to do something for him Veronica joins him in the shower and the two have sex.

Veronica: I’m sorry, but I’m not going. Archie, you shouldn’t be alone right now. You are angry and hurting and probably terrified. I know I am. So, go ahed. Yell at me and try to push me away, but I’m not going anywhere. Okay? Come here. Come here.

Veronica then takes Fred's things out of her bag and misses Mr. Andrews' wallet. But Archie gives in to her nervousness and addresses her in a slightly rude way, and eventually asks her to leave. Veronica is about to do it, looking pained, but then she thinks about it and tells him that she is willing to stay by his side.

Archie cries in Veronica's arms.

At that point Archie bursts into tears in the girl's arms. But when Archie has to go to the police for an acknowledgment, he asks Ronnie to go to the hospital and wait for him there.

The girl does, but then sends Jug and Betty to look for Fred's wallet at Pops and she goes to question her mother, to make sure she has nothing to do with the bombing.

Archie: You are the best girlfriend ever. And I do not deserve you.

Veronica: Why you say that?

Veronica then buys a new wallet for Fred. Archie is very appreciative and asks Veronica if they can talk about the assault. The girl would like to, but Jughead brings lunch to all their friends who have come to be next to Archie and interrupts them.

The four then eat together and Veronica continues to try to understand how Archie feels, and tries to convince him to talk to them and the redhead admits that during the attack, he was petrified by terror and that he fears, that the attacker, could get back to finish the job.

Veronica buys a new wallet for Fred Andrews

While talking to his comatose father, Archie tells him that if they had breakfast together, he would have told him that he is crazy about Veronica.

Archie and Ronnie briefly start acting more like a couple, for example before leaving with Jug, Archie kisses his girlfriend on the cheek. Archie is terrified that the attacker will return to finish the job and begins to spend the nights standing guard in the hall of his house. Betty, who lives in front of him, sees from the window that Archie's bed has remained unused and informs Veronica. The girl goes to the red to ask him why and he tells her, and the girl tries to advise him as she can.

Veronica welcomes Archie.

However, Archie decides to keep guard and buys Reggie drugs to stay awake. Miss Grundy is also killed shortly after, and Archie suspects (rightly so) that it was the same one who shot her father. Archie later goes to the concert organized by Betty to save the Pops (after the attack on Fred the place is in dire straits) and Veronica who is the chamber with the other cheerleaders is very happy to see him arrive and is proud that he managed to get back to Pops.

Veronica's father also goes to Pops, and Archie asks Veronica if he wants him to introduce himself, but Veronica comments that he's been through enough for that day. Archie seems to be feeling better thanks to the company of Ronnie and the others, but secretly buys a gun from Dilton Doiley. That same night the madman who is later dubbed the Black Hood attacks Moose and Midge, two of Archie and Ronnie's schoolmates.

Veronica introduces Archie to her father.

The girl invites Archie and the others to her house that evening, because she wants her father to meet her friends and be part of her life. The boy goes, but is completely absorbed in the murder and assaults. Veronica takes the opportunity to introduce Archie to her father, Hiram.
They both try to be friendly to make Veronica happy, and Hiram invites Archie over for dinner. The following day Veronica confirms the invitation to Archie.

Veronica: I have incredible news, Archiekins. You are invited to dinner, with my parents, chez moi.

Archie: Oh, Ronnie, this week's crazy--

Veronica: I don't care. Archie, this is nonnegotiable. That drive-by he did was a kind gesture, but this, this is like... I don't wanna call it a test, thoug it kind of is.

Archie: What am I being tested for?

Veronica: Not, you, my father. Can he just be a dad for one night? No agenda other than getting to know someone who's important to me.

Archie: In that case, I'll be there for you.

The boy would not want, having something else on his mind, but the girl declares that it is important, a kind of test, and when red asks her to prove what, she replies that it is a test not for him, but for her father, to see if he can behave like a father for at least one evening.

Archie happily accepts at this point, perhaps because Ronnie has just called him important to her. Archie happily accepts at this point, perhaps because Ronnie has just called him important to her. Veronica cares a lot about dinner, even though her mother is not enthusiastic about it and tries to cool her enthusiasm, as Fred tries to do with Archie.

