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This article is about Venti and Lumine. You may be looking for the ship between Venti and Aether.

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VenLumi is the het ship between Venti and Lumine from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Archon Quest

In Prologue Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind, when Lumine and Paimon venture into to the heart of the forest, they see Venti (whose identity is unknown at this point) attempting to comfort Dvalin. However, their interruption startles them, and they both flee. While testing the Wind Glider gifted to her by Amber, Mondstadt is attacked by “Stormterror”, but Lumine is able to fend him off with the aid of a mysterious stranger who prevented her fall “with the power of a thousand winds.”

In Prologue Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears, after Lumine leaves the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, Paimon notes that she did not actually reveal everything they saw in the forest to the Knights. Lumine replies that she would like to investigate on her own regarding the "green guy" and that she did not think he was a bad person. Paimon suddenly notices him, but he disappears again. Using elemental sight, Lumine eventually tracks him down to the Anemo Archon Statue Plaza where Venti is performing for a group of spectators. After finishing his tale about Dvalin and the Anemo Archon, Venti recognizes Lumine and Paimon as the ones who scared Dvalin away in the forest. Venti officially introduces himself as a bard and Lumine questions him about Dvalin aka "Stormterror". She shows him the teardrop crystal and, to everyone's surprise, the crystal has been mysteriously purified. Venti hands Lumine another teardrop crystal which she also purifies. Venti is impressed and says that someone like her is going to get written in a bard’s poem. To relieve Dvalin of his anguish Venti devises a plan and tells Lumine to meet him at the "Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero." After he leaves, Lumine remarks that his voice seemed familiar.

At Windrise, they converse about the Anemo Archon and Dvalin's condition. Venti remarks that being with Lumine under the great tree gives him a feeling similar to the teardrop crystal being purified. He says that he was also infected by the poison plaguing Dvalin when Lumine and Paimon unwittingly interrupted them earlier. To make up for it, he tells Lumine to come to Mondstadt Cathedral with him to claim a certain "Holy Lyre der Himmel." Venti reveals his plan of using the Holy Lyre der Himmel to help draw out Dvalin's gentle nature. Paimon expresses skepticism at this plan and Venti asserts himself as the best bard in the word. He asks Lumine to look into to his eyes and asks her whether or not she finds him trustworthy. One of the dialogue options can have Lumine say that the color of Venti's eyes is like the sky in her hometown to which he amusedly replies that such a line does not work on a bard.

At the cathedral Venti tries to persuade the Sister to let him borrow the Holy Lyre even going so far as to reveal his identity as Barbatos, the Anemo Archon, but to no avail. Lumine tries her luck as well, but the outcome is the same. Venti then reveals his new plan of having Lumine steal the Holy Lyre reasoning that being an Honorary Knight of Favonius she could talk her way out of it she gets caught. Lumine expresses surprise at Ventis reveal of being Barbatos and says that she just can't abandon him if he really is a god. When Venti questions why her decision to help him hinges on him being a god or not Lumine tells him that she will help Dvalin anyway and that she does not want to see another separation.

In the basement of the Cathedral, just as Lumine and Paimon reach the Holy Lyre, a Fatui Electro Cicin Mage steals it away before their eyes. Lumine and Paimon are caught by a Knight of Favonius and together with Venti they flee the Cathedral. The group hides on the second floor of Angel's Share and Diluc covers for them by purposefully misleading the Knights pursuing them. Venti once again plays his song about the dragon and Diluc promises to help by organizing some contacts. Diluc's contact turns out to be Jean and together the group of Lumine, Paimon, Diluc and Jean go to a Fatui hideout to retentive the Holy Lyre. They successfully retrieve the Lyre, but Venti says that it has seen thousands of years of history and it's anemo power has run dry. Lumine partially fixes the Lyre by using the same purifying magic used on the teardrops. To further replenish its power Venti suggests getting even more teardrops. After obtaining more tears the group successfully manage to fully repair the Holy Lyre. They then decide to meet at Starsnatch Cliff to meet with Dvalin. Dvalin appears when Venti plays the lyre but just as his conversation with Dvalin reaches a critical moment, an Abyss Mage suddenly appears and bewitches the dragon. Blinded by his hatred for Mondstadt, Dvalin takes flight and departs in a rage.

In Prologue Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom, Venti suggests confronting Dvalin directly at Stormterror's Lair. He says that their trump card in doing so is not the Holy Lyre, but Lumine because of her possible ability to purify Dvalin's curse just as she did to the teardrops. After breaking the seal in the lair, Venti promises to channel Anemo energy for Lumine like the last time as she confronts Dvalin.  Lumine realizes it was Venti's voice she heard as he broke her fall when Dvalin attacked Mondstadt. After defeating Stormterror, the platforms give in, and everyone loses their footing but Dvalin swoops in and catches them all.

After the Stormterror threat is quelled, they return to the Cathedral to return the Lyre. The sight of the badly damaged Holy Lyre causes Barbara to panic. Venti uses a magical illusion to "fix" the lyre, and they leave the Cathedral before Barbara has the chance to see through it. But just outside the Cathedral, Venti, Lumine and Paimon encounter the Fatui Harbinger, La Signora, who insults Venti and has Lumine restrained. She forcefully grabs Venti's Gnosis from his chest and Lumine cries out to him, however both are knocked unconscious.

