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“That's why he needs me to take care of him.”
— Victor about Roman.

Vicroman is the slash ship between Roman "Black Mask" Sionis and Victor Zsasz from the DC Extended Universe fandom.


In the Birds of Prey movie, Victor is Roman's henchman. They are codependent villains with not really explained nature of their relationship. However, there's a lot of sexual tension between them and a subtext of them, possibly having a romantic or/and sexual relationship.

Zsasz is completely loyal to Sionis, what is emphasized every time these two appear on screen. He also really cares about his boss - we could see Victor comforting Roman, trying to calm him down whenever he got nervous. When Zsasz discovers Black Canary's betrayal, he soon afterwards has a short talk about it with her and comments on it, "that's why he (Roman) needs me to look out for him. That's why he needs me to take care of him".

Victor is the only person which knows Roman so well, because of their closeness. He's the only person, who knows the vulnerable side of him.

Zsasz and Sionis spend a lot of time together every day, not only when Victor needs to tell him some important news. In one of the scenes we can also see them eating breakfast together. Both of them are very touchy-feely towards each other.

In a scene when Roman gives Dinah a tour on his room, we can especially see Victor's jealousy, because of the fact she suddenly became the center of Sionis's attention. Eventually, he says about Harley being the one who blown up Ace Chemicals and that she and Joker split up, to get back Roman's interest - with success.


Roman and Victor's deep connection, a big amount of sexual tension and a subtext of a possible romantic or/and sexual relationship between them are the reasons this ship sailed so quickly, after BoP's premiere. Ewan McGregor (Black Mask's actor) when talking about their relationship, said that "it’s very complicated" and that "their relationship is very much based in— there’s a want and a need in there for sure".[1] It should be emphasized that he was talking about it before the movie's release, so he couldn't spoil much.



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  • Roman Sionis is canonically gay in the DCEU.
  • Victor Zsasz was defined so far as "more than likely" gay by Ewan McGregor (Black Mask's actor) before the movie's release.[2]







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