Archie and Veronica have dinner with her parents,

Archie happily accepts at this point, perhaps because Ronnie has just called him important to her. Archie happily accepts at this point, perhaps because Ronnie has just called him important to her. Veronica cares a lot about dinner, even though her mother is not enthusiastic about it and tries to cool her enthusiasm, as Fred tries to do with Archie.

Then Hiram decides to talk to Archie face to face and the girl seems worried about him and goes to eavesdrop at the door. Hiram forces Archie to stay away from her daughter's bed and not harm her.

Archie threatens Black Hood.

Shortly after Archie who together with the football team formed a vigilante group the Red Circle and after talking to Hiram about it, threatens Black Hood with the rest of the group in an internet video. Hiram and Hermione are not happy with the video at all, and Hermione forbids Veronica from dating Archie, but she refuses saying that she is dating who she wants and that she wants to talk to Archie about the video.

At school Veronica confronts Archie on the Red Circle, berating him as he agrees with his parents, that the Red Circle is a bad idea, Archie then tells her that Hiram gave her the idea, but before Ronnie can continue the speech, Archie is summoned by the principal.

Archie“This is my battle, no one else needs to fight it.”
Veronica“No, no, no. If, it’s yours, then it’s mine, too. And it can’t just be you against an armed madman. No, Riverdale needs the Red Circle to expand, not contract.”
Archie“Yeah, but the guys—”
Veronica“Are spineless cowards, clearly. Lucky for you, I’m not.”

Veronica decides to support Archie in his fight against Black Hood.

Veronica then argues with Hiram, assuming she manipulated him into founding the Red Circle. Ronnie later goes to her boyfriend's house, to tell him that he supports him and his group, but Archie replies that the others have abandoned him, but the brunette insists that she won't and that Archie's war is hers too.

To show her support for Archie, Veronica stays up late making T-shirts with the Red Circle symbol. Archie is not happy to see it on her, because he fears for her safety, but she doesn't care and shows him that she has distributed the shirts all over the school.

When the sheriff and the principal want to see Archie, Veronica immediately declares that the t-shirts were her idea, but they tell her it's not for that and Archie reassures her.

Veronica: At least you were smart enough not to keep it in your locker. But a gun? Why? For What?

Archie: To protect myself.

Veronica: Against the Black Hood? Archie. That video, the gun. If I’m following you, I need to know where. I need to know the truth.

Archie: I want him dead, Veronica! I want the Black Hood dead. And I wanna be the one who does it. I wanna be… the last thing he sees.

Veronica: Spoken like a true vigilante.

Archie: No, you wanted the truth. I made that video and showed my face so he’d make me his next target. I went to the Southside hoping he would come for me.

Veronica: So, you find the Black Hood and you shoot him, and then what? You go to jail. Or you miss him and he kills you, Archie.

Archie: Doesn't matter what happens to me.

Veronica: Yes. It matters to me, and your daddy, Betty, Jughead.

Ronnie retrieves Archie's gun.

Veronica continues to defend Archie from her mother. Archie later sends Veronica to retrieve his gun, which he hid in the school bathroom. The girl does, but shortly after she asks her boyfriend in loud tones what she was going to do with a firearm. Archie eventually admits that he wants to kill Black Hood, admitting that he is trying to lure the insane into the trap. Angry Veronica tries to dissuade him. Shortly afterwards, the football team arrives: Reggie grateful that Archie didn't mention him to the principal for a black hood that he used to play a joke on him decided to return to the Red Circle, and took the rest of the team with him and Dilton.

Ronnie shoots to stop the fight and save Archie.

Unfortunately there is also a much less welcome sight: the Serpents. Two of them had threatened Archie with a knife and he had pulled out his gun to put them on the run and now the gang wants to make him pay.

Thus a fight breaks out between the Red Circle and the Serpents. Archie asks Ronnie to stay indoors, but she convinces the two groups not to use weapons. One of the Serpents, however, takes out the knife and to prevent him from using it on Dilton, Veronica shoots in the air to make the enemies flee.

Archie“Tonight we really messed up, Ronnie. Things go so out of control.”
Veronica“At least Dilton’s gonna be okay.”
Archie“Yeah, but only because of you. You saved him Ronnie. And me.”
Veronica“These are fraught times, Archie. No one’s thinking straight. We have to… hold on to each other. Right?”

Veronica treats Archie,

Archie and Veronica get rid of the gun.