When Lumine wakes up, Barbara reveals that Venti had left for The Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero. At the tail end of the Mondstadt Archon Quest, Venti, Lumine and Paimon once again converse at Windrise. Venti remarks that they make a great team and asks Lumine if she would like to become one of the new Four Winds of Mondstadt after she finds her brother. Before Lumine and Paimon set off for the neighboring region of Liyue, Venti reminds her that her journey is not about the destination alone and that eveything she encounters from the birds of Teyvat to the Fatui are all part of her journey. Lumine then says she understands and heads off to Liyue.

In the Inazuma Archon quest, Chapter II Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals, Lumine confronts Signora in Tenshukaku. To avenge all those who were harmed by Delusions and for taking Venti’s Gnosis back in Mondstadt, Lumine challenges her to a duel before the throne.

Carmen Dei

In Venti's Story Quest, Act I, Lumine uses the nirnama detector given by Venti, and the two go around the plaza to use the nirnama detector. However, Ellin says to Lumine that she needs to deliver a message to Jack at Temple of the Lion. When Lumine went in the Temple of the Lion Venti was added to the party.

In the last part of Act I, after Stanley reconnected his true self by Venti, Venti asked Lumine to meet at the "usual place." After Lumine went to the usual place, Venti tells Lumine a story about his friend and, after Venti tells Lumine about the story, his story quest then ends.

Windblume Festival

In Act I, Lumine goes to the Mondstadt Plaza and, after discussing the meaning of Windblumes with Mondstadt citizens, they see Venti in front of the decorated Barbatos Statue teaching a “poetry class." Venti explains the Windblume festival to Lumine and promises her that she won't feel lonely with him around. Venti appoints Lumine and Paimon his assistants to help him with grading the participants of his Windblume poem class. They were to provide feedback to the participants according to Venti’s body language. The Act ends with Venti telling Lumine that he is going great lengths to make sure she is part of the festival.

In Act II, Lumine and Paimon walk into Jean’s office to meet Kaeya and Venti. Kaeya hasn’t finished his poem, so he asks Lumine and Venti to help his friend Nimrod at the tavern. After giving Nimrod materials to make his gift, Lumine and Venti report back to Kaeya where he has finished his poem. Venti reads out the poem, unimpressed at the lack of seriousness Kaeya put into it. Kaeya gives Lumine another errand. After winding up at the Cathedral, the group chase a crying Barbara. After finding a love letter that was initially veiled as treat  buried by one of Barbara’s fans, the Act ends with Venti ridiculing the sender and saying he has realized who the sender is. Lumine muses that she knows as well but Venti tells her not to say it out loud and to let Paimon guess on her own, much to the latter's annoyance.

In Act III, Lumine meet Timaeus and Venti at the Alchemy table, where Timaeus says he hasn’t finished his poem yet. Continuing the theme of discovering the true Windblume, Sucrose explains a formula that might have to do with the true Windblume, and asks them to bring it to Albedo near Dragonspine. Albedo says that it is unlikely to be a Windblume, and asks them to find materials so he can make it. The formula is revealed to be a recipe to make an ancient, extinct species of Sweet Flower. Albedo sends them off to gift it to Sucrose, where she exclaims excitedly that as far as she was concerned, this was her Windblume. Venti turns to Timaeus and asks for his poem. Paimon realizes they had forgotten Bennett, and so they rush to the Thousand Winds Temple, freeing Bennett and Razor from a mechanism that had trapped them. Bennett gives his poem to Venti, and explains that the Wolfhook was Razor’s choice of Windblume while Bennett's was a Dandelion. Venti and Lumine then head off to the Angel’s Share. After they arrive, Kaeya informs her that in light of her contributions to Mondstadt she is named the Windblume Star, and in turn must offer a Windblume to the Anemo Archon, Barbatos. Venti asks for Kaeya’s tuition fee, and is pleased to see that it is 3 bottles of expensive wine. The Act ends off with Lumine leaving the tavern.

In Act IV, Lumine starts off by talking to Jean in front of the Barbatos statue, where she asks her if she has chosen her Windblume, to which Lumine turns to Venti and asks him what type of flower he likes. Venti replies with “Eh?... Very cunning, trying to cheat, are we?”. Jean is annoyed at this and Paimon chides them for divulging secrets in front of everyone. Venti tells Lumine to not worry about him and to pick something she likes. The choices of Windblume that the game offers are Dandelion, Windwheel Aster, Cecilia (Venti’s favorite flower), Small Lamp Grass, Sweet Flower, or Wolfhook. (Choice of flower does not affect the story or any dialogue). If Lumine were to choose Cecilia (Venti's favorite flower,) Venti remarks that her choice was interesting.  Lumine asks him if he likes it to which Venti tells her to take a guess. Lumine puts her hands on her hips, unimpressed, and Paimon tells him to stop making everyone guess all the time, so he agrees to telling her his thoughts but at a less crowded place. Paimon asks where this place was and Venti tells Lumine to come to Stormterror’s Lair. When they arrive, Venti tasks Lumine to clean up the place as a Windblume gift to Dvalin and tells her to meet him at the top of the tower when she is done. At the top of the tower Venti and Lumine admire the scenery together and he tells her that when he has nothing else to do, he comes there just to sit and gaze awhile. He then asks her if she liked Mondstadt's Windblume Festival to which Lumine affirms that she does. Venti then accurately guesses than she still wished to ask him something. Lumine says nothing, and Venti says he knows that she was wondering about what Windblumes truly were. He says that there is no single answer and that there were no true Windblumes in existence. The word “Windblume” originated from the age of Old Mondstadt as a code word that the people used to stay in contact and mount resistance in secret. He says that according to him, Windblumes don’t exist. but were still they are all around them all the same.

