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Veronica Lodge is a principal character from the Riverdale fandom.



Beronica — the ship between Veronica and Betty Cooper
Cheronica — the ship between Veronica and Cheryl Blossom
Lopaz — the ship between Toni Topaz and Veronica
Melonica — the ship between Melody Valentine and Veronica
Mironica — the ship between Midge Klump and Veronica
Valronica — the ship between Valerie Brown and Veronica
Verosie — the ship between Veronica and Josie McCoy
Vethel — the ship between Veronica and Ethel Muggs
Volly — the ship between Veronica and Polly Cooper


Clayronica — the ship between Veronica and Chuck Clayton
Jasonica — the ship between Jason Blossom and Veronica
Jeronica — the ship between Veronica and Jughead Jones
SweetVee — the ship between Veronica and Sweet Pea
Trevonica — the ship between Trev Brown and Veronica
Vangs — the ship between Veronica and Fangs Fogarty
Varchie — the ship between Veronica and Archie Andrews
Veggie — the ship between Veronica and Reggie Mantle
Voose — the ship between Veronica and Moose Mason


Chonica — the ship between Toni Topaz, Veronica and Cheryl Blossom
Sweetvangs — the ship between Veronica, Sweet Pea and Fangs Fogarty


Archie Andrews

Main article: Varchie

Archie and Veronica have a mutual sexual attraction from the moment they meet. Veronica tries to curtail herself because of her friendship with Betty and as it's only a physical attraction. Despite this, she makes out with Archie, but regrets it and they become friends. Comforting each other over their respective parental issues, they hook up again and slowly start dating. The release of Veronica's mafia father from prison complicates their romance as her father wants to get rid of Archie and eventually causes their break-up. After working with the FBI to get Hiram Lodge put back behind bars, they get back together.

Reggie Mantle

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Veronica and Reggie have a flirtatious and sometimes antagonistic relationship throughout their sophomore year, which at one point results in Veronica punching Reggie. After Reggie shortly works for and is abandoned by Hiram Lodge during the riot, he sobers up and reprioritises, which gives them a clean slate. After buying Pop's from her father, Veronica decides to open a speakeasy in its basement and hires Reggie as a bartender/manager. They spend a lot of time together and their natural flirtation resurfaces, as they become friends. Their sparks culminate in a kiss and they start a relationship, temporarily halted by Archie's return to Riverdale, but that break-up is finalised. Reggie and Veronica move forward together as each others' support and partners in crime, until Reggie starts having feelings for Veronica and worries they're not reciprocated. Though Veronica develops feelings for him, too, she's not ready for another full-blown relationship and they break up. When her parents announce their divorce, Veronica seeks comfort with Reggie. Upon realising what she's going through, Reggie doesn't think it's the right time for them and ends things. They almost get back together, until Veronica suddenly dumps Reggie to reunite with Archie.


Jughead Jones

Main article: Jeronica

Cheryl Blossom

Main article: Cheronica

Betty Cooper

Main article: Beronica



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