Veracxa is the femslash ship between Veronica and Acxa from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Acxa and Veronica are shown to interact once Acxa joins the Atlas crew in season 8. There, Acxa is included in a conversation with Veronica, where Acxa recounted the story of her deceased friend Narti. She described the story of how Narti could "experience the world" via Kova her cat, much to the confusion of Veronica and the others.

Afterwards, in the Atlas cafeteria, Acxa is seen sitting alone at a table, eating. Veronica then calls Acxa over from another table to join her and the MFE pilots. Once Acxa joins them, Veronica inquires about her prior adventures, including how she met the paladins. Acxa responds in a vague manner, much to the confusion of the team. After a series of unintentionally insensitive comments by Veronica and the pilots, Acxa is insulted when Ina Leifsdottir outright says the conversation is awkward because of Acxa's galra lineage.

Later, Acxa is seen working away the Atlas firing range. She is joined by Veronica, who Acxa is annoyed by, as Veronica turns out to of been following Acxa everywhere. Acxa believes that this is because Veronica distrusts her, but Veronica says this is not the case. Instead, Veronica actually wants to get to know Acxa, citing how she knows how hard it is to fit in. Acxa remarks that she's used to it, as she had a difficult upbringing, and bitterly remarks that she wonders if her people have the ability to change. Veronica tells her that she was able to change, and that's enough proof. She then tells Acxa that she wants to know "the Acxa that turned her life around," as everyone would to know that side of Acxa. Acxa is shocked but pleased.

Afterwards they arrive at the Atlas Bridge where Veronica contacts Keith. They figure out that the person speaking to them is not in fact, the actual paladins and it was a decoy. They track the decoy to Zethrid's ship, as Zethrid had set up a trap to capture Keith and lure in Acxa, as she blames them for Ezor leaving her. After Acxa tries and fails to get Zethrid to step down, Zethrid tries to shoot Acxa only to be stopped by Veronica.


This ship has garnered quite a lot of attention from the fandom since the release of the New York Comic Con 2018 official poster on October 5, 2018, showing Veronica walking closely next to Acxa. The two were shipped more after their interactions in Season 8.

On March 4, 2019 when the creators Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery appeared on AfterbuzzTv for a series review, Dos Santos voiced his support for the ship, citing it as "valid".



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