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“ I like to drink! And I like the wind! If only there were such a thing as wind-brewed cider...”
— Venti's Voiceline about Venti's Hobbies

Venti x Wine is the cargo ship between Venti and wine from the Genshin Impact fandom.


In Act II of Mondstadt's Quest, After Venti and the Traveler hiding upstairs, when Traveler talks to Diluc. Venti says that today he think he'll have a glass of— Diluc cutted him and tells him put down that bottle he stole from behind the counter. Diluc tells that he wanted answers, Venti then tells that let him finish his drink first. Before that Diluc mentions that Venti looks rather young to drink which the boy ignores due to him being over 2000 years old.

The Traveler goes to Windrise to talk to Venti before departing Mondstadt to Liyue. Before the Traveler departs Mondstadt and goes off to Liyue, the Traveler apologizes to Venti for borrowing the Statue's Anemo Power without asking, Venti seems to laugh it off and tells them to use it gratefully or better yet, treat him to a glass of dandelion wine.

In Carmen Dei, Venti and the Traveler go and rescue Jack. After Traveler and Venti has rescued Jack, Jack tells Venti and the Traveler to help him. While Venti on the other side disagreed, Jack told him that he has a bottle of rare vintage wine so if he helps him then he'll get it. So Venti now agreed. After Venti and the Traveler helped Jack, Jack went away although Venti still knew about the wine he promised so he was disappointed. In the end of Venti's Story Quest, when Paimon asks Venti about the wine that Jack promised. Venti proceeded to say that it was just a half bottle of regular cider.

In Jean's Story Quest, when Traveler was at the party. When Traveler comes to Venti and talk to him, he appears to be drunk. When Traveler talks to Diluc, Diluc was counting how many glasses Venti drank. He mentioned that Venti was drank at least 37 glasses. As a teacher in the Windblume Festival, Venti's cost of payment for the teaching of learning how to write love poems is wine. With one of his students being Kaeya, he is payed three bottles of wine from the male. He later invites the Traveler for a drink of Wine after saving Razor and Bennett.

Venti thinks about Diluc and his vintage wines that he must have stored away, the Traveler tells Venti that they weren't let them sample it. Not even at the slightest drop, Venti chuckles it off and says at least they can still appreciate the aroma since that's still better than no wine he asks.


“I'm not surprised you want to befriend Master Diluc, just think of all vintage wine he must have stored away... Mwuhahaha... Huh? He doesn't let you sample it? Not even the slightest drop? Huh... Well, I guess you can still appreciate the aroma. That's still better than no wine at all, right? No?”
— Venti's voiceline about Diluc


In most fanarts, Venti has the wine on his hands or he is drinking it. This ship is overall small due to the fact most cargo ships in the fandom aren't popular. Although this gained some attentions due to the fact because of the Archon Quest and Story Quests. There aren't currently any fan written works but most of them include Venti drinking the wine in Diluc Tavern. Fan art tends to be rare.



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