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Vigilmaker is the slash ship between Adrian Chase and Christopher Smith from the Peacemaker fandom.


Best Friends for Never

Chris is crying when Adrian appears at his window in Vigilante gear. Chris calls him a stalker, and Adrian asks if he's alright. They start arguing till Chris asks why he didn't just knock on the front door like a normal person. Adrian saw the light on and thought someone was creeping around and is really happy that Chris is back. He asks why Chris is crying, and tries to play it off as doing "face exercises". Adrian asks if Chris will teach him, and Chris says yes.

Chris says that his place was turned upside down when he was arrested, so it's a complete mess. Adrian asks if he wants help cleaning up and Adrian starts doing so. He asks how Chris got out, and Chris says that it's a secret. Adrian points out that he's Chris' best friend, but Chris says that he's not. Adrian asks who it is and Chris says that its Eagly. Adrian asks who his human best friend is, and Chris points out that he doesn't even know Adrian's real identity. Adrian says that he doesn't to keep Chris safe, and Chris asks if he really thinks people will torture him to get his secret identity. Adrian says that he's careful, which is the reason Chris went to prison and he didn't. He asks again how Chris got out, and Chris says that he kills people for the government now. Adrian thinks that's sick, but Chris admits that he's been having a lot of thoughts about what he's doing.


A Whole New Whirled

  • Chris repeatedly deletes Adrian's messages off his phone.
  • Chris waves hi to Adrian when he recognizes him.
  • Adrian excitedly dances over seeing that Chris is back.


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Vigilmaker is the most popular ship in the Peacemaker fandom. It quickly gained traction after the second episode, and people would notice how much emphasis was put on their relationship.

On AO3, Vigilmaker is the most written ship for both Adrian and Christopher. It is also the most written ship in the Peacemaker (TV 2022) tag.



Adrian/Christopher tag on AO3


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