Archie thinks that if he had had the gun he would have used it, but Veronica is sure not and tells him. The two kiss and are about to have sex, but Veronica stops and convinces Archie to throw the gun into the river.

Betty later tells Archie she has to talk to him, but only if she promises not to tell anyone including Veronica, and he accepts. Betty claims that Black Hood phoned her and that she threatened her sister if she tells anyone, so Archie promises to be beside her.

To kick off the SoDale project, the Lodges need wealthy investors and invite the Saint Claire family whose son Nick is an old friend and companion of Veronica's who is entrusted with the task of entertaining him. The girl tells her friends about it and reassures Archie that he has nothing to fear. Archie then goes to the Lodges for dinner with Nick. The two don't seem to like each other very much and Archie clearly feels out of place between two rich friends.

Archie and Veronica under the influence of drugs.

To keep Nick from reaching out to Veronica, Archie gets on drugs and under the influence of the Jingle-Jangle, the redhead and the brunette flirt heavily. Black Hood forces Betty to remove Veronica from her life and the blonde is forced to insult her heavily. Archie scolds Betty and when she leaves, he hesitantly asks Veronica if she's okay. Nick later tries it out with Ronnie, but she angrily rejects him.

The next day, a furious Archie goes to ask Betty for an explanation that she tells him the truth and of Black Hood's new order: leave Jughead. The blonde begs Archie to do it for her, and eventually he accepts.

Because of that, and a bad fight with Jug, Archie doesn't go to the open house, although Veronica doesn't seem to mind ... and after Nick drugs and tries to rape Cheryl, the girl has something else on her mind.

Archie tells Ronnie to leave Betty alone.

Since he can no longer count on anyone else, Archie ends up spending more and more time with Betty, trying to be supportive and trying to get her to talk to Jughead and Veronica, but the blonde prefers to postpone. The boys' parents later round them up to scold them for taking drugs, and when Ronnie talks badly about Betty, Archie tells her to leave her alone because she just broke up with Jughead.

Betty gives up and reveals everything and Veronica, even that by order of Black Hood she has to find out who Sugarman is the producer of the Jingle-Jangle. Ronnie decides to help her, but the two are brought to the Ghoulies' lair, a rival gang of the Serpents that Jughead has just joined, just as he and Archie were proposing a challenge to the rival boss for control of Southside High, the new school of Jughead.

Archie“Don’t worry, Ronnie, we got this.”
Veronica“Just make it back to me. Preferably in one piece, Archiekins.”

Veronica gives Archie a lucky kiss before the race.

Eventually Serpents and Ghoulies decide to settle with a car speed race and Jug chooses Archie as a co-driver. Veronica tries to convince Archie not to attend, but he replies that he has a plan. In the end, Ronnie looks pretty reassured. In the end, Ronnie looks pretty reassured. Veronica attends the race and before the departure she gives her boyfriend a lucky kiss. Eventually the red's plan (to warn the police) works, because the Ghoulies will end up in jail for clandestine running.


You're a little more dangerous than you look, aren't you?
“Ask me a question, Archie. Ask me anything you want”
— Veronica to Archie, 1x01
“Famous last words, Archiekins”
— Veronica to Archie, 1x09
“But we wouldn't have met, and that would've been a tragedy of epic, epic proportions”
— Veronica to Archie, 1x10
“We've had this date with each other since the very beginning, Archiekins”
— Veronica to Archie, 1x013
“I love you too, Archie Andrews”
— Veronica to Archie, 2x09
“I really needed to see your face”
— Veronica to Archie, 2x12
“You are my beacon in the night”
— Veronica to Archie, 2x12
“It shows how strong we are together. Us against the world”
— Veronica to Archie, 2x14
“We are endgame”
— Veronica to Hiram, 3x01
“I love you, Ronnie”
— Archie to Veronica, 2x08
“Veronica, I love you, and there's nothing you could ever say that would change that. Or make me regret being with you or scare me away. I love you, Ronnie. I'm with you”
— Archie to Veronica, 2x12
“I chose to be with you”
— Archie to Veronica, 2x13
“I love you, Veronica”
— Archie to Veronica, 3x01


forever mine | ANDRA DAY
archie and veronica at pop's[13]


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On AO3, Varchie is the most written ship for Archie and Veronica. It is also the third most written relationship in the Riverdale (TV 2017) tag.



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