He explains that "They are the spirit of yearning for freedom, the courage to follow the wind wherever it may lead... All objects that are beautiful and worthy of blessing... All can be Windblumes.” Paimon again responds with “You can’t see them, but you can feel their presence everywhere... just like the wind!” Venti replies with “Haha, well said. So what are Windblumes? Something that the Anemo Archon Barbatos will not define.” (camera zooms closer to Venti’s face.) “Flowers of blessings, flowers of respect, (Venti turns toward Lumine, voice very slightly softer) flowers of love. Every Individual has their own (camera goes back to showing all 3) Windblumes, and every individual has the right to define them.” Lumine replies with “I enjoy the feeling of freedom, too.” Camera zooms back to Venti’s face in which he replies “I know.” It zooms back out and he faces toward Lumine and continues “It is people’s shared will that brings them onto the same page. And surely it is the wind of freedom that brought us together. It comes from the end of the journey. The edge of the world. (Venti faces back towards the sky) The depths of our hearts. It is ceaseless.”

“Who was it that stroked your bloodied, determined visage
By stream flowing small
By boulder standing large
Who was it that embraced your weary yet noble soul in dreams deep
In skies soaring
Dear friend
I am leading you by the hand
Into the night where lanterns shine bright
To tell you a tale of freedom and dreams
The tale of where this festival begins.”

A cutscene plays showing several friendships and relationships, with Venti narrating. “My answer is this: So long as we can both share fond memories, it doesn’t matter. Let the heart decide.” He seemingly means to face towards Lumine when Dvalin interrupts and flies by, and the group watches him. Act IV then ends.



Lumine“Everyone says that Mondstadt is the land of the wind. But I wonder which direction the seasonal winds come from.”
Paimon“Why don't we ask Venti?”
Lumine“He'll probably just dodge the question with a "hehe" or something...”
Paimon“True. The Anemo Archon is just a Tone-Deaf Bard. What does he know about the wind?”
— Lumine's Voiceline about the Way the Wind Blows
Lumine“On the way back to Mondstadt after rescuing Dvalin... We finally got to see one of the Seven Archons, didn't we? It was interesting to see what kind of god he was.”
Paimon“Hmm... Haven't we known Venti for quite a while now?”
Lumine“As Venti, yes... But still, this was the first time that we got to see him as the Anemo Archon, Barbatos. Normally, he hides his true divinity behind the facade of a bard. What does freedom really mean, when demanded of you by a god? That question that he asked Dvalin... I'm still contemplating that, you know?”
— Lumine's Voiceline about The God of Freedom
Paimon“Mondstadt is full of wide plains and rolling hills. People say that when Barbatos made this land, he used the storm to flatten the cliffs and valleys...”
Lumine“Still, it looks like he missed a few spots.”
Paimon“Like Starsnatch Cliff?”
Lumine“Exactly. On the map, it almost looks as if it was meant to be the apex of a vertical structure, but ended up at the wrong orientation.”
Paimon“Wh—What's an "apex"?”
— Lumine's Voiceline about Mondstadt's Terrain

Carmen Dei

“Ah... You know, you're so smart it almost makes me uncomfortable sometimes... But then, maybe it's right that true friends can tell what the other is thinking.”
— Venti to Lumine at the end of Act I in Venti's Story Quest


“The Anemo Archon's not very reliable, but he's a gentle soul.”
— Lumine to "Kichiboushi" in Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas: Two Cities' Recommendations


On AO3, VenLumi currently has 470+ romantic works and 240+ gen works. Their current rivals are ChiLumi, which is Lumine's most popular ship, and XiaoVen, which is Venti's most popular ship.



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  • Venti narrates the opening cutscene in the beta version of the game. He tells of the Unknown God who took Aether away and the nightmares Lumine had to endure while she slumbered.
  • In the original Chinese text, Venti's Windblume poem changes slightly depending on whether the Traveler is Lumine or Aether, implying that his poem is about the Traveler themselves.
  • Prior to the release of the game, to celebrate Venti's birthday, HoYoVerse released a comic and web event where Lumine learns to play the lyre to surprise Venti on his birthday.
  • The Wings of Shimmering Galaxy glider lore reveals that the gilder was given to the Traveler by Venti